Miradetodo – Best Alternatives | Best Alternatives to Miradetodo

Miradetodo – Best Alternatives | Best Alternatives to Miradetodo

Miradetodo is one of the favorite portals for downloaders of multimedia content. Most importantly, you can find all kinds of movies, from the latest movies still playing in theaters to games, music files, and even software.

The download option is another of the benefits it offers, although we can highlight that it has too many ads. This can make some users prefer to look for other alternatives that have similar characteristics but that offer fewer ads and faster.

In addition to this, considering that the page usually changes domain or disappears for a period, the page is somewhat unstable, so it is convenient to understand other alternatives. Now, you can see the best alternative options to Miradetodo, updated and free.

Alternative options to Miradetodo to be able to watch movies and series online

To write this article, I tried thirty-seven pages, related to Miradetodo, and I tested it page by page. They all promised to download first-run movies, high-definition quality series, and other multimedia content for free.

However, for more than half of the users, I found that redirecting to a page asking me to provide a credit card only produced links to promotional pages and also countless broken links where my antivirus software was hiding as malware.

In this way you do not have to go through the same boring process, here are fifteen examples that I have been able to review that work perfectly. At least today, because everything can change drastically on this planet.


Don Torrent is a very complete site, updated daily . You can find movies of different qualities including 4K resolution, such as high-definition TV series, games, reports or music.

It has a night mode and gives a weblog with solutions and tips related to torrenting.

Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, founded in 2003, is still one of the best sites to download all kinds of content . Audiobooks, music, e-books, comics, computer games or any console, software for different operating systems and software for movies and series.

Like other pages related to Miradetodo, The Pirate Bay has also undergone multiple domain extensions. In truth, the .org used with him has existed in Spain for many years, and the only way to access it is through a VPN.

To use it, you only need to enter the name you are looking for in a search engine and / or filter by content genre. The Pirate Bay will return any and all free magnet links to you. Click on it, download it and enjoy!


EZTV is a bit shabby and outdated in design, but if you don’t judge by appearance and give it a try, you’ll be in for a surprise. This is a good platform to download movies, series and TV shows , it can keep the catalog up to date and has countless users.

Conceptually, it is similar to a Miradetodo page. Like this version, EZTV does not require registration to download content, although you must install uTorrent on your computer to open the link.

Click on the movie you want to watch and you will be redirected to a page where you can start downloading after clicking the “I am not a robot” box. Quick and easy!

However, if you don’t speak English, then this is not the best Miradetodo.com option for you, as it is quite difficult to find dubbed or subtitled content in Spanish.


Popcorntime is one of the best alternatives to Miradetodo, it is very similar to the other website that we have already analyzed, such as PoseidonHD .

  • Countless quality HD links are given in the V. Or.
  • You can use the program on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • The interface is great, everything is well organized
  • Replication is instant, there is no waiting time.


This is one of the most efficient web browsers for locating torrent files .
You can locate movies, music, applications, games and even animation files.
You have updated the list with the latest torrents or the most popular torrents added today.
Each and every file gives detailed information about the size, the torrent or the time of addition.

torrent paradise

Torrent Paradise is currently another most effective search engine , and its unique feature is that it is a decentralized service. Counts the current one hundred most popular torrents, such as the latest updated torrents every thirty minutes.
On the other hand, this search engine is identified by its search speed, which can provide detailed results and various information about downloads or sizes.


Zooqle hasn’t entered the torrent market in a long time, but it’s surprising how quickly it has grown. Its user community is very active, its catalog is regularly updated and the platform already has more than five million verified torrents , so you won’t have any problems downloading content.

Like other pages like Miradetodo, in Zooqle, apart from movies and TV series, you can also find computer games and game consoles for video consoles, applications, books and even a lot of images and courses. Naturally, practically everything is in English.

big torrent

In contrast to most alternative options in the “premieres” on this list, in Gran Torrent you will only find movies. This specialization allows you to have a huge catalogue, which will be continuously updated with the release of the latest version.

In addition to this, Gran Torrent is one of the few download sites that provides specific episodes for 3D movies . Therefore, if you have a TV that accepts this format, you should definitely visit this site.

You will see that most of the content is in Spanish, Latin or VOSE, so the language should not be a problem. Before reaching the download link, you have to navigate through many ads and links. Sometimes there can be something annoying, but it will make you give up.


KAT (Kick Ass Torrent) has been one of the most popular sites for many years , and millions of users like to download movies and series from this site for free.

Although it was closed by the authorities in 2016, many of its followers decided to pay tribute to it and create other similar platforms. Kickasstorrent.cr, Katcr.to or Kat.am are some sites that you can visit today to download content.

I don’t know if they belong to the same owner, but they all look exactly the same. So, no matter which way you choose, you will find them all except Movies and TV Shows, TV Shows, Music, Games, TV Shows, and Apps.

What I like the most is that next to each torrent file, you will find an icon that tells you if the torrent file has been verified. From there, it depends on whether you want to expose yourself to downloading.


Many fantastic official heirs of Divxatope have considered this platform, which specializes in the production of movies and series in Spanish . While it lets you download software, there are many better sites for this purpose.

Therefore, if in English or the V. Or. of the movie (no matter how subtitled in Spanish) is not suitable for you, Divxtotal will be your ideal option.

One of the most notable aspects of this Peer to Peer platform is a wide variety of up-to-date catalogues, 3D movies, all kinds of HD videos, a very elegant appearance and a well-functioning search engine.

Conversely, it will have to involve too much advertising, lots of useless torrents, and certain files that will cause your antivirus software to show up.

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What is the best alternative option to Miradetodo?

For those users looking for a platform that contains torrent files of each and every topic, different download options and updated content, the best alternative to Miradetodo is Don Torrent .

The best thing about this site is that the content is of high quality, even 4K movies. Categories are updated daily and new titles and episodes are added. You can also download a variety of content, including music, games, reports, etc.

The link can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or by email. You can even comment on each piece of content, which is really useful for other users.