Lectulandia alternatives are there to read books and ePubs online? List 2023

Lectulandia alternatives are there to read books and ePubs online? List 2023

Anyone who calls themselves an avid reader has heard about and used, at least once, Lectulandia , one of the best-known web pages that contains thousands of books by different authors that we can download for free.

Recently, the readers that make up the market have suffered a severe blow: the website has been blocked in the region due to copyright issues. that still weigh on many of the books they publish.

But fans of reading do not despair. There are many similar domains that will give you access to a huge number of books , of any genre and, similar to Lectulandia, for free. In this note we will tell you everything you need to know about these sites.

What happened to Lectureland? Has it closed or is it blocked?

Although it is still Online today, this is not the first time that Lectulandia has suffered a shutdown due to copyright issues , so, even in the rest of the world, we must ask ourselves, how long will we have this page available? Lectulandia is one of the most popular book download websites today, since it has a very extensive library of content , classified by genres, authors, themes, and available in PDF and EPUB formats .

In the same way as many websites, Lectulandia is not free from its dose of controversy , and it is that it has gotten into trouble for disseminating reading material with current copyright, which is why it was closed in 2019 . However, shortly after, the website made its services available again under a new web domain , and it has worked without problems for a long time until, recently, it was blocked from Spain due to copyright issues.

This blocking has been requested by the Spanish Center for Reprographic Rights (CEDRO) and executed by the Second Section of the Intellectual Property Commission . This means that, although it is blocked in Spain, and although the site is still available in the rest of the world, its total closure could be close.

Best alternatives to Lectulandia to download free ebooks

For bookies whose hobby is cut short by the page ban , we have a handpicked list of proven websites where you can get books to keep you busy for days.

Both for those who fall within the blocked region of the website, and for those who are simply looking for alternatives, they will be able to take advantage of the following list:



We’ll start with one of the best reading promotion pages available. This is Freeditorial. This site works as a publisher and online library , where you can get a wide variety of books of various formats for free. The books are acquired completely legally since, being a publisher, it owns the distribution rights of the books it publishes , as well as having a section that allows writers to contact the publisher to publish their own books.



It is a virtual library that brings together a variety of books in PDF format on certain topics and makes them available to the public for free. The books are classified and organized by subject, author and genre. To date, InfoLibro has more than 3,500 books to its credit , and its library is expanding every day. It is one of the best options for students in any field, since it offers a variety of educational volumes alluding to various areas.



This vast online library houses a huge collection of books in the public domain or with an open license , so its distribution is completely legal and does not represent any risk of closure or blocking for the page. Since it is composed mostly of books whose license has expired, we can find classics of universal literature, with authors such as Dante Alighieri, Jane Austen and Sun Tzu , and more recent authors who have published their books under free distribution licenses.



It is a website that focuses on the distribution of books of any kind both copyrighted and open licensed . It is a combination of library and virtual bookstore. Although it distributes paid books, it has a wide catalog of free editions in PDF and EPUB form that we can download to our devices, or transfer to our Kindle , and lose ourselves in a while of good reading.


Open Library

It is a non-profit virtual library launched as a project by the programmer Carlos Benítez. It is a repository of books in E-book format focused on the subject of programming. The content of this page are educational books , focused on teaching various trades related to web work, although it is possible to find manuals on drawing, chess and school subjects such as geography. All are contemporary works with an open license.



It is an electronic publisher in which authors can send their works to be published, so it has the distribution rights of all the books it has . In addition, we can find a book store on the page from where we can purchase a wide variety for free.

Together with the publisher, Bubok has a library of books for sale, as well as many other free volumes that we can download in EPUB or PDF format for any of our devices.



It is a large virtual library that functions as a distribution center for literature on various subjects. It is possible to obtain books of all kinds , from novels and science fiction to educational manuals focused on a certain topic. Although most of the books are paid, in the catalogs section we can find books in the public domain , which includes works of classical and contemporary literature with an open license.



It is a free library created by the Wikimedia Foundation, which works as a sister project of Wikipedia, and which contains a wide variety of books in the public domain or authorized for legal redistribution. Wikisource includes among its libraries volumes of various types, among which we can find translated texts, historical documents, biographies and manuals, among other documents.



It is one of the largest electronic libraries available , with a huge number of books in various formats and languages. It focuses mainly on classical literature books. It has more than 55,000 books in its database , and it is organized in such a way that we can find our books by theme and alphabetical order. It is also possible to find notes, articles and audiobooks .



Gutenberg is one of the oldest online bookstores in existence. It was one of the first providers of e-books to the Internet and has one of the largest collections of literature available for free. Its library is mainly made up of classic universal literature books and freely distributed tomes . It is possible to locate them within the page by means of the alphabetical search or by subject.



It is one more example of an online publisher that includes a library . On this site we can find a wide variety of public domain books edited to improve their quality, and books published by new authors who join the bookstore. Literanda has a search engine that will allow you to find the desired elements in both the classical and contemporary literature sections. It also has an excellent function that makes it easy for authors to publish their works.



It has one of the most varied online bookstores, having at its disposal a diverse theme of books that vary from educational to novels and entertainment . It is also possible to obtain them in various text formats. In addition to this, AlbaLearning stores one of the largest libraries of audiobooks and videobooks. These audiobooks are owned by the page and have a high quality, are translated and are free of advertising.



It has a large number of electronic books in various formats and on a variety of topics that can be found under a free license or in the public domain. It is possible to obtain the books in PDF, EPUB, HTML and ZIP formats. The page has a simple design, which provides direct access to the themes in which the books are organized. These themes are very varied and focus on academic and social issues, although it is also possible to find novels, essays and manuals.


Open Library

It is the closest thing you can find to a real library on the internet . It is a free software project that aims to have one page for each book stored in its database. It is possible to find copies in various electronic formats for free and create a virtual card that will allow you to borrow books from the page. If we must mention a drawback, it is the fact that up to now, all the books available are in English.



It is a book selection application in which, once subscribed, you can choose between your favorite authors and genres in order to receive recommendations according to your tastes. It also has a function that is very similar to what a social network would be, since we can share recommendations and our favorite quotes with other users of the platform.

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Beware of Lectuland imitations

Even after its first crash, Lectulandia quickly picked up pace through a domain change, renamed Lectulandia.me, thus rebuilding its file repository to continue its service. However, many hackers and computer criminals have taken advantage of Lectulandia’s frequent domain change to create copies of this page, with the aim of planting malicious software on users’ computers.

While it is true that there are websites like lectulandia2.org that do not include malware or malicious software, it is very easy to find clones that could possibly infect your computer with ransomware , phishing and malware . For this reason, it is necessary to be aware of the websites you enter , and what content you download from them .

Next, we will present a short list of clones of Lectuland which you should avoid:

  • https://lectulandia.gratis/
  • https://lectulandia.live/
  • https://lectulandia.rocks/
  • https://elibro.online/web/lectulandia/
  • https://descargarlibros.top/web/lectulandia/

These are just some of the many websites that seek to clone the concept and aesthetics of Lectulandia . Either because they are proven to be dangerous pages, or simply because they are clones, the best thing you can do for your data security is to avoid them.