Putlocker alternatives to watch series and movies online are open? List 2023

Putlocker alternatives to watch series and movies online are open? List 2023

Putlocker is a platform that allowed us to watch movies and series , although, for a while, many people have not been able to access the site anymore . Why? The answer is in the first section of this post.

Whether or not it is working, let us tell you that it is not the only one that allows us to watch series and movies without any payment . To prove it to you, we leave a list of ten sites with different but very good characteristics that you will surely love.

On the other hand, we warn you that these free contents are not very reliable, if you wonder why, here we will also teach you the dangers to which we are subjected.

What happened to Putlocker? Doesn’t work or has it been closed?

Putlocker is a site that allowed us to connect through streaming technology to see audiovisual products such as series, movies, documentaries and many other things . His way of working was to offer content that is originally private (pay to see) for free.

For this reason, many of the countries considered this site as a total threat, also because it was discovered that through it, many of the connected PCs suffered from a major virus infection.

Access has been prohibited for a long time in many countries, but for approximately two years now access has been denied to the public. If it is a fall or a page closure we do not know, since there is no certain information about it.

If we try to enter the site we will see that a screen similar to the one shown below appears, informing us that the page is down . Obviously it does not show more information as to why.

Out of curiosity we entered the domain in a domain search engine https://www.cdmon.com/es/dominios/whois, to answer the big question of many, if it was that the owners canceled it or it simply expired and never renewed.

As can be seen in the image below, the domain has an expiration date of October 23, 2022, that is, it is still active.

In conclusion, the site is down, but we do not have concise information on the reasons or causes. Although, many have tried to enter by changing their IP, they have not succeeded , confirming their fall worldwide.

List of the best alternative websites to Putlocker to watch series and movies in streaming

Putlocker is not the only place where we can watch movies via streaming , there are other pages that offer these same services. Next, we will show you a list of 10 sites highly valued by their users, where you can see all the content you want for free:



This page has a huge catalogue, offering more than 2000 movies and television shows. Its billboard is always up to date with the trends , a characteristic that ensures that we will find everything we have in mind to see.

Unfortunately, it is quite a complicated site to download files, because if we click even a single button out of place we will see an avalanche of pop-up windows on our screens, which will leave us inactive for a few minutes.

To avoid this bad moment, it is highly recommended to install ad blockers , since it is the only option if we want to navigate the site calmly.



It is a site that is described by its own name, made up of a large repertoire of HD movies. The main objective of this site is to provide audiovisual content for free.

In Popcornflix we will find the latest in cinema in its original language and also with subtitles. All the movies are divided by categories, so that it facilitates our search.


watch TV series for free and online

If we are completely addicted to TV shows , then this is the place for us. Here we can find all those famous series and see even the most current chapter. Although, the great defect of this platform is the number of ads that appear for each click. All its contents are of high quality and the best thing is that it has different servers offering loading speeds adapted to us .



123 movies is one of those sites that offers us a high Asian content, among them, the novels produced in that continent and the animes. It is considered to be a high alternative to Putlocker , due to its great ease of use and its totally free content.

Like many sites, it works with links to other websites where we can download or view them directly, so it does not store any content on its server. The fact that it’s just a bridge means that in a way it’s a more legal place.



SolarMovie is one of the sites with the greatest organization and neatness in its design, it has one of the best transmission lines, in addition to maintaining a billboard that is always updated with the latest movie content, this being a rather striking feature .

This website is rated as one of the best for watching movies , and according to the details that users most seek from this site, it is that we can request content that we want to see and it is not found on the web. Don’t you think it’s fascinating? ?



Fmovies is a site with an architecture very similar to Solar Movie, although of course with a little more content. This has the appropriate optimization so that we can quickly navigate through all its corners, it also offers an enormous variety in terms of language.

There we can find movies, TV show, talent show , documentaries and many more . It is an almost perfect platform, what does not allow its total perfection is the large number of invasive ads that it has, although this can be fixed with a good ad blocker.



Even though you think Popcorn Time is the same as Popcorn Flix , let us tell you no. This more than a website is an application that allows us to watch movies from our Windows, Linux or Mac computer. It should be noted that it also offers a version for Android.

To use it, we only have to correctly install the application on our device and enter the search engine by typing what we want to see, select it and it will play immediately.



MovieBox , which in its translation means movie box, is an application that gives us the opportunity to watch an endless number of movies through streaming technology. Previously, it was called ShowBox and due to some technical problems they decided to upgrade to a better platform.



This is a cross-platform software known as Sony Channel for LATAM and in other countries as Crackle. Obviously it is owned by Sony, so all its contents are licensed, that is, there is legality in them.

Although well, it does not contain many movies  because its forte are the series. Its interface is quite simple and clean, it also has an excellent content player that equalizes sounds very well.

List of the best payment portals to watch series and movies legally

The portals to watch series and movies can become very important for our lives, however, due to the different risks that using the free service exposes us, it is more advisable to use those where we must cancel our subscription .

Here is a list of the best payment portals:



Netflix today is the most famous platform, founded with the intention of entertaining people. Its service consists of streaming technology , which offers audiovisual content from one direct point to another that is the client.

It has different subscription offers, plus we can find it available worldwide. On the other hand, one of its best features is its multiplatform architecture, allowing us to download it to our PC and mobile device .



HBO is the second most requested program and it is because it offers excellent series, but this is not the only thing, because we will find the highest grossing movies there. It is a strong competition to Netflix and it seems incredible, but if it receives a greater boost in terms of audience, it can surpass it.


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the excellent platforms to watch videos or access quality books. This platform became known for the reproduction of Coldplay’s documentary A Head Full of Dreams.

Although many people do not know how to use this site, let us tell you that it is really simple, and because it is from the same company as Amazon, it is a completely reliable place that has quite entertaining content.



RTVCPlay is a platform that offers content on demand from the Colombian public media system, with a large number of series and movies. It is true that at the beginning of this section we commented that the platforms on the list were paid, but this one works as if it were, so it has totally free audiovisuals.


Disney+ , disneyplus

Finally we have Disney + known for the successful alliance with the world of Star Wars and Marvel . Although it has not yet been fully launched, in it we can enjoy all the Disney content.

It is said that if the platform continues to improve, it could attract the view of the entire children’s and youth community , as we know it is a large population, which would not be bad for this company.

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What are the risks of watching videos on “pirated” streaming platforms?

Watching movies or novels on the Internet is very dangerous, not only because it is a somewhat immoral activity, but it can also bring risks to the health of our PC and privacy.

As we already explained, when we see this content we must close various pop-up windows, as well as avoid downloads that are activated automatically. Every time a download is completed, a computer virus is installed on our computer, stealing all the information as quickly as possible.

This strategy of injecting viruses through advertising campaigns is called adware or malverstising , being the modality most used today. If you wonder what personal information they can steal, then think about your bank details, credit cards, home or work address, person with whom you do business and others.

Its danger is great and it is not something that we should take for granted, for this reason we should always use a good antivirus with a legal license that is generally paid, since these are the only way to guarantee greater security.