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Write For Us

Yes, you! We are always looking for writers who can provide with well-written technology, business, technology news, digital marketing, Marketing, SEO, gadgets, computers, hardware, apps / reviews, and Internet of Things.

If you have an idea for a great article that informs and inspires our readers, we may be interested in publishing it on You can submit it via email at “”

THIS IS WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR readers are generally looking for information about technology, business, technology news, digital marketing, Marketing, SEO, gadgets, computers, hardware, apps / reviews, Internet of Things, but are also interested in where to spend their money. So, in addition to articles on gadgets, games and space exploration, they are also interested in discovering new products.

Relations! Not only are we looking for one-time contributors, but we are developing relationships with writers who can become a regular part of our team. Being a regular contributor to would be a pen on any blogger’s cover.


  • is included in the Google and Bing News programs. This means that our articles are immediately indexed and appear in search results.
  • The site is SEO optimized and ranks very well for thousands of keywords.
  • The site is well established and has a great natural backlink profile.


If you are reading this, you have already demonstrated one of the qualities we look for in a writer: you are doing research! So you’ve already made a good first impression on us.

The next thing we would like to ask you to do is provide us with a link to your blog or website. Don’t have a website or blog? No problem – just send us a sample of your writing.

Note: will only publish original and unpublished content. If it has been published elsewhere, please do not submit it to Please write in your own words and give credit for your work.


To help you meet our criteria and expectations, here are some guidelines to get you started:

  • It must be related to one of the topics that covers (eg technology, business, technology news, digital marketing, Marketing, SEO, gadgets, computers, hardware, apps / reviews, and Internet of Things…). Feel free to write product reviews, informative articles, Tech gadgets, etc.
  • No less than 800 words.
  • Use images without copyright / copyrights.
  • We will NOT post articles related to drugs, s * x, alcohol, and these words. These links MUST NOT be present inside the post!

Drop us a note if you’re ready to write to us a!

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What is Guest Blogging?

It is a widely used technique in blogging for a few years, and basically consists of writing about a specific topic as a guest author on another blogger’s blog .

The Guest Blogging is a common way of publishing content included in the strategies of the main blogs of practically any subject and its rise continues to increase due to the benefits of its use , both for the person who writes and the user. blog owner.

In addition, for a collaboration of this type there must be a balance between the benefits obtained by each of the parties involved, this being essential for the development of this activity.

What are the benefits of guest blogging for the guest author?

1. Build a good relationship with other bloggers

One of the best things that writing guest articles on some colleagues’ blogs has brought me is that those collaborations have linked us in a closer way. And thanks to that proximity, strong ties can be created with some of them. To this day, many of those professionals who have invited me to make a guest post in their blogs, regularly share the contents of my blog with their online community.

2. A guest post promotes more exposure

Participating as a guest author on other blogs makes it easier to get to know you and reach new readers (and / or potential clients) who might otherwise never have had the chance to meet you. For example, in my personal case, some clients who have contacted me in recent months say they have discovered my blog thanks to my monthly column.

3. Boost your personal and professional brand · (Branding)

Related to the previous point. Thanks to the extra visibility that guest blogging gives you, your image and reputation begin to be greatly enhanced. Many of the readers of the blog / web in which you collaborate, will begin to get to know your work and your professional skills closely thanks to the content you publish. Then, over time, those people will also see you as a successful blogger or an authority on the topics you talk about in your posts (that is why it is very important to write on websites directly or indirectly related to your target or target audience ).

4. Encourage reciprocal writing or collaboration

It is a fact that if you have written a post for another blog and the relationship that has been forged with the blogger who owns it is good, he will also have a better predisposition when it comes to collaborating on yours. In other words, an ideal setting is created for cooperation or the exchange of quality content (but in a more natural and mutually beneficial way).

5. Diversify the sources of traffic to your blog

Your guest posts will help you get more qualified traffic to your own blog, because the reader who enjoyed your content will be more likely to go in search of more information. For example, my blog receives an average of +/- 15 daily visits from xy** and a few more from other blogs (as is usually the case with Ab***** Of course, it is not an extraordinary number, but at the end of the month they add up to a not inconsiderable amount of qualified or quality traffic.

6. Attract more followers to your profiles on social networks

As you may have seen, your articles on other blogs include a signature with a BIO or description and the social profiles in which you are active. In other words, guest blogging will make it easier for other people outside of your online community to also have the possibility to follow or connect with you. So, if what you contribute is of good quality, you will have a significant increase in followers interested in sharing your other content.

7. A guest post improves your writing skills

Writing regularly on other websites, in addition to your own blog, will also give you the ability to practice and improve your professional writing skills. In my case, most of the posts I write these days are light years away from resembling my first posts (now it is much easier and more natural for me to write articles of more than 2,000 words, which can be entertaining enough to grab the reader’s attention).

8. Get more potential clients

As explained in points two and three, the visibility and prestige that these collaborations give you can favor the obtaining of more potential clients interested in hiring your professional services.

What are the advantages for a blog of having a guest author?

