The Best Alternatives to Elitetorrent

The Best Alternatives to Elitetorrent

Who doesn’t like the idea of enjoying a movie from the comfort of their home?; And it is that we have all spent unforgettable moments, perhaps in the company of our family, friends and why not, a romantic night with your partner.

And it is that being able to enjoy movies and series from our home, in our language, has many advantages; we save the expenses of going to movie theatres, where we may have to see the film in another language; so the enjoyment of it will not be the same.

Maybe you also have a tight routine in the day, a job with complicated schedules, and you don’t want to miss your favourite series’s continuity. For these and many other reasons, we look for alternatives to download movies and series online.

Previously, EliteTorrent offered the best alternatives; However, due to the publication of the Intellectual Property Law, both EliteTorrent and other websites dedicated to downloading free movies received sanctions for the publication of copyrighted content. Consequently, these websites were blocked in various places around the world. Although the platform was not closed, it maintained a permanent blockade; users search for the best alternatives to EliteTorrent.

What Was EliteTorrent Offering That Made It So Popular?

EliteTorrent was a platform that allowed you to download movies and series. The largest in its category, with a wide range of movies and series, just by clicking. As its name implies, it provided its fans with the movie elite; that is to say, the best, the cream in movies and series.

It has been challenging to replace and overcome, as it had become one of the main pages to download, thanks to its excellent and efficient operation.

What Are Users Looking For On Websites Like EliteTorrent?

The vast majority of users, if not all, seek to download updated content, such as those movies that are released; And we know that all users are waiting and are interested in getting movies on the billboard; to keep up with your favourite actors and not miss out on seasonal dramas, which are so much to talk about.

The premieres cover all types of content and must be fully updated, not only to enjoy premieres in your movies but also for series lovers; await updated content and premiere seasons of the most acclaimed and award-winning series from viewers.

For example, who has not enjoyed a shocking episode of “Games of the Throne“? This series is the most-watched in the world and has received countless awards. And there is something for all tastes, with the funniest series that can entertain the whole family. Investigative series are also available, making us feel like one of their characters. We can live the action with emotion and enjoy it when the villain is caught and receives what he deserves. And we cannot put aside those dramatic series that envelop us in their history and make us want to see one chapter after another.

Users also sometimes want to enjoy their favourite movies and series from the 90s, 80s and 70s; since there is a variety of tastes of users, who not only enjoy the new but also honour the phrase “remembering is living “; and they want to live the experience of remembering those movies that made a difference in our lives and we never tire of seeing them again and again.

Nor can we forget the smallest of the house; We are always looking for a wide variety of children’s films so that our children and even the oldest in the house can enjoy sharing a pleasant moment and pleasing everyone at home.

What are Torrent Downloads?

The first thing you should know when looking for other alternatives to EliteTorrent is that it is a torrent file; This refers to a file that uses a .torrent extension, which contains information to download content for free, using P2P technology, to share data on a publicly accessible server or portal.

This friendly system allows you to download any content, be it audio, videos, games, programs, documents, among others. However, you should know that every day more, sites of this nature are being reviewed and closed.

Therefore, we will provide you with accurate information to obtain the best pages and search engines for operating Torrent files. You will not want to leave your computer when you discover the endless options that you have.

How a Torrent Download File Works

A Torrent is located in the content network of file records to which we want to access; They usually weigh between 90 and 100 KB and work by being initialized by software (UTorrent), which interconnects with the servers that have the seeds for the file to download.

It is very easy to create a torrent. You already have the uTorrent program’s help, thus managing to become part of the network and share your files with other Internet users. The only thing you should keep in mind is that, since several users are connected, the download you are making may decrease a bit. Sometimes it goes under the table.

EliteTorrent 2 Alternatives

We will provide you with a list of the best active sites that are alternatives to EliteTorrent and that you can use to download safely.

You must register to enjoy its benefits. It is always operational and its content is up to date. It has a modern design and provides you with alternatives, in case an error occurs. It is a safe and fast site, it offers you the trends in user search and much more.


