There is no doubt that VPN connections are a great way to increase your privacy on the Internet. And the thing is that the years go by and its popularity continues to grow, unfortunately so make many companies’ attempts to monitor their users. However, we can fully assure you that there are many advantages of using a VPN that you did not know.

VPNs are not something of this year. They have always existed, although as the Internet evolves, new uses are found for it. There are many pages and articles on this topic, including reviews of popular VPNs like PureVPN, among others. 

Next, we will show you five reasons to use a VPN that you probably did not consider:

1. You can prevent your Internet provider from having access to your data and search histories

You probably already knew that Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other companies are watching you. This is what we pay to enjoy their services at no cost: these companies use your browsing data to attract the advertisers that best suit your needs, which are the ones that make them earn money.

However, even today, no matter how hard companies try, there is only one company capable of knowing which websites you visit and when you do it: and that is your Internet provider. Yes, that’s the case; the internet company you have hired is the only one capable of knowing your browsing history; luckily, this data is handled privately so that no employee or hacker can access it.

2. Censorship will no longer be a problem.

One of the VPNs’ significant and unique advantages is that you can enjoy the Internet as if you were in another country. This can be used to want the information censored in your country and view streaming services that are not available.

In China and other countries, VPNs are prohibited; however, this does not prevent many from using them to access Twitter or Facebook.

3. You can afford to connect in a secure way to public WiFi networks.

It is more than clear that public WiFi networks are not secure at all. A hacker with sufficient knowledge can easily access private, and personal information on your mobile device is connected to the same network as him.

4. You will have the ability to access your office for teleworking remotely.

Currently, countless companies use internal networks to manage their documents or information. The big problem with this method is that the connected equipment needs to be physically connected, which is inconvenient if you want to work from home. This is an old story because of one of the new advantages of VPNs: you have the option to access your work network remotely.

5. You will have an anti-hacking shield.

We have already mentioned earlier that getting hacked is relatively easy over a public WiFi network. Even in private, it is also true if the hacker has data such as your IP address or has managed to sneak malware onto your PC.

A good security measure is to hide your address behind a VPN, which gives the attacker a fake address.

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