1. You can offer content more regularly

Keeping your blog updated is very rewarding. But regularly creating quality content also requires a lot of time, dedication and perseverance. Allowing other bloggers to post articles from time to time on your blog will give you the opportunity to relax and / or focus for a while on other important aspects of your business or professional activity.

2. It allows you to publish more variety of topics and content

Guest blogging can bring a bit more variety to your blog, which most of your readers will likely look favorably on.

Having different authors also means having the opportunity to publish articles with different topics, different perspectives or points of view and different writing styles, preventing your blog from becoming a boring place.

3. Build strong relationships with other bloggers

As I have explained previously, this practice allows both parties (host and guest), to have the opportunity to create relationships, ties or alliances between bloggers.

4. Expand your traffic and number of readers

If our guest blogger has relative prestige and a good base of fans or followers, it is most likely that they will come to your blog to read their contributions. The most immediate result of this action is the natural increase in traffic and the number of readers.

5. Helps you attract more audience diversity

Related to the previous point. By increasing the number of new readers who come to read the guest’s posts, the opportunities to attract new subscribers are also amplified. In this way, thanks to a wider audience, our online traffic and reputation will be further enhanced.

6. Increase your followers on social networks

As we explained in points 4 and 5, by having more new visitors thanks to guest blogging, we will also have the possibility of attracting more followers to our profiles on social networks.

What about the links included in the guest posts?

This is important for both the guest author and the owner of the blog on which that guest blogging takes place:

Currently, Google penalizes practices related to Spam and SEO, which encourage the construction of forced or unnatural links. You may have also heard Matt Cutts say that this is why Google can penalize your guest blogging.

But beware! Although this is totally real and can happen to you, I think you should not understand it so literally.

Let me explain , the search engine looks very badly and punishes articles that are forced, written by Spammers or of poor quality (very short, +/- repeated, with themes that have nothing to do with yours, with poorly constructed links , from networks that market these posts or links, etc.).

That is, if you do not want to have problems, only accept or write original and quality posts. Also, never include more than two or three own links in those guest posts and they do not all point to the same URL (diversify).

The anchor text or anchor text (the visible word in a hyperlink), the more natural, relevant and coherent the better (do not put that text thinking only of SEO).

As the owner of the website, do not associate yourself with bloggers who are not trusted or who may be selling or buying links, because if they are penalized they could negatively influence your blog (when in doubt, better get healthy and use the rel attribute = “Nofollow” on those links).

So, for us to understand each other better, guest blogging is not dead … What I have shown is the misuse of it on issues purely related to SEO positioning.

How to be a better guest blogger?

  • Study the style and theme of the site where you are going to publish.
  • Make sure to write articles with more than 800 words, because shorter posts run the risk of being considered as Spam by Google.
  • Deliver original content, avoid duplicate articles .
  • Share high-quality professional content and rule out overly self-promoting.
  • Dispense with the use of keyword-enriched anchor text for SEO and do not abuse links.
  • Use more viral titles that can increase CTR.
  • Mainly, don’t post anything that you wouldn’t post on your own blog as well.
  • Share the post on your social networks.
  • Be attentive to the comments and respond to them quickly enough.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog for a long time, you may have noticed that I have a guest author or guest blogger section . But, that was not always the case. During the first two years of my website, I only published content written by myself.

After a long reflection on the subject and exchanging opinions with many of my readers and colleagues from those times, I decided to change that situation and incorporate Guest Blogging among my strategies to generate new topics for my blog.

Most likely now you ask yourself: why did I make that decision? Well the answer is quite simple.

I have understood that, despite being a professional blog (with great personal influence), this is one of the best ways not to stop offering content very regularly in my blog and, at the same time, to be able to touch on topics in depth in which I am not a great specialist (offering extra quality topics to my readers).

Another thing that also motivated me a lot to make this important decision, is the satisfaction and the different benefits obtained (by both parties), thanks to my multiple collaborations as a guest author in other blogs in the sector.

Therefore, I believe that this was a logical and necessary evolution, both to try to offer a greater diversity of content , and to further enhance the growth and natural positioning of my blog in the digital marketing sector.

But, as this Guest Blogging topic is broad and enough to make an article that breaks it down and analyzes it a little better … this time I would like us to see together what it is, what are the advantages it brings and some important tips to keep account to try to make a good collaboration or Guest post.

“Seeking to differentiate this post a bit from the rest that have been written on the subject, I will do so from the point of view of my personal experience as a blogger and contributor to various blogs”

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How to Submit Guest Post Articles?

We are delighted if you can contribute the content to Tech Updates Zone. Please don’t hesitate, feel free to email us at Make sure your email subject includes the phrase “Guest Posts at Tech Updates Zone” and write a short description to introduce yourself. If you have any queries regarding guest posting at Tech Repost, Please do let us know via the Contact Us form or at

In case of any issue, write for us anytime at “” We will resolve the problem within 24 hours.


As I explained at the beginning, the benefits of guest blogging are much more than just thinking about SEO.

For this reason I do not see reasons why not to continue participating in other blogs and at the same time receive contributions on my own.

So if you want to participate as a guest writer, be sure to read the guide that Berto has prepared for us: How to get a guest post on a well-known blog?