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It is one of the favorite and popular. When you enter the website, this message will appear: “They may track your data”; you must click on “Hide your IP address”. This guarantees the security of your data. This page is quite simple and its content is well categorized. It has the best in movies, music , games, sports, applications and books. Its portal provides you with a search bar in order to optimize the response time.

Torrents me

Its main offerings are documentaries, games, TV series and first-run movies. It presents content in HD and 4K format . It has a large number of visits and every day they increase more, thanks to the quality and quantity of content. It also allows you to watch series in streaming, in 2160p quality.



It is historical in P2P. It has earned an excellent reputation for quality. It has been in operation continuously for 10 years. It innovated its portal with the keyword browser, which improves search and results; it is easy to navigate and you get exact answers. You just have to create your account and start downloading.


It managed to consolidate its servers and domain, guaranteeing its users Premium content . Its design is modern and easy, it has an advanced search engine, with defined categories. To enjoy you must create an account.

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It is inspired by the best search engine in the world: Google. Filter the search results by relevance and date of movie, game and audio files . The main attraction of this site is its configuration, since it allows you a better performance to the internet connection. It gives you a wide variety of content to download; as it tracks more than 450 sites on the net.


To enjoy this legendary site, you must use a VPN; so before accessing you must configure your virtual private network and install an adblock. This site is a reference in P2P downloads . It allows you to download music, movies, games, applications of different kinds and many other things.


It guarantees the movies on the billboard of the moment , also old movies, but all with the same quality. Works well on mobile devices. His forte are movies. It is a simple and modern portal. Sign up and start enjoying.


His forte are series ; so if you have missed your favorite series, this site is ideal for you. When you access the site they tell you that you should use a VPN . The content is offered in its original language. It contains RSS, FAQ and Forum, which makes it very interactive. It provides you with a search bar with various filters, to make your search faster and more efficient.


It offers the most popular series and the most requested movies . It has more than 3,955,070 verified torrents. It provides quality content, and a very good thing is that it has no advertising.


It is one of the most prominent and active torrents , it provides you with the reference of the most downloaded by Internet users. It offers a distribution by categories, you can download books, movies, TV series, music, games or software. Use a VPN, block ads, and create a user to get the most out of the site.


In order to protect your identity, this site requires you to set up a VPN. It stands out for offering the best movies in digital format . Through its platform you will also have access to software, electronic books, audio, video and television. It has more than 3,000,000 verified torrents. It is easy to navigate and safe .


When you enter the site, you can immediately see the most popular, the new and the best. It has different categories of content and filters to access the file you want. This site is operational and is still under construction to expand and improve your options. To access their programs you must register and use a VPN for greater security.


It is one of the most complete website. Its content is very organized and constantly updated; so you can watch your TV series in real time. You can also find movies, music, Ebooks, anime and more. It has more than 5,270,000 verified links on the site.


This is one of the best options in Spanish. It offers you documentaries, movies, series, games and music in mp3 format. It has 57,258 torrents in total. It is a secure site that does not contain advertising; It is easy to use and brings you the hottest series on Universal Channel, Fox, HBO and Warner Channel . You can also access online games on its portal.

Torrentdownload ch

Their servers are very reliable . You can download software, books, movies, games, anime, TV shows and more; It tells you the file size and download time. You also have an online help option, in case of any doubt or difficulty.


It specializes in offering musical content; has over 23,000 albums ready to download. It has more than 14,000,000 active accounts between Europe and Russia, which is a quality reference.

They have certified about 330,000 P2P links . You can also get shows, movies and series. User posts suggest that they incorporate a VPN for security measures. – KickAss

kickass tottents

It was created in 2009 and is presented as one of the best P2P brands in the world. It is very easy to get the content you want. It has been persecuted by the authorities, they even suspended the original domain, so they are operating with the alternate domain that we indicate. The site is very friendly and basic , so it is easy to access. You can get music, games, TV films, among others.


