YIFY Torrents or YTS closes. What alternative websites to watch Torrent movies and series are still open today? List 2023

YIFY Torrents or YTS closes. What alternative websites to watch Torrent movies and series are still open today? List 2023

YIFY Torrents or YTS as it is also known became one of the best peer-to-peer platforms where they offer a large number of free movies for download via BitTorrent.

This is how this website was characterized by offering content with very good HD video quality in very small sizes, which would become the main attraction for users who used this platform.

Therefore, here we are going to explain if YIFI Torrents has closed its doors and what other alternatives are available to watch movies and series available today.

What happened to YTS? Did it close or was it blocked?

YTS was born in 2010 and ended suddenly in 2015 , so all its success would only last for 5 years, more than enough to become one of the most important Torrent platforms of those times. However, the news of its closure is confirmed on October 30, 2015.

Notably, this site was shut down or blocked due to a lawsuit by the Motion Picture Association of America , who filed a legal claim against the operator of this website, who was accused of encouraging copyright leaks . However, to everyone’s surprise, it was learned that a month later they ended up signing a private and undisclosed agreement where they ended this case. Since then YTS has closed its doors to the public permanently.

Is YIFI Torrents somehow accessible today?

Currently the YIFI download platform has been closed and there is no way to access it. However, you can find many websites imitating this brand that currently receive a large number of users. But all this has been pointed out by YIFI, who has made it clear that he does not condone any of his impostors.

The truth is that today you can find several torrent websites that have adopted an aspect very similar to that of YTS to launch their own movies and series. In this way, it is no longer possible to access YIFI Torrents in any way today, but you can do so in some of its non-legal copies that are still valid.

List of the best alternatives to YIFI Torrents to watch series and torrent movies

If you were a faithful follower of YIFI Torrents and you can no longer enjoy its services, then here we are going to show you a list of the best alternatives to this platform.

To do this, follow the list that we show you below:


Thepiratebay, The pirate bay

It should be noted that The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest Torrent sites of all, which has made it one of the most popular and reliable today. Likewise, it has a wide variety of torrents available to download from its interface . Which makes it a great alternative to YTS .


kickass2, kickass torrent

Another of the most prominent sites currently and which has had great growth in popularity since 2021 . This is how it offers great potential when downloading movies and series . It also has a top section where you will find its best programming in each of the available categories.



Through this Torrents platform you will have the opportunity to download movies, series, software and applications. What has made it one of the best alternatives to YIFY . The best thing is that it has a very attractive and easy-to-use platform, which is why it is very well organized and offers different categories through which you can browse.



Little by little, Rarbg has managed to become one of the most searched torrent websites , thanks to the fact that it offers a very wide catalog of movies, so users will be able to find any of their searches. However, it should be mentioned that this website has a lot of pop-ups and ads, which can be a bit inconvenient for many users.



It is a new torrent site on the market, so it is currently trying to consolidate its position. This is how the number of files available for download increases every day, so its users can enjoy a large number of options . It also offers different categories including music, software, video games, movies, series, and apps.



It is another of the best alternatives to YTS and it continues to have a very favorable response from its users. The website has constant updates, so every time you can find new files available for download. This has made it one of the favorite platforms for torrenting fans .


ExtraTorrents Alternatives

It has a large audience that provides various torrent files to its platform. Likewise, it is one of the most popular sites currently where you will find different options in terms of movies when you download. To do this, it offers you a very well designed interface that you will be able to work with easily.



The platform is available worldwide and will allow you to download movies, series, music, games, software and applications with very few steps. Keep in mind that this website does not have files on it, but it does have a metasearch engine that is indexed to 60 torrent sites, so you just have to write your search and that’s it.



It is also available in all the countries of the world, so its possibilities of use are broader. All this has led it to become one of the main alternatives to YTS. However, their website is in French, so you must know something of the language to use it. As for download security, it is very reliable, so it is a guaranteed site.



Finally, we introduce you to Bitport , it is a Torrents site that requires you to register for its use. Likewise, you will be able to download any type of torrent file safely. Bitport works as a cloud-based search engine where you will get very good quality videos, which has led it to be one of the most popular sites today.

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Dangers of using torrent sites to download content and software

Using Torrent sites will always represent a danger for you. The best way to use it is always with a VPN, but what happens if you don’t use it? This can cause you some dangers when downloading content and software .

Which we show you below:

Getting malware

The most frequent danger when downloading Torrent content is that your PC becomes infected with some malware or virus . Therefore, online piracy is one of the most frequent risks when carrying out these download activities.

Personal data at risk

By downloading content of dubious origin to your computer, it is very possible that you will end up with a hacker who will turn your computer into a zombie. In this way, it can start stealing all your personal information such as personal and bank details, among others. This is because many files are directly monitored by their creators.

Legal issues

Keep in mind that downloading copyrighted content may involve you in legal problems . That is why the best way to do these downloads is always using a VPNThis will prevent you from being involved in any legal inconvenience.

Suffer blockage in your Internet connection

Your Internet provider usually has access to your web activities through “ Deep Packet Inspection ”, meaning that if you download torrent files illegally, it is very possible that your ISP will be blocked or your Internet connection will be suspended.

Irreparable damage to your PC

Finally, if your PC is seriously affected by viruses or malware and you don’t realize it in time, it is very possible that your computer will suffer irreparable damage. Which means, you could be losing your computer due to illegal file downloads on it.