What are the best websites to watch Anime for free Online 100% legal? List 2023

What are the best websites to watch Anime for free Online 100% legal? List 2023

Animes are a type of series or cartoons , created mostly by the Asian community, which allows us to enter a world of infinite imagination. More and more people join to see this content, which in turn grows more famous.

Currently there are a lot of people on the Internet looking to see these types of cartoons. The easiest option or method to do it is online, but this brings a disadvantage because there are many websites and they are not always the best .

Like many of these sites, they subject us to computer risks and dangers . For this reason, today we leave you with a list of the best sites to watch anime, and we will also explain what are those dangers that you can face when watching free content on the Internet.

List of the best websites to watch and download Anime for free

Take good note of the anime portals that we offer you below:



It is a page that has a very colorful interface, which offers us different ways to see all those animes that we like so much . Here you can find anime in original audio with Spanish subtitles, although if you like them more in Latin audio, you can also find it:

  • Watch anime for free and as many times as you want
  • Enjoy the latest anime chapters
  • All chapters are fully in HD
  • It is always in constant maintenance to restore all broken links
  • We can start conversations with other members of the same community, to discuss each episode
  • It has a bit of invasive advertising, but even so it is very easy to download each episode



It is a site where we can find anime of different categories , although we can also find movies and other series totally unrelated to anime.

It is a place where we can see animes of excellent audio and video quality , where we can see which anime is better according to the comments that people leave through synchronization with Facebook.

It has eight servers that allow us to download or view each chapter online, and quickly. To download, we must complete only two steps, and then just wait for the packages to be downloaded.



It is one of the most popular pages to watch anime, in it we can find a huge catalog of content that allows us to watch any anime, and the most current chapters of them.

Each chapter offers us excellent video and audio quality, with subtitles in Spanish, or dubbed if we prefer. We can also find a large window where we can check the newest chapters and thus not miss anything.

If we don’t know which anime to see, we can consult the list of the best voted, or the best of the day and select it. It has eight servers to facilitate and improve the way of viewing and downloading content.


It is the perfect site to download those animes that we like so much, because it has excellent transmission, video, and audio quality that make this one of the best platforms. Using as a server for Mega storage, so if you get along with it,  it will be very easy to use.

This page has allies like Anime SD, which allows you to access standard quality anime . Manga, which is the most used because it allows us to download the sleeves and the little Hentai could not be missing , which offers anime specifically of that genre.


It is a page that allows us to see and download anime , under the download format allowed by Mega, because, like the previous case, it works strictly with this platform. The movies and series can be found in original audio format, with their respective subtitles, although there are some that are dubbed.

It has an extension called Neko Anime Player that allows us to watch our favorite anime online .



This is an excellent alternative to download very good episodes and series, although it doesn’t have the best video and audio quality, but it does offer us files that are light enough for fast downloads.

Its downloads are made through the Mega, Mediafire and Depositfiles server, although more and more are included. The movies and animes are with original audio , although we will always find some that have Latin audio, and if we talk about advertising, on some occasions they can be really invasive.



This is one of the few legal anime sites , where we can enjoy through a free and a Premium plan, and the best thing is that it is available in almost all countries. It is a website with very striking features.

When we become Premium members we will be able to access most of the videos and the best is with excellent audio and image quality. It has an updated billboard always with the latest chapters.

If you want to use the Premium mode, you only have to cancel $6.95 per month , and you will enjoy a world of anime without limits.



It is a fairly simple site that allows us to access a huge category of anime, the best thing about this page is that it does not have strange buttons, or surveys that subject us to computer dangers, because with only one click we can enjoy what we want.

Like almost all sites that offer free content, they have advertising , and it is true that when using it, some popups will open, but if we have a good ad blocker we will not have any problem.



AnimeID is one of the most popular sites to watch anime for free , and the best thing is that it offers us content with very good quality and high definition. It is a portal where we will find anime of all kinds, and dubbed into any language, and the original audio but subtitles can never be missing.

