Best Alternatives to MiraDeTodo – Updated Complete List

Best Alternatives to MiraDeTodo – Updated Complete List

One of the platforms with the greatest variety of audiovisual content that has gained popularity the most for those who want to download files is Miradetodo . And it is that as its name indicates, this platform offers you from movies to games, music and software in very good quality 

However, Miradetodo is a platform that is often changing domain or remaining inactive for some periods of time due to violations of the law regarding copyright

This is one of the main reasons why many users constantly either fail to keep up or simply end up giving up because it becomes tedious to constantly search for the right domain.

In its early days, Miradetodo was among the best pages to download thanks to the fact that it was not mined with advertising, annoying pop-up pages that for many users, become a negative experience.

The last thing you want is that when downloading you have to close as many windows as possible . But after a while, it came to transform into exactly what it was perfectly designed to repudiate.       

Likewise, unlike other platforms, it has many ads , making its users choose to look for other alternatives that are more feasible and faster. 

The best alternative options to Miradetodo to watch movies and series for free

Although Miradetodo has a wide catalog to enjoy, there is another wide variety of related platforms that offer the same services for free and with high quality. That is why to make it easier for you to choose, we have created this guide with the best alternatives to Miradetodo 

We rely not only on the quality of the page or the blog itself, but also on the general experience that it manages to provide the user in terms of its ergonomics without having anything to envy Miradetodo but of course, only you will have the last word. 

In this way, you will save time searching among so many pages and of course the inconvenience of one not fulfilling what it promises . For that each of the following options was tested to ensure that they work well. 


To start we have DonTorrent, a platform that updates daily and is also super complete. In it you can get movies and TV series with high definition, games, music, reports and more. 

In addition, it has the option of night mode and offers a weblog with different suggestions and solutions regarding torrent downloads. 

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is another of the best alternatives that we can recommend , it is perfect for downloading content of any genre. You will find everything from the best movies, TV series to music, comics, e-books, games, software and much more. It is undoubtedly a very complete platform with a great variety. 

However, like Miradetodo , this platform has suffered from domain changes , so many times you will have to use a VPN to access it. 

On the other hand, its interface is very simple and to locate the content of your preference, all you have to do is place the name in the search bar or use the filters to search by genre. 


Another alternative is EZTV, although its design is not very nice, it is a platform that undoubtedly allows you to download movies, series, and other current TV programs. All this content can be downloaded for free and without prior registration 

You can start the download just by clicking on the links that they offer you and selecting the captcha box. Perhaps one of its disadvantages is that it has a lot of content dubbed into Spanish or Latin ; so most are in English. 


Very similar to the PoseidonHD platform, Popcorntime is another great alternative with a lot of high definition content . The best thing about this platform is that it can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

As for its interface, it is undoubtedly very intuitive and organized, which makes navigation easier for its users. It also has instant replication making everything go faster. 


With LimeTorrents you can find countless good quality torrent files, its extensive catalog offers movies, animation, music, games, applications, among others. 

This platform is constantly updating its content, even generating lists with the most popular torrents of the moment . Likewise, each one of the dicheros offers detailed information either on the date of its addition or even the size.

torrent paradise

A very efficient search engine, it has particular characteristics and that is that TorrentParadise is a decentralized service.  On this platform you can find a list of the 100 most popular torrents today . It also has updates every half hour. 

It is a fairly fast search engine, which makes it one of the best alternatives , in addition, it offers more exact results and detailed information on the files to be downloaded, such as the file size. 

With a fairly conservative style and built with some ingenuity, it remains latent in our list thanks to the fact that it maintains the freshness that many pages lose today, without a doubt an excellent alternative to Miradetodo .


This incredible platform grows more and more every day, without a doubt it has a fairly large and active community. This is thanks to the fact that it has an extensive catalog that is also constantly updated to offer the best and most current content.

One of its great advantages is that it offers up to more than 5 million torrents that are verified . That is, users have the opportunity to download safely, without any inconvenience that they are viruses from the official Zooqle website . 

As an alternative to Miradetodo , among its services you can find movies, TV series, console and computer games, books, images, applications, courses and many more options. 

big torrent

Gran Torrent, unlike other alternatives, only offers you a catalog of movies, so by having this option you will be able to find countless traditional and premiere audiovisuals. The platform is even updated to offer you the latest versions available. 

Likewise, it is one of the few platforms that offers movies in 3D format, ideal for those who have equipment for this technology 

Something positive is that it offers its content in different languages, be it Spanish, Latin or VOSE. Precisely the diversity of languages ​​is the hook that culminates in tying the user to come back and repeat the experience.

KAT (Kick Ass Torrent)

Kick Ass Torrent is a very popular platform, it has been offering its users the best downloads of movies and series for free for years. Due to its long history, this platform has millions of active users. 

However, this platform was closed in 2016, but it has other well-known ones such as:, and Like KAT, they offer downloadable content and are currently active. 

It should be noted that although it is not known if they are from the same creator of KAT , each and every one of these does have the same appearance. In addition, each of the files gives you the option of knowing if they have been verified or not, so that downloads can be carried out safely. 


Finally, another of the alternatives to Miradetodo is DivxTotal, this platform is mainly focused on movies and TV series in Spanish . So if it is not a problem to watch movies subtitled or in Spanish, this is a good option. 

As for its interface, it is quite simple, this very varied P2P platform has an extensive catalog , it even offers content in 3D format. In DivxTotal you will find all genres of videos with excellent quality. 

In addition, it is a platform with a very elegant design; As for its search engine, you will be able to locate the file of your choice with total ease and speed. 

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What is the best option to Miradetodo?

All the options that we have left you are related to Miradetodo , if you want to find varied and quality torrents. However, if there is one of these platforms that stands out among all of them, it is Don Torrent, since it is quite complete and up-to-date 

You will get current movies in 4k, daily you will find new episodes, in addition to the great catalog of content such as games and music that it also offers you. Finally, this platform also allows you to share the links on the main social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp and even via email. What makes it completely effective and useful for users and those who don’t know it yet. 

After all, what any user who downloads torrents or who enjoys streaming or downloaded content is looking for; ends up opting for the same thing as always: Constance.

Constancy is what will determine many things. For example, the variety of quality audiovisual content, the resolution of the episodes, the movies and much more. This is what really matters and why many people keep coming back again and again.