EspaMobi closes What are the websites to download ebooks that are still open? List 2023

EspaMobi closes What are the websites to download ebooks that are still open? List 2023

Although it is true, the electronic format for books or digital books, also known as “ebooks” , are increasingly gaining more ground than traditional paper books. This means that electric books are in a notable boom today and, therefore, are an immense source of knowledge that have aroused the attention of numerous readers in the world .

That is why, the appearance of various torrent pages to download books on the network has been evidenced and, although many of them allow you to do it through a payment, the truth is that there are also free alternatives that provide this possibility . Thanks to that, most people have put aside the high prices of physical books and with the rise of new technologies, they have taken advantage of this great solution.

Thus, one of the main alternatives to which people resorted to download ebooks for free , was EspaMobi. However, for certain reasons, it has stopped working and, therefore, it is considered essential to know other websites to download digital books for free. Below, we present the best of them .

What happened to EspaMobi? Is it not working or has it been closed?

Until the beginning of 2019, Espamobi was considered one of the main websites to download e-books in Spanish and, thanks to that, it had a large number of active users. Especially, because it did not offer this service for a subscription or purchase, but it did it totally free . But, that has changed since many months ago and seems to have closed overnight .

In this sense, the main reason for the closure of this famous online platform is due to the fight that has arisen around the distribution and free download of many works, due to intellectual property . However, said closure has not been fully made official and, therefore, it has been observed that the web is now used for malicious purposes.

Since, if you choose to access you will not find a 404 , but rather a website that offers a certain subscription service. Which, they do to genuinely deceive the millions of people who entered this website to obtain free ebooks.

Assessing that, it maintains the same design and what is stipulated there is not always the same , since they handle “different types of services” , apparently and thus, they redirect you to different websites; such as:

  • Fundimple : For downloading books.
  • OldiesSound : To download music.
  • Basilplay : To download games of all kinds.
  • Funhamper : To get books, movies, music and games.
  • Funlizard : Allows you to download music, books, games and movies.
  • Pretfit : To download books, magazines and comics.
  • Cnidaplay : For downloading books, games, music and movies.
  • Zealotfun : Dedicated to downloading comics and magazines.

So, through these services, although users do not agree to subscribe, in most cases they begin to charge a monthly payment that can be between 55 euros and 100 euros for agreements of more than three months duration ; unless users are lucky enough to stumble upon free access without specifying anything about temporary trials.

But, even though it appears to be a monthly subscription, they certainly go beyond that. Since, they are defined as a manual scam with various ingredients to easily scam users . So, what they do is offer access to certain content in exchange for a monthly fee and after that, they lead people to enter their credit card details on any of these pages and once they get what they want, they deliver a catalog inferior to the quality and quantity of what was promised mainly.

The worst thing in the case is that once the user realizes that he is facing a subscription service as a scam , given that all the charges are repeated, it is extremely difficult to unsubscribe from these services . Since, they rely on addresses or phone numbers that do not really belong to them and, therefore, it is impossible to cancel the subscription through a phone call or an online form .

List of the best websites to download free Ebooks alternatives to EspaMobi

So, due to the closure of EspaMobi and what this website has become, many users are looking for other solutions from which they can download digital books at no cost and in a safe way.

For this reason, below, we present you with 10 online platforms that are considered the best alternatives to said website to download ebooks for free and easily :


As a first option, it is appropriate to locate one of the best web pages to download books for free on the Internet . Thanks to the fact that it has an extensive catalog of proposals and thus, it provides more than 34,000 books that it makes available to all its users . Apart from this, it also stands out for being a platform that is kept updated and includes news every week in order to satisfy each of the requirements of its millions of users worldwide.

For its part, the web also presents the particularity of showing the comments of other readers in each book , so that other users can detail the opinions of the ebook in question. Additionally, it has a forum where you can find and share other content of interest that is related to ePub Libre publications . But, to enjoy all this for free, you will have to register .

It consists of another of the most complete websites to find digital books on the net at no cost. In this way, it has a huge database of electronic books, given that there are more than 20,000 works available that you can enjoy and download from this platform . For which, you will need to register.

For its part, this website manages three book search mechanisms, which are: By categories, by author and from the search engine . In the first case, users must access the “Categories” tab and among all the options there, select the one they want. On the other hand, to start the search by author, you will have to click on the “Authors” section and, finally, you can click on “More” to use the search engine or other types of searches .

Being a platform that was born in 2005 and has its origins in Denmark , to this day, it is considered another of the best alternatives to EspaMobi to find a wide variety of electronic books and, at the same time, be able to download them without any limitation. The best thing about this website is that it has more than 1,500 works in text or ebook format , it allows the possibility of downloading up to a thousand books per user , it has proposals in several languages ​​and all this without having to register there.

