Holanime Alternatives – Best Alternatives to Holanime

Holanime Alternatives – Best Alternatives to Holanime

Holanime is one of the extensive reference sites for visiting Doramas in Korea. These small series of articles have gained enormous acceptance among followers of this genre of topics.

Since this content cannot be accessed directly from TV channels in many countries / areas, many followers access these and other pages to enjoy the latest episode of their favorite drama.

If you want to know the best option for Holanime to watch Korean dramas, so far, here are all the active options.

Alternative options to Holanime to be able to watch animes online

On Netflix there is not much space for anime, but it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the platform. You can add subtitles and enjoy them in the highest quality.

You must create an account and pay a monthly fee to access all content. It also includes the most popular and successful dramas of the moment.


Pandramas has one of the largest drama compilations in S. Korea and many other countries, along with other benefits.

Provide Episodes in HD Quality
It has an option from which users can request specific TV shows.
It has a specific application, so that you can watch the drama from your phone.


On Hulu, you can enjoy a selection of the most popular dramas of the moment. Speed ​​is one of the benefits of this platform , and you can also enjoy great image quality on it.

Remember that the content is only available in the original language or in English. On the other hand, although this is a paid procedure, the cost plan is not affordable.


From a specific drama portal, you can access many popular series. To view them, you must have a free user account. Its advantages must be taken into account since it has applications that can be accessed from Android or iOS.

Each and every one of the dramas has a popularity index, so you know which ones are the most valued by users. When choosing a drama, you will have access to a file containing actors and user comments.

Dorama Premiere

Estrenos Doramas provides a notification alternative that lets you know the latest information about the latest episodes or series that have been uploaded to the platform. It gives one of the most extensive lists of plays.

On the other hand, it lets you choose between watching episodes with subtitles in Spanish and in HD quality . In addition to this, in each and every drama there is a short synopsis and data about the number of episodes and the year the broadcast started.


One of the best alternative options to Holanime, it is a benchmark for lovers of anime content and Doramas.

At times, it will also give premiere broadcasts to Asian countries/areas.
The audio and video quality is one of its outstanding features.
It has a news section and a discussion forum for users to participate.
Although it is a paid platform, you can use it free of charge for fourteen days.


In Vip Doramas, you can choose from a plurality of Doramas classified by category . You can also choose a section to be dubbed with Latin audio in each and every episode.

There is a section on the home page that contains all the news of the day: new chapters, episodes, subtitles uploaded to the platform… It has a specific section to order dramas that are not online.

Drama HD28

On this site, you can find doramas in Latin Spanish just like you did on Holanime. If you are looking for an old drama, this is one of the recommended sites, they will give you the V soon. Or. of the drama.

You can go to a specific title search engine, or you can go in alphabetical order. The link can be shared via Twitter.


The design of this site is very simple as Holanime was, but the quality of the TV series and the subtitles are very good . From the home page, it gives information about the latest episodes that have been uploaded.

It includes a movie section and a section where you can find content related to Japanese manga and series.

Asian Crush

The best thing about this page is that each and every one of the TV shows are perfectly classified by topic . You can also filter by year or country of origin to find specific titles.

It has news and interview sections, and a category from which you can access numerous films of that genre.

JC Dramas

The beautiful design of the page, very simple to follow, is another best alternative to Holanime.

You can search for specific dramas in alphabetical order and by genre.
It has an alternative where you can add a request to add drama that is not on the page.
On the home page, you can access the latest episodes of the broadcast and the latest series that have been added.

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What is the best alternative to Holanime?

If you want to access a wide range of Dog Dorama, the latest current episodes, and simulcast with the country/area of ​​the first broadcast, the best Holanime alternative option is Crunchyroll .

Although a paid subscription is required, it is really worth it because it offers a variety of content. You can create a tailored list with your favorite dramas, and you can stay up to date with each and every news item uploaded to the platform each and every day.

It has a discussion forum where you can communicate with other users or request specific content. It also gives an updated list of upcoming broadcasts and schedules.

If you also find other content related to the world of manga or anime interesting, Crunchyroll is the most recommended platform. It also offers a 14-day free trial period so that you can understand each and every one of the options it offers.

Another free option could be PCTNew where you can directly download the torrent of each chapter you want to see.