Downloads2020 closes What alternative websites to download torrent files are still open? List 2023

Downloads2020 closes What alternative websites to download torrent files are still open? List 2023

Although it is true, a torrent refers to a small file that contains all the information about other content that the user needs to download. Which, in general, have a free distribution on the network or the Internet and make use of the P2P or “peer to peer” protocol , which is based on a system in which users can download content from other users’ computers, instead of a central server.

Thanks to its notable advantages, this type of file has gained great fame on the Internet and, therefore, many people are looking for web pages from which they can download torrent files without any inconvenience . For which, the renowned platform called “Downloads2020” was used .

However, the said website started revealing certain problems soon after its launch and as a result, it was impossible to access it all day long. After a while, it did not work again and, today, it is a platform that only remained in the memory of those who once used it . Therefore, it is valuable to know other alternatives of interest to download torrent files.

What happened to Descargas2020? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

Due to the fight against piracy that is taking place in the network, there are many websites that have been closed and no longer work. Which happened with NewPCT1 and other online download platforms that had so many users worldwide. From there, the emergence of the famous website known as “” that came to light with the closure of NewPCT1 and exhibited a very similar interface .

However, shortly after its release, Downloads2020 began to reveal certain problems due to which users could not download any torrent file normally or could not even access the web. With this, fears of a new closure arose; but, a few days later, it returned to work normally.

However, nowadays, it is impossible to enter this website and its proper functioning has only remained in the memory of its millions of users in the world. Especially since it was one of the most used download platforms in Spain and in many parts of the world.

Therefore, despite the fact that at first they were only temporary errors that did not allow us to use the website, the truth is that these problems later became permanent . Because of that, most users have concluded that the website has shut down completely and the specific reasons for that are actually currently unknown. Therefore, it is no longer a question of Downloads2020 not working, but rather that your domain has been closed .

List of the best alternative P2P download sites to Downloads2020

In view of the unexpected closure of , all its users have focused on looking for other options to be able to download P2P for free and without inconvenience. So, in order to assist these people and provide optimal solutions.

Here are the best sites that are still active to download torrent files :


During the last few years, this has been classified as one of the most popular online platforms to download torrent files, mainly because it hosts all kinds of content for its users. That is, both files uploaded by third parties, as well as users of their community who share their own content . Therefore, you can find series, movies, games, music, software and much more.

In this way, it is considered the most complete website to download torrents that exists on the network today. Among other details, we note that its interface has a powerful search engine from which users can find the desired results more quickly and even allows obtaining magnet links , instead of downloading the files.

Thepiratebay, The pirate bay

Par excellence, this has been the most used platform to search for and download torrents for 15 years since its appearance. Reason for which, once you access the web, you will be able to get a large amount of content that is kept up to date . In view of the fact that it is updated every hour with the status of the different options and allows access to the same results as always.

However, it is known that the platform has declined significantly and, although it continues to operate correctly, the easiest way to continue accessing its website is through one of the websites. Because, it is only possible to enter through proxies filled with malvertising and pop-up ads . Also, it should be noted that its user interface is very poor, unfortunately.


It consists of a multi-page torrent indexer that hosts a database of more than 61.1 million torrent files on different domains , most of which are public trackers. Therefore, it is considered one of the best torrent download websites alternatives to Downloads 2020, thanks to the fact that it is very likely that you will find what you want on this website, easily.

For its part, it presents a very clean interface that shows a single search field without further additions and, from there, you will be able to search for any torrent file regardless of the type of content it is. Once it shows you the results, they will be organized by number of seeders .


With a fast and simple interface, this excellent website allows its users to access the latest torrents in the easiest way possible. Thanks to its remarkable quality, it is one of the websites that has grown the most in recent years, taking into account that it allows you to download files in qualities from 720p to 2160p . Thus, mainly, you can access series, movies, documents, concerts and it offers a section for PC games and another for adult content .

Now, in case you choose to download a movie or series and you want to get its original version, as well as the highest possible quality ; This platform is the most recommended for it. Added to this, it stands out for containing 4K torrents that are usually available in various formats (Blu-ray, recoded in H.264, or remuxed). It is worth noting that it offers users the possibility of registering on its platform.


Basically, it refers to a web page that collects the latest released movies and makes sure that they occupy the minimum possible size on its users’ devices. Therefore, if you are interested in downloading torrent files to enjoy different new or old movies in 720p or 1080p , we recommend you access this platform.

Now, with respect to the sound quality of the old titles with the same compression as the newer proposals, we note that it has stereo quality with bitrates below 192 Kbps , which are appropriate for TV speakers and for a mobile device . However, if they are advanced sound equipment, the quality will be very poor. Regarding its interface, we highlight that it offers a powerful search engine that simplifies the search for any available movie.


