Best Alternatives to MamaHD – Updated Complete List

Best Alternatives to MamaHD – Updated Complete List

A platform for the transmission of different sporting events, perhaps one of the best and most popular in recent years MamaHD has been growing because it is one of the few platforms that had stability in terms of its services. 

2023 update: New alternatives have been added and many others that were no longer accessible to users have been removed.

Unlike other platforms in this category, it has survived copyright and broadcast rights laws 

However, MamaHD is a platform that offers a variety of sports, where you can even get national and international competitions. The best thing is that it is completely free. 

However, being a platform that does not comply with copyright and transmission regulations, it can generate some legal problems both for the creator of the platform and for anyone who enters it to download and view its content. 

Therefore, it is advisable to either not use it or make sure what the laws of your country are and enter by using a VPN 

Regarding its content, MamaHD offers links that are hosted on third-party servers . In this way, users can watch the different television channels for free. 

In addition to MamaHD, there are other great alternatives to these platforms that we will mention below. 

Alternative options to MamaHD to be able to watch sports online

Since none of these platforms comply with the aforementioned rights , they are not safe from being blocked at any time. 

This is what really tends to be a problem for many users, since finding alternatives that stay current can be somewhat cumbersome. However, for this you have to prepare and try to maintain the largest number of pages or blogs that are in force in order to deliver the vital content.

An excellent advice that we give you before continuing with the list that we have prepared for you, is that you keep as much contact as possible with the page of your choice , or that has been found among the options that we offer. Making MamaHD happen to be relegated as a nice memory.   

That is why this time we bring you a list with the best alternatives where you can get the best programming and sports content related to MamaHD 


To start, we recommend TarjetaRojaOnline. This platform offers you all the games from the main leagues in the world. Likewise, it also offers its users a wide variety of links that lead to other sports events. 

Its interface is very simple, you can find all the games on its main page and to view it online, you just have to click on the game you want to start playing it. 

Also, its search engine is quite fast, easy and specific. This facilitates the experience for the user who usually only expects thousands of pop-up ads to not appear on the page.  

Tiki Taka House

La Casa del Tiki Taka is another of the best alternatives to MamaHD , it provides access to a wide variety of channels from around the world. With a simple design on its main page you will be able to find information about all the sporting events that will take place in the next few hours. 

The quality of its content is high, so watching any of the leagues for free will not be a problem through La Casa de Tiki Taka. 

The excellent thing about it is that Casa de Tiki Taka can have a huge number of sports to offer , not only about soccer but also other games that are not usually broadcast on the usual channels but are also paid programming.  


If you are looking for a fairly complete platform when it comes to football and other sports, LiveTV offers you the best content for you to enjoy watching online or the retransmissions. 

So if you have missed a game, you do not have to worry, you will find a section with all the events played with each of their results and the best plays or moments of the game. 

In addition, users can interact, ask questions and can even place bets if you are registered. 


SportCategory could not be missing from this selection of the best alternatives to MamaHD . This platform allows users to browse with greater peace of mind since it does not have so many intrusive ads. 

Likewise, it has an easy-to-use interface that is constantly updated. On its main page you can view all the sporting events identified by icons for better organization. 

To access the transmissions, just click on the links and wait for the pop-up page with the transmission to open for free. 


To access different sports channels you can use PirloTV, another great alternative where you can search and filter channels from various countries such as Spain, the USA or Latin American countries. 

Also, the content offered is transmitted in high quality and the best thing about this platform is that it almost does not have those annoying ads . So browsing and playback is much quieter and more fluid.


One of the most complete alternatives to MamaHD that you can get is StreamSport. It offers a variety of features such as broadcasts of different sporting events 

Likewise, it has available the most recent sports news, as well as the most notable moments of the matches. 

One of the negative points is that users must register to access the content , however once registered you can enjoy the best quality.


Stream2Watch is a platform that provides extensive sports channels for your enjoyment. It is one of the best alternatives for its diversity and quality. You can enjoy all sporting events online. 

Likewise, for each event there is a link in such a way that if one of them does not come to be well you can go to others . In addition, its search engine is quite specific when it comes to giving results. 


Another quite unique alternative is BatmanStream. This platform has an intuitive interface and is very well developed and organized.  It even offers a Widget that you can integrate into your device to access the platform faster 

The hook of this page (besides its unique name) is the fact that it complements very well with a style that suits it perfectly. Without being so ostentatious or undermining you with annoying or pop-up ads from time to time. This we already know can be a real problem. 

VIP League

VIPLeague offers content from all sports on its main page, it is one of the best alternatives to MamaHD through which you can access the information and transmission of matches with just one click.  Each of these matches can be viewed on a calendar that organizes them by hour .

What is intriguing about this page and what is powerfully striking is the functionality that integrates many of its sections. Since well for some users the quality of the page is vital , for others it is the fact of being well organized.

And when it comes to delivering a better alternative to MamaHD we couldn’t leave out VIPLeague. Honestly, one of the pages to take into account when good friends and family come together to live great moments.    


ESPN is undoubtedly the most popular sports platform , you can follow everything related to soccer news, such as classifications, matches, results, among others. It also incorporates information from other sporting events. 

Likewise, it is one of the best alternatives since it has an ideal Podcasts section for those who prefer to follow the broadcasts of matches through audio. 

On the other hand, this platform is quite complete, it even has a mini-games section, links to social networks and all the most up-to-date news. 

What is the best alternative option to MamaHD?

We have already recommended you a list of MamaHD alternatives , all with different features but with the same goal of bringing the best in sports content to its users. 

However, there is also one of these options that becomes the most akin to MamaHD and the best alternative to visit DailySport has all the potential, a great interface, a simple and organized design ; as well as various functions that even allow you to access any match or information of interest to you. 

The best thing about this platform is that it also has a similarity to other torrent pages , so you can even download the matches and the best moments of each of them or simply enjoy online. 

What also makes it a great alternative is that it not only gives you the options to view the content, but also allows its registered users to comment to exchange opinions and much more. 

If you are a registered user, you can even publish your transmission links , which others will be able to see later. It also gives the option to show other pages in different languages.

And it could not miss that it gave the best and latest results in each of its minute-by-minute updates. So if you still haven’t decided which alternative page to MamaHD to choose, LiveTV is one of the indicated ones, safe, complete and fast.