SeriesPapaya alternatives to download and watch Torrent series from the Internet are still open? List 2023

SeriesPapaya alternatives to download and watch Torrent series from the Internet are still open? List 2023

While it is true, when it comes to the Internet, one of the biggest concerns is piracy . Hence, the fight to close and block all domains that provide content protected by copyright and support this practice that has been so criticized over time.

In this sense, more and more portals are closing on the network, especially those associated with free downloads . Taking into account that, as the popularity of this type of web pages increases, the chances that they will be closed or restricted in some way also increase . Which is presumed to have happened with the famous SeriesPapaya website .

For this reason, there are many users who have echoed about their problems to be able to access said website normally as they did before. Consequently, they want to know what has really happened and, furthermore, some interesting alternatives to be able to download audiovisuals for free without depending on SeriesPapaya . Below is all the information about it.

What happened to SeriesPapaya? Is it no longer working or have they closed?

For several years, SeriesPapaya has acquired a notable reputation and, thanks to that, it had a large number of users who chose to enter the website to view online streaming content of any kind and even the latest premiere series.

Since the process to carry out was very simple, it was enough to enter the web, search for the title and select one of the servers where it was available . Likewise, it offered the possibility of downloading the audiovisuals directly and at no cost .

However, many users began to report certain problems associated with the operation of SeriesPapaya . Given that, this domain now seemed to be blocked and therefore there was no longer the possibility of viewing any content there. Which, happened by part of the fight against piracy of the vast majority of operators in Spain that have toughened their rules to end this problem

For its part, it should be noted that the blocking of SeriesPapaya was initiated on behalf of Movistar , since the clients of this company were the first to report problems accessing the website . Assessing that, at that time, while Vodafone or Jazztel users could enter without problems, Movistar users could not.

After a few months, specifically with the trial of the creators of SeriesYonkis , a Barcelona court reported the official blocking of from all Internet providers and along with approximately eight other websites, which were also closed down.

List of the best 10 websites to download free audiovisuals alternatives to SeriesPapaya

Due to how useful SeriesPapaya was for many users when it came to viewing and downloading audiovisual content for free, the closure of this torrent download website was a great concern for these people and, thus, they have chosen to look for other alternatives to be able to carry out these downloads at no cost . For this reason, we have searched for the 10 best online solutions to download audiovisual content easily and for free , just as if you were doing it from

Next, we detail its main characteristics:


Since its inception, this website has managed to gather a high number of visits, compared to other similar pages. Since, it has one of the largest catalogs on the network , thanks to the fact that it hosts both television series and movies, documentaries of any genre and TV programs. Among the series, you will find from the most successful stenos, to the oldest.

However, another of its greatest advantages is that it has a quick search engine through which it is easy to get to the title you want to see just by entering it there and, at this point, it should be noted that the lower down said title is, the more relevant it is for Megadede users . Added to this, it offers a mobile application for Android devices .

Secondly, we find this other option that is characterized by being a web page with a simple design and a very simple interface for anyone to use . One of its best benefits is that it has a remarkable variety of qualified series that is sectioned by seasons and episodes, in order to facilitate the search. Appreciating that, it also has a powerful search engine in the upper right part of the screen that is really fast.

Additionally, it also offers an excellent catalog of movies and provides several genres, in general, that manage to adapt to the preferences of all users who access the website. It should be noted that Series24 allows you to choose the language in which you prefer to view the audiovisual content and it is a completely free platform .

It consists of a very popular platform to watch movies of any genre , solely and exclusively because it does not host series. Thus, on the home page of the web, you will be able to see the most famous options of the moment and, in addition, they allow you to categorize the available films by language (Latin, Spanish or subtitled). In addition to this, it offers a search engine from which you can enter the name or any keyword of the film, to get it more quickly.

For its part, offers a section called “Premieres” , where they host the newest films and the most important premieres in the world of the seventh art. In addition, for those users who are fans of The Simpsons, it also provides a section where each and every one of the episodes of said series can be found and even allows them to be downloaded for free . Like, a section of Futurama that works the same way.


With a very organized and easy-to-use interface, this website is considered one of the best platforms to watch series, movies, programs and much more audiovisual content , directly from the Internet and at no cost. Thus, on its main page, it offers a wide variety of titles that have been rated by its users as the best.

Likewise, it has a search engine that shows you the results quickly, once you enter the name of the content you want to find and see. Added to this, it hosts the series by genres (horror, action, adventure, animation, etc.) so that users can filter them more easily and also allows searching by quality (SD, HD or Full HD) or by the year of publication . But, some series or movies are not dubbed into Spanish, although they have subtitles.

Just as you can find the most popular and fashionable series on Netflix , HBO and other world production companies, it is also possible to get them for free on this website. Being a platform that is also known as “Inkaseries” and stands out for being an official website with 100% free audiovisual content . Thus, on its home page, you can see the most recognized series and movies of the moment.

For its part, in addition to allowing the viewing of all content at no cost, it also provides the option of downloading series for free and with no time limit . Among other features, it has a powerful search engine, organizes films by genre (adventure, action, animation, comedy and science fiction) and also has an exclusive section to see all the series that are available on the platform , with the possibility of searching for them. in alphabetical order.