For its part, BookBoon has a very simple search mode , since on its main page you can see the search bar from which you will need to enter the name of the book you want to download or its author, in order to obtain all the associated results. In addition to this, it also offers a variety of categories that facilitate the search .

As its name indicates, this web page consists of a complete world of reading, since it has a large number of books in PDF and ePub that its users can enjoy and download without any limitation . In this way, it provides a catalog of more than 30,000 available books that you can search by genre, author or series and also alphabetically. In addition to this, it offers a search section from where they allow you to indicate a keyword of the digital book that you want to obtain .

Among other details, this platform also offers more sections from which you can find a significant number of proposals of great interest. These sections are called: The latest news, the most read of the month, the most read of the week or the most commented .


Basically, this is the Wikipedia of books and, for that reason, its characteristic name. Thus, it is a platform that houses an extensive library of more than 110,000 copies that each of the users who access it will be able to observe in an orderly manner based on the themes, countries, period or author of each work. In addition, it makes it easy to download such books both in PDF and ePub, as well as in MOBI . Either way, it will be totally free.

Apart from this, Wikisource also stands apart from the rest because it accepts downloading of free books in other languages, be it English or French for example . In addition, it is also necessary to note that one of its greatest advantages is that it supports completely intuitive navigation on its platform and without annoying advertisements that can minimize the user experience. On the other hand, the design of the web is practically the same as that of Wikipedia .

Although the design of this website is not the best and could even generate mistrust in some users regarding their security and privacy, the truth is that it is classified as another of the most appropriate solutions for viewing and downloading texts in the form of digital books . In this way, Libroteca is defined as a library that supports classic literature and, additionally, contains more recent and innovative documents.

For its part, we emphasize that it is a completely free online platform , all the content it hosts is free of copyright, it offers proposals in Spanish and in other languages ​​as well and it exhibits correct operation at all times. However, users only have the possibility to download 40 literary works a day . This being the only important limitation that it presents.

It is characterized by being a web page that exhibits an excellent design and has a completely intuitive interface, in which you can get more than 9,000 books in the public domain that manage to meet the requirements of all its users , given that it covers different topics. of interest. Thus, it is a website that does not require registration to read ebooks and download them at no cost, in addition, directly from any device (computer, mobile, tablet, ebook reader, etc.).

Now, to search on Planet of Books , you can mainly do them through the authors or by subject . However, apart from this, it has a powerful search engine that admits the possibility of searching for the electronic books that you prefer, directly with their name. It also offers a section called “the 50 most sought-after books” , where it shows you the best proposals of the moment. It even provides audiobooks, has mobile apps and has a virtual blog for its community .

It refers to a European project whose main objective is to create a large library of all the countries belonging to the continent. In such a way, you can get everything that a physical library possesses and, for that reason, it is listed as the largest digital library in all of Europe . Which, for the most part, is made up of works in the public domain of all the official languages ​​of the European Union (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, etc.).

Added to this, it also has many more options for those users who are fond of art. Since, it has paintings, paintings, treatises and even manuscripts . It even has a Collections section where you will find many things of interest, recent titles and different themes. Thus, in total, it gathers more than 58 million proposals for you.

Another of the alternative pages to EspaMobi that we recommend you use is ePub Gratis , which mainly and exclusively offers digital books in Spanish . Thus, it is also characterized by allowing these ebooks to be downloaded completely free of charge and, best of all, you will not have to register to enjoy all its content. But, even so, it gives you the possibility to subscribe so that the e-books are sent to your email address, automatically .

However, the website offers a powerful search engine that can be very useful when looking for a specific document. But, beyond that, it has several categories that make your search much easier, which are: Historical, Science Fiction, Romantic, Psychology, Humor, Poetry, Philosophy and Politics .

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To conclude this list, we emphasize this web page that, as well as facilitating the free download of digital books in Spanish, also offers you the possibility of uploading and sharing your own creations at no cost , in case you are an inveterate writer. you want to delight other users.

For its part, with respect to downloading books, we note that it is not necessary to register in order to do so and, likewise, you can choose between several available formats (PDF, Kindle, among others), as well as carry out searches by literary genre (novel, short stories, poetry or essay), by title or by author .

For its part, although it is not the platform that has the most extensive catalog and rather stands out for offering a smaller number of literary proposals, the truth is that it exhibits a great advantage regarding its quality as an online platform . In view of the fact that it guarantees a very clean navigation, it does not add advertisements, the reading is very optimal and the download of any ebook is truly fast and efficient .