RojaDirecta closes. What alternatives to watch soccer online for free are still open? List 2023

RojaDirecta closes. What alternatives to watch soccer online for free are still open? List 2023

There is no doubt that the birth of streaming has meant a true revolution for fans of all sports around the world . This service designed to optimize the download of audio and video files, has millions of users in all corners of the planet, who take advantage of every innovation of the communications era to keep up with everything that has to do with their favorite competitions, especially when the platforms allow them to follow the actions completely free.

Of course, this has taken away the monopoly of television as the only means of accessing sports. But equally true is the fact that some streaming portals have had to face legal problems due to piracy accusations. Such has been the case with the popular soccer streaming site Rojadirecta , which has been forced to shut down while its legal issues are resolved.

For this reason, we are going to try to help you find alternatives that continue to work today , from any of which you can follow your favorite teams in various sports around the world without having to pay a single penny. In addition, you will learn about some risks that you must take care of before entering any of these portals, so that you are better protected and can enjoy your hobby without bad times.

What happened to Rojadirecta? Is it possible that it still works?

The Rojadirecta platform was for a long time the most popular site to enjoy soccer broadcasts from the comfort of home and completely free of charge. In a country like Spain, where this sport is part of people’s daily life, Internet operators began to see the site as an unfair competitor that affected their interests, for which reason one of them, Movistar, filed a lawsuit whose ruling forced the precautionary closure of the portal .

Once the judicial measure comes into force, those responsible for the platform have rushed to make the new TarjetaRojaOnline portal available to the public , but many fans still find it necessary to seek information on other alternative websites to watch soccer and other sports.

List of alternative websites to Rojadirecta currently available

Below we will be presenting some options for alternatives to Rojadirecta , with fully updated information on the portals and apps that are available, so that you can enjoy the broadcasts of the best soccer matches and other sports no matter where you are.

But before starting to list them, we are obliged to clarify that the content that follows should only be seen as purely informative material, and never as an invitation to use some of these platforms and apps illegally or fraudulently .

Batman Stream

After the closure of Rojadirecta, this seems to be the portal destined to take over so that you can enjoy your favorite sports over the Internet . If you are not at home at the time of the action, you will not miss any incidence of the game since the web allows you the option of watching the games from your mobile or your tablet, being adaptable to all devices.

Although it is widely used to follow soccer games, you also have the possibility of following basketball, tennis, golf and other sports. With more than twenty channels available, Batman Stream allows you to enjoy two or three games at the same time . We cannot fail to mention that it is an agile and intuitive platform.


This website allows you to connect to the most popular television channels from around the world . It has a fairly fast and above all simple platform, from which you can watch the match of your choice totally free and at the time of its development. We are not just talking about football matches, since you also have other categories. Most of the users have in this portal one of the best options to watch the games on a delayed basis .

This platform offers matches every weekend in HD and online from the best international leagues for free. To guarantee you high-quality content, you are recommended to install the Acestream plugin on your device . With this software, we assure you that you will have the best user experience. Undoubtedly, one of the best options to enjoy the matches of your favorite team online.


The best way to describe this platform is to highlight that it is saturated with good football at all times , whether it is live or delayed broadcasts, totally free and online. Thanks to this, it has a presence all over the world.

No matter what your favorite competition is, you always have the possibility to see the live developments of La Liga Santander, the Premier, Copa Suramericana and everything that is of interest to you as a fan of the most followed sport in the world. However, that is not all, since it also offers other categories.


Pirlo TV

If you are one of those who like to follow several games at the same time, Pirlo TV offers you more than 20 free online channels to watch what you want live simultaneously . In addition, as it is a fully responsive page and compatible with all devices, it allows you to enjoy everything from your Android wherever you are. They also offer all the action of the NBA, tennis and international soccer for free . Without a doubt, one of the best options to not miss anything.

Sports Online

With many categories available, this website is one of the best to enjoy open matches. Everything that is played in Spain is available on its platform live and totally free and online . Its offer includes Formula 1, European and Spanish basketball, tennis and others, all in a simple way and without the need for subscriptions.

Red Stream

When you enjoy in the company of the family, you are always aware that certain types of advertising that often come with adult content do not appear. For those cases, this is one of the most recommended platforms , since it does not have an excess of advertising windows that can also be a true nest of viruses. In addition to all the matches available on weekends, the portal offers you other sports from different latitudes.

SportCategory.orgSport CategoryDespite being in English, this platform is so simple and intuitive that you will have no problem finding what you are looking for. Also, you can change the language of the comments, for a better understanding of what is happening on the pitch. You can start right now to search for what you want completely free and online , so you don’t miss anything related to your favorite team.


If you are one of those fans who is not satisfied with just the matches, and you like to follow all the information related to them, this platform offers you summaries and mini summaries of all the matches, including the press conferences at the end of each one. This makes it one of the most complete ones available on the net for free . Of course here there is no shortage of previews and forecasts before each game. All this under the supervision of true professionals.

Live Soccer tv

The first thing that catches your eye about this page is a carefully detailed design that gives it a more professional look than most. Its offer includes, in addition to the king of sports, other categories such as boxing, cycling, basketball, baseball, tennis, among others. All completely free and online .

When you enter the page, you immediately receive the most complete information on all the events available for that day in each category and their different schedules. Without a doubt, a great way to keep up to date with the best of world sport.

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What risks do you run when you follow sports in this way?

When we see some information related to the constant claims of some Internet service providers globally, we cannot ignore the risks related to copyright protection, which has given rise to a large number of lawsuits in different parts of the world. . For this reason, many users who use these platforms make sure to use a good VPN service to protect their privacy .

It is also a reason for permanent alert, the fact that practically all platforms contain a lot of advertising that are sometimes real threats to the security of your computers, so you should always make sure you have a good antivirus active when you use the service .