There we can find series, premieres, OVAs, movies and many other things. We can consult if we want the billboard of the ” Most viewed episodes of the week ” to be an orientation and enjoy the best series.



This is an excellent site to watch those animes that we like so much, it has a quite simple and beautiful page structure, but very well organized , where we can find each series in alphabetical order and according to its category, and to facilitate our search task it has a web search engine.

Each of the series has a short synopsis, which explains what it is about .



If you are one of those anime fans and you love watching them online, then this is the perfect page for you. It is an amazing site with few ads that allows us to watch and download all the chapters we want.


It is a website that offers us high definition anime and all without any payment . This page has a wide range of series, enough to entertain us. Although it is a slightly old site, it has an optimization that allows us to navigate quickly.



It is a site where we can watch anime and download it if we want , oriented in the form of a forum where by registering we can discuss different chapters or opinions. The bad thing about downloading anime from this page is that they come in a video format that is only compatible on computers, so if we want to enjoy them on other devices we must convert them into a compatible format.



AnimeFenix ​​is ​​probably one of the most popular sites today, with different features that offer us to enjoy online or offline content through the option of downloading files.

All the audio versions are totally original but subtitled, if we can find some dubbed but in English. AnimeFenix ​​is ​​a site that has forums that will make us have a very entertaining moment , all dedicated to this great fan of Japanese animation.



Finally we leave a website with very good quality, it is the ideal place or corner for anime fans. Your page is quite optimized allowing us to obtain a faster and easier experience.

With AnimeChart we will forget about the ads , because it offers us streaming viewing with a minimum of advertising, a super important feature of the page. The site has a video player installed on its page, which gives us the opportunity to see all the videos online, with or without subtitles, all according to our preference.

The only bad thing is that if we want to search for an anime, we must do it almost manually because it does not have a search bar, so we will have to go to the filter by category, to locate what we want to see.

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What are the risks of watching Anime content through this type of portals?

Watching series (anime) on the Internet is very fun, but the fact that it is entertaining does not mean that it is good, as we know that the publication of series of any kind without any remuneration to the author violates copyright, which is penalized in some way.

Many pages that allow us to see this content, subject us to different risks , which can be harmful to our lives.

Mentioning this thought, we can investigate and see that the Internet can ruin everything for us thanks to the different people known as cyber thieves.

Links that download malware

We know that more than once it has happened to us that we are going to download a file and inside or accidentally we also download a virus , and this happens because they are pages that do not give us security when downloading content.

Many pages want to deceive us, placing double links , where one is to download a virus while the other is to download the file, which indicates that we should always be aware of pages like these, because the main function of a virus is to steal our information.

Fake players leading to other content

Almost all the pages that allow us to see content online through their streaming platform direct us through a link to fake players, which then tells us that to continue we must download a package, when in reality it is a hijacking virus that forces us to see different advertising content.

The structure of the redirect and page layout can be so convincing that we may be tempted to download those files, but if you have come across this situation, or when you face a similar situation, it is better not to download anything .

Fake pop ups reporting non-existent errors

Fake Pop ups are very common nowadays, because they appear on almost all the pages that offer us free content. These give us windows with warnings saying that you just won a prize, or that your PC or device has been analyzed and detected disk failures or something else, so convincing that anyone would fall into their trap .

As in the previous case, it suggests us to download files, arguing that it is to solve our current problem, or it presents us with a form to supposedly give us the prize, but both cases are false.

The main idea of ​​this situation is to steal information or possess our device , which we do not want.

Solution to see this content: use an ad blocker

Although it is annoying for many because it prevents us from accessing many sites that are full of advertising, but the reality is that it is the best solution to these problems. There are many ad blockers, some paid and others not, the difference between them is efficiency , but a free one is not bad to start with.

If in addition to enjoying anime through a screen, you like to read comics, you have to read the alternatives that we offer you through this post about websites to read comics online .