What is Mailrelay?

What is Mailrelay?

The mailrelay is an email marketing tool designed by ConsultorPC in 2001, whose purpose was email campaigns and newsletters. In March of this year, the 3rd version of this software was released. This service is widely used by various private and public companies, also by foundations, NGOs and government entities. It has been recognized as a guide for entrepreneurs and has been placed in the global ranking of email software.

Thanks to its success, we will analyze the mailrelay in context; as a tool that allows you to establish good communication with your customers through mass mailing programs and other high impact methods.

What does the Mailrelay comprise?

This email marketing software includes an account with 7,500 free mailings per month and 25,000 contacts. Thanks to its recent update, it has been possible to modernize both the software’s functionality and aesthetics. It is a valuable tool for bloggers and SMBs.

With Mailrelay, you can get feedback from the client to know their real opinion about your products or services and your brand in general. Also, it is the ideal tool to achieve customer loyalty with some specific tools or email marketing campaigns such as the following:

Create Newsletters

The newsletter creator allows you to have regular communication with the client; providing the information in an attractive and influential way, thus creating a link that adds value to the brand; In other words, it goes beyond a product. It is about cultivating customer interest by providing information that is of interest to them.

This tool also works as an excellent communication channel with employees, shareholders, and other people who are directly and indirectly related to our company. It effectively drives sales, promotes the brand, and is a low-cost advertising tool.

You only have to define aspects such as the audience we want to address, what we hope to achieve with the newsletter, the moment of launch, and where we will launch it: what geographic scope we hope to have, among other factors to consider. You will be able to keep all your clients up to date with the latest news.

Promotional Campaigns

Bearing in mind that any business’s purpose is to increase sales; These promotional campaigns offer a direct opportunity to do so. You can attract new customers through attractive and irresistible offers and promotions. Thanks to the possibility of sending emails in bulk, you can use this tool as a massive communication mechanism.

To achieve the desired effect, campaigns must be impactful, from the title to the content. Images should also be used to get the client to link or associate our product with certain emotions or sensations. Creativity plays a fundamental role in achieving the desired goal.

Great help for the development of these campaigns has to do with the possibility of making them viral through social networks; For this, you can use buttons that achieve the connection quickly; for this, they must be located in strategic places.

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Advantages of Mailrelay

The experience of more than 15 years in the marketing sector makes mailrelay a valuable tool that provides certain advantages; among which we can name:

  • It is an intuitive tool that you can use easily.
  • You will be able to count on reliable and specific statistics to guide you in making decisions; To measure the results in real-time the reach you get.
  • It also allows you to establish a group of massive subscribers to whom you can send information constantly; In the same way, you can manage them in a simple way to know the effect of your campaigns; for example, you will be able to know those who have unsubscribed, rebounds, eliminated, etc.
  • Another advantage is the number of templates with incredible modern designs to adapt to your newsletters or campaigns.

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