Subdivx shuts down? What alternative websites to download movie subtitles can you use? List 2023

Subdivx shuts down? What alternative websites to download movie subtitles can you use? List 2023

With almost two decades in operation , Subdivx has become one of the main web pages that store subtitles of series and movies . Thus, a great reference in the Spanish-speaking world regarding the download of subtitles.

However, at the end of 2021 , various rumors emerged about a possible closure of the renowned website. Despite the fact that, at some point, it managed to gather more than 200,000 daily views .

From there, the question of many users arises as to whether Subdivx closed voluntarily, was it blocked or will it continue to be managed? Therefore, in this post, we will tell you all the details. In addition, we will provide you with several alternatives to download movie subtitles online in a 100% legal way .

What happened to Subdivx? Did it close or was it blocked?

After its registration in 2002, Subdivx was ranked as the most prestigious site to get subtitles in other languages ​​for millions of series, movies and documentaries that are distributed on the Internet. Which, operated thanks to the management of numerous collaborators and of course, by the push of Deif, its founder. However, with the advent of Netflix and this type of streaming platform, the success of Subdivx gradually declined.

Because pirated movies that circulated on CDs and took advantage of this new compression standard are now obsolete . Consequently, from having more than 200,000 daily visits, I now have around 40,000 visits; being a traffic that, in no way, allowed to support the website . Reason why, Deif commented on his decision to close Subdivx at the end of 2021, in the first instance.

In addition, Subdivx ‘s audience became very sophisticated and chose not to click on the ads contained on the web and indeed, no more were added. As if that were not enough, Deif also clarified that another of the reasons for giving up is that the owners of the rights do not give up and in the end, they always end up winning the battle.

A shutdown initiative declined: Subdivx is saved at the last minute and will remain active

Deif issued his statements in which he stated that he would close the famous subtitle portal and after spreading the news, many users of social networks reacted quickly and regretted said situation, dedicating numerous memes to Subdivx. Through which, the majority boasted about their wishes to be able to continue counting on the great management of the Argentine Deif and even make donations to maintain the web.

Consequently, the power of the Internet was reflected once again, so the owner of Subdivx chose to put aside his decision to close the website . Thanks to this, after the news was released, the Argentine gave up and stated that he would continue with the platform that has brought happiness to so many Internet users.

As a result, during this 2022, Subdivx revives and will continue to be the leader for downloading subtitles online ; this will promote it through another hosting provider. In which, it will continue to keep the database of two decades of films that, on many occasions, do not even have official subtitles.

Meanwhile, it should also be noted that Deif declared that it is “Better not to touch silver. But thanks for the stamina” and this means that he will not accept the donations promised by the followers of the legendary web. Therefore, all that remains is to wait for Subdivx to be migrated to another hosting provider in order to continue enjoying its content.

List of the best alternatives to Subdivx to download movie and series subtitles

If you are one of the users who, today, continue to download movie and series subtitles to enjoy this content online; surely you are wondering what other platforms you can use for it.

Therefore, here we highlight the best alternatives to Subdivx:


It is a famous website that allows you to download subtitles in several languages ​​through a search engine that is easy to use. One of its best advantages is based on the fact that it offers the possibility of finding the series by seasons , specifically and, in addition, it has a wide and varied catalogue. To access, you must register on the site with a user account.


Without prior registration, this free website is considered one of the largest to locate subtitles of numerous movies and series in any language . Thanks to its extensive database, it is one of the main alternatives to Subdivx after its possible closure. In addition to this, Open Subtitles has a forum that is of great help to many Internet users.


Another of the most interesting solutions is Easy Subtitles because it is a site that allows you to find any series or movie in a more dynamic way. Since, the user has the option of dragging and dropping the video onto the web so that the system takes care of searching for the subtitles. In this way, it is characterized by its speed, efficiency and comfort.


Undoubtedly, one of the largest platforms in the field of downloading subtitles. Which, as well as Subdivx, is free and has an extensive catalog of movies, series and documentaries , in order to satisfy the needs of its users. Additionally, it has a forum from which it is possible to request new subtitles, discuss certain movies or series and, ultimately, interact with the entire community

It refers to one of the most important websites to download subtitles today, because it has a wide catalog and it is difficult not to find a series, movie or documentary there. It should also be noted that it guarantees high quality in its final product and has a forum to interact with the entire community. Regarding its interface, it is one of the most attractive and comfortable to use . However, it is not the fastest of all.

Without a doubt, another of the websites most similar to Subdivx is Podnapisi. In it, you will find endless subtitles that, before reaching you, have gone through a quality filter to provide you with the best possible content . Added to this, it has an excellent forum where users share everything about the published subtitles and thus, they can guide you to locate content of great interest. All this, completely free .

Despite the fact that it is a website with a somewhat obsolete and inconspicuous interface, it certainly works as another of the best alternatives to find subtitles of various series and movies in Spanish , solely and exclusively. Once you access, it is mandatory that you register with a user account to be able to obtain the files, participate in the forum, personalize your profile and interact directly with other users.

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Mainly, it is identified as a web page that is used to find and download the subtitles of the most popular series and shows on television , in Spanish and other additional languages. Specifically, the platform houses almost 300,000 subtitles in its catalog and one of its greatest advantages is that it allows you to download the entire seasons of your favorite series at once.

It is an attractive platform that is considered one of the most effective subtitle indexers on the Internet . Which, has an excellent search engine that allows you to find, effectively, any subtitle of a movie, documentary or series; taking into account that, it has more than 7 million subtitles. Regarding its operation, we highlight that its search engine redirects you to the main download websites for the subtitles you need to obtain and at no additional cost .


If what you need is to locate the subtitles of your favorite movies, this is the ideal website for you. Since it works like a search engine that has sectioned its content to provide movie results, solely and exclusively . When you access, you simply have to enter the name of the short film in the search engine and in a matter of minutes, it will show you the result. In addition, you can search through filters to find out which are the most downloaded subtitles or the newest.