Another of the most recommended websites for downloading torrent files is LimeTorrents, which stands out for its popularity on the Internet, which it has obtained thanks to the wide variety of multimedia content it offers (movies, series, and music, for example), as well as games and software. Considering that, it has an extensive database of more than 12 million torrent files , in view of its history of more than 10 years.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that in its user interface it is very easy to find recent, high-quality content , regardless of its type. Likewise, we highlight that it exhibits a completely optimized design, in comparison with the other detailed alternatives and provides an effective search engine that reveals remarkable speed .


Despite the fact that its interface does not seem so updated, it is certainly one of the ideal platforms to download quality torrent files today. However, it is an ideal alternative, solely and exclusively, for those users who are looking for series and are lovers of this type of audiovisual content.

For its part, EZTV is characterized by uploading all the latest episodes of the extensive catalog of series and fashion programs, which are housed in its database. Taking into account that, as its main advantage, it is in charge of offering the original version of said files and only a few minutes after being issued , so it is kept truly updated for its users. In addition to having an excellent search engine to obtain specific results, it also allows sectioning these results with some filters based on the name of the show .


It is a web platform that also hosts a remarkable variety of content and, mainly, is characterized by showing a cover where it displays the most popular torrent files of the moment and is even responsible for including the most iconic of the moment. Which, ranks among those added in the last 24 hours .

Now, regarding its user interface, we find that it is really intuitive and can be a platform managed by any user to download the torrent files they need. In addition to this, it provides a powerful search engine from which people can enter keywords to find the content they want and, likewise, they have the possibility of relying on its “Categories” section to search for the files in this way. In these categories, it contains the following: movies, television series, games, software, music, anime, digital books, audiobooks, images, adult content, among others .


It consists of a web page very similar to the alternative mentioned above, since it also has a cover in which it collects all the most popular torrent files in each category and at all times . In addition, it provides varied content that can be adjusted to the preferences of each user, such as: movies, series, games, software, and music .

Added to this, it also offers its own search engine to find the expected results more quickly. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is necessary to create an account there and register to obtain a better user experience .


With a very interesting page design compared to the other alternatives along with an efficient search engine, we present this other solution to download high-quality torrent files . Which, although before it was not so popular, today it is estimated that it has grown remarkably and there are various users who use it .

For its part, it is characterized by being a platform that hosts exclusive content in Spanish . In addition, it specializes in providing content related to movies and series in all types of quality, that is, both SD and HD . In this way, you will be able to find the latest releases of various audiovisual content, their original versions and also subtitled versions, in some cases. Currently, it offers additional proposals, such as: documentaries, ebooks and software .


Finally, we refer to this other platform that has gained a lot of fame in the last year and has many users who access the Internet to download movies in torrent files. In view of the fact that it consists of a web page that only provides said audiovisual content and thus, it has old as well as new proposals.

Regarding the quality of these titles, we highlight that they are in BluRay, HDRip, MicroHD, 3D and even 4K . Once you access the web, you will see that it has a search engine that greatly facilitates the search process and also provides sections to obtain content of a specific quality. Now, to download a file, you will have to right click on where they indicate “Click Here” to start the torrent download and, if you wish, you can also copy the link to open it in a new tab.


It is a website that has more than 3.5 million verified torrents and, especially, it has been classified as the best game torrent web platform. But, in addition to this, it has around 37,000 movies and more than 600 TV shows and/or series. Thus, it is characterized as a site with an excellent balance between software and entertainment , which is why it has a large fan base.

For its part, one of its most relevant characteristics is based on the fact that it has an easy-to-use interface and exhibits a good design . Added to that, the platform manages an average download speed of 2.6 MB/s and for this reason, it guarantees excellent and fast management for its users. But, to access without any limitation, it is necessary to register previously.

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What are the risks of downloading paid content from pirate portals such as Descargas 2020?

Despite the fact that the fight against Internet piracy has become widespread, there are certainly still many web portals that host pirated content and with this, they can generate some risks for their users . As is the case with, which, although it has already been closed, provided pirated content to people while it was running, and from there, the main reason for its closure (like that of other similar websites).

But, in view of this, you will surely wonder what are the greatest dangers you run when accessing these platforms and, especially, when downloading movies, series, documentaries, music or any torrent file that is really pirated. Above all, when it comes to portals that request a payment so that you can enter their proposals.

Well, then we point out the main risks in these cases :

  • Contracting any type of malware : The main danger of downloading pirated content from payment portals is that there is a high probability that the equipment used for it will be infected with any type of malware and thus exhibit poor performance and even acquire greater damage.
  • Harm your security and privacy : Many hackers operate through these platforms to access users’ personal and banking information, in order to damage their privacy, steal their passwords and even generate scams.
  • Serious legal consequences : Since hacking is illegal, there is a chance that you could be convicted for it. Therefore, depending on the laws of your country, you can be fined for accessing and downloading content from these payment sites or even be jailed in the worst cases.