Rojadirecta closes: What alternative websites to watch all football online are still open? List 2023

Rojadirecta closes: What alternative websites to watch all football online are still open? List 2023

Just like many other pages, Rojadirecta had to close . Many of the people discuss their motives, because in reality nothing is known, only information that fans have obtained from investigations.

The fame of Rojadirecta was because it offered the most important sporting events at no cost , but we have to know that this is not the only website that does it. There are many other pages that offer the opportunity to watch most sporting events, national and international.

In the list that we leave in this post, you can choose to see those meetings , from those that happen for free to those that in order to enjoy them you have to pay a television station or something similar.

What happened to Does it really work or have they closed?

Although “Red Card” has been experiencing persecution for justice since 2015, all because it illegally uploaded links to its page, allowing all people to use it to watch games and sporting events at no cost. At first it had to change its name from “Red Card” to “Online Red Card”, because if it did not it would have a permanent closure.

But, despite all the attempts, this time it seems that it has closed completely . We imagine that it is because the US department declared this website illegal , ordering its imminent closure.

Although its causes are not fully known, the only certain thing is that when we try to enter your website through your domain” we get a notice in English saying ” This domain name expired on 2019-07-20 02:53:35″ whose translation means “This domain name expired on 07/20/2019 at 02:53:35”.

Although this is not all the information we have for you, since in our recent investigation we have observed many pages with the name ” Red Card ” or ” Roja Directa “, such as,, . But we don’t know if it changed the domain, or if they are just copies of the page. But what we do know is that the doubt enters whether it will be or not, since it is not the first time that it would change domain.

List of best alternative websites to Rojadirecta available to watch live football matches

As we always provide a solution to everything, we have a small list of 10 pages which you can use to see those sporting events that you like so much:


Although its page interface is not as striking, Live TV is an excellent alternative, since it offers us real and quality content . It offers us a complete, live view of all sports events of all kinds, as well as Premier League and Champions League matches and other sporting events. Surely with this website we will not miss any important event.

We can find it available in different languages, and thanks to its archive we can enjoy any match in any league. In case we present failures or problems, this offers us a complete guide to solve it .


This page is characterized by always being aware of any sporting event , although its appearance is very similar to that of a beginner’s blog. In its latest update, categories were integrated to speed up the search for events, such as handball , rugby, boxing, golf and others.

Among those details that make the page special, is the change of time zone, thus offering better events and avoiding complications by better organizing the content to view.


Well, its name tells us a lot, so we already know that we will see a higher percentage of football content , from those matches that go on TV, to those that are paid. On the page we will find a list that is updated every hour, so we will always find different encounters.

Intergoles has an internal search engine, like a kind of direct links. It also has ads like “All football matches free and live”, which will help us improve the search.


This is a page that does not allow viewing sports content of all kinds , and is structured into different categories, such as “Live sport”, “Live television” and “Live television programs” , which allows the user to quickly navigate to what you want to see.

Because the sports selection that it shows is one of the most complete, it comes with icons that help us differentiate between each of its modalities, in order to find boxing, darts, golf, soccer, handball, motorcycling, and tennis matches. . If you dare to try this website, you will surely get hooked on it.


This is a set of contents, thus giving honor to its name. It is the perfect space for those soccer fans or also known as foot ball . It has a large list of links to be able to view those important meetings , although that is not all, since it also has a section for questions and another for software and downloads that will give us a wonderful experience.

And as if that weren’t enough, you can comment in a chat room , where there are many people discussing each meeting seen.

Although it is not a page that attracts much attention, and that is due to its origin, since it is from the Czech Republic, but still we can enjoy all the NBA and league games . But it has a little problem, and that is that it is only available in another language, and it is the one of your country. If we don’t know or translate that language, it’s a shame since it’s a completely clean website, with an excellent structure  and boxes and icons that speed up the search.

sportsstreamings.comsportsstreamingsFreeFootball is the perfect page to watch football matches , although when we access we will see a warning on the entire Google Chrome screen that tells us that it contains information that is harmful to our team, and this is because its SSL security certificate has been expired or is not supported by browsers , but we can still access the page.

This portal also has a blog aspect, so we will find small posts that explain how to use the page, and what to do in each case.


If we talk about appearance, this website would not pass the test, but if we talk about quality content, this is the right place . We are not going to tell you that it is the best, but it does make the list of the best, since it shows us content according to what we are looking for.

All broadcasts are available in different languages, obviously including universal languages ​​on the list , which allows us to watch football , baseball, tennis, hockey, basketball and a long list of different sports.


Fromhot was formerly known as “Sportcategory ”, but because if it didn’t change domains it would be shut down and was forced to do so. But the fact that it has changed its domain does not mean that its quality is different, on the contrary it is improving, because it is always showing us the latest programming and sporting events so that we can enjoy it, whenever we want.

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What risks are there when we watch football from these web platforms?

Watching football on  the Internet  subjects us to different risks , although they may not seem so dangerous, the truth is that it is. Below we will name some of the most common risks.

virus download

These pages, as well as containing a list of good content , also contain a list of viruses , because when it offers illegal links , small viruses are housed among them that we cannot stop many times.

Invasive advertising

When we use these pages that offer us the opportunity to see private content, at no cost, we should know immediately that it contains a high level of advertising , so we should not bother about it but get used to it. Let’s remember that it is the way that the page is maintained.

adult advertising

What we can tell you about advertising is that because it is something illegal, Google Ads will not be the one who advertises on the site (although we are not saying that this is the case for all), which is why many of the administrators of these websites They associate with advertising companies with adult content , so if we have minors at home, this must be handled carefully.

Certainly they are risks , which can be corrected with suitable software, but the immediate solution to this is to use a safer method , which is to pay for this content to a television station, since another and most important risk is the theft of our private information , although this can go within viruses since they are the ones who steal from us.