It is characterized for being a website that offers content in HD quality and provides a fairly extensive catalog for its users, free of charge . Thanks to this, it is considered a world of infinite possibilities to watch series, movies and documentaries of any genre, without any complications. In addition, its interface also works in favor because it contains an excellent search engine, shows the latest online series, as well as the latest online seasons and the latest online episodes; directly on the main page.

Apart from that, Series Gato sections the series available by genre (drama, crime, adventure, comedy and science fiction) and even has another exclusive section where it houses all the available movies . Once you access any option, you will find detailed information regarding its duration, release date, genre, directors, etc.


This is a website where you can find daily TV shows, recently aired episodes, weekly updates, and even new episodes to come . In this way, it is estimated as one of the best restored platforms to view audiovisual content online and for free. But, although it is a free solution, it is mandatory to register and obtain credentials to be able to access its extensive catalog without limits.

Thanks to the fact that it does not display excessive advertising, DixMax has become one of the most visited streaming web platforms today. Added to this, it has an optimal user interface and a pleasant design , it has a mobile app for Android devices and allows you to access different series, movies and documentaries that can be adapted to all tastes.


Visually, it is a platform that exhibits a very pleasant design for its users, from where it is very easy to navigate to find the audiovisual content they want to see . Since, in addition to its search engine, it also has sections where it shows the premiere movies, the most watched and the trends, as well as all the genres available there (action, comedy, drama, science fiction, horror, animation, musical , historical, police and war).

Even, CliverTV also offers a search mode through the year of release of the films and allows you to select between the available languages ​​(Latin and Spanish, in most cases) . Apart from the movies, it also contains an extensive catalog of series of interest. However, among its greatest advantages, we find that it is a website with few advertisements , so it does not minimize the experience of its users.

As another alternative of interest before the closure of SeriesPapaya , we recommend making use of this web platform dedicated to the transmission of streaming content that consists of a new solution that has not yet taken the power of other websites with a longer history. However, it does provide a wide variety in its free and premium catalog . Which means, not all available TV series, movies and documentaries are free.

In addition to this, it is worth noting that the platform does not contain much advertising and, therefore, it is an ideal solution to obtain a good user experience without any type of saturation compared to the endless advertising banners that are displayed on many sites of this type. It also supports access directly from mobile devices with high quality , thanks to its modern interface and is characterized by being updated every day to provide the latest releases.


Without having to register or pay a monthly fee, this website offers you the possibility of watching television series and programs for free , online. On its home page, it contains the latest releases both in reference to the movies, as well as around the episodes and/or chapters of the TV series available. Which can be dubbed into Spanish or subtitled .

Added to this, it has exclusive sections where it houses all its content, which are: Movies, Series and Animes . It also has a “Kids” section dedicated to the little ones in the house and offers a mobile app for Android. Regarding its design, we note that it is very attractive and is also characterized by being a platform that facilitates navigation and usability . It is worth noting that most of the catalog is in HD and Full HD quality , because it operates with Openload links .

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What risks and dangers are there in downloading content from torrent websites?

It is no secret to anyone that all those websites that host and facilitate the download of pirated audiovisual content are targeted by hundreds of millions of people around the world who fight for copyright and, of course, to abolish this practice that has been so criticized over the years, due to the cons it can exhibit .

Thus, since they offer pirated content, they are also considered as web pages that can reveal certain risks for their users, in terms of security . Consequently, it is stated that it is truly necessary to take the most pertinent measures when accessing said sites and downloading audiovisual content from there, in order not to put your privacy as a user at risk.

So, so that you do not run any danger on any of the online platforms mentioned above, we proceed to point out the three most valuable tips for this :

Use Antivirus

Whether you access the web from your computer or through your mobile device, it is very important that you make sure that you have an optimal antivirus installed and running that manages to protect you from any existing threat on the network . Especially, whenever you access a platform to download series, movies or documentaries for free, in video form.

Since many of these types of websites host various malware, so that hackers can access your data and even destroy all the valuable information contained on the computer , these threats are also capable of ending vital processes for computer or smartphone performance



It is also very helpful to make use of a private network that extends from a public network, ie a VPN . Thanks to the fact that, with these tools, you can acquire greater security in public connections , for example. So, by using one of them to enter a website for downloading audiovisual content, you will protect your connection more and your data will not be intercepted by any “packet analyzer” .

Also, if a specific site has a geoblock for your country and therefore does not let you enter to view the available content, a VPN can also help you at all. Well, it offers you the possibility of extending connectivity geographically as if you were in a different country, in order to consume the content without problems. Which means that, you will be able to bypass any blockage in the network .

Check comments before downloading

Another very important recommendation is based on verifying the comments of other users on the web page in question , before proceeding to consume and/or download videos from there. Since, in this way, you will be able to verify the legitimacy of said site to avoid any fraud and, especially, a threat against your privacy or security.

This means that if you access any of the online platforms that we mentioned above and see good comments from other users, you will have some relevant information to assume that it is a reliable source of information . If not, your best bet is to leave the site immediately and find another similar alternative that reveals better integrity itself, while also making sure to use a powerful antivirus and VPN tool .