It offers streaming content , which is an attraction for users, you just have to have a good internet connection. It has more than 3,000,000 verified torrent files. It has captivated the Spanish-speaking market recently.


It has an excellent structure , on the one hand it offers you an extraordinary list of free films on its page; On the other hand, it has a news area, there you can find out in real time all the news that is added to the site, as well as brand new movies and TV series.

It has a bold design and easy to navigate ; allows interaction with Internet users, so you can leave your comments and express your opinions about the movies and about the page.


This is a Spanish speaking torrent . It offers the best content for movie downloads. He had to change his domain from the original, due to judicial harassment. It contains the best film releases, dubbed into Spanish and in their original language, both in HD format. You can also find the tv series of the moment. It also has a blog on various topics, which can motivate you to read.


It has a large database. It is very easy to use, thanks to its simple and practical design . It offers all the premieres and also content of films from the 50s, to the present, to please all tastes. They offer daily more than 250 episodes of the best series ; since these are its forte, so it represents great competition in its field.


This website is dedicated to filmography, with Full HD quality in everything you download. You do not have the need to register. It ranks in the Top 3 , thanks to the excellent quality of what it shares and the wide variety of its content.

The contents are renewed daily , as new files of action, romance, comedy, humor, suspense, drama, horror, fantasy, adventure, science fiction, documentaries in Spanish language and more are constantly being uploaded. It is widely recommended.

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Archive org

Here you will find thousands of movies and series at your disposal ; it also offers you a plus ; you get German, French and international cinema films in their original language with Spanish subtitles. The portal gives you searches by collection and by years . You can buy old and newer titles. You can also download documents and audios. You should definitely consider this portal on your download list.


This site allows you to access films in 3D, BlueRay, MicroHD and 4K; as well as the televised series of today. On his site he has some tapes added to inform you of the new and the most viewed; so you won’t miss anything. It has a filter to locate the films by categories , which facilitates the search.


On this site you can get audiovisuals in English with subtitles. When you enter the page you find a division: on the left side the movies and on the right side the series. It offers you updated content . Its menu is very easy to access, you just have to create an account to enter. It has a great attraction and it is that it has no advertising .

And these are the best alternatives for EliteTorrent and EliteTorrent 2 , we hope they have been useful to you and you begin to enjoy the best film releases and television series.

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EliteTorrent – Movies and Series Torrent in HD

This page, as we already know, is the preferred site of many people when it comes to downloading movies and torrent series in HD . In EliteTorrent you can download your movies and series with the best quality; all with 720p quality and up to 1080p. You can find movies of drama, comedy, mystery, crime, action and adventure, romance and more; to make your afternoons with family, friends or with your partner, an unforgettable moment.

When you download movies and series Torrent in HD, the page automatically, and without having to enter the synopsis of the movie, tells you how much the file you want to download weighs ; both the weight in MB’s or GB’s of the episode of your favorite series, and of the movie you choose. You can find movies from years ago, and even the premieres of the month. We will talk about that below.

EliteTorrent 2 Series

In EliteTorrent 2 you will be able to download series and see a large repertoire of them; from the most popular and sought after, to series a little less recognized but with a great plot. Series of suspense, romance, action, comedy and more, so you can enjoy and become involved in one world after another. Also, without that annoying advertising that characterizes certain pages; on EliteTorrent forget about it.

Netflix is ​​undoubtedly one of the most popular television entertainment companies, and has become more acclaimed in recent years with its new series. One of the best Spanish-language series that Netflix has acquired in its history is “La Casa de Papel”.

This series has made history in this company and in EliteTorrent you can download La Casa de Papel and its two seasons. To download La Casa de Papel by torrent you just have to enter the name and the page will show you all the episodes of the two seasons; in the original language and in great 720p quality.

HBO is not far behind, this television channel has produced, said by millions of people, “One of the best series of all time”: Game of Thrones . And precisely for this reason you will not want to be left behind, and in EliteTorrent 2 you can download Game of Thrones.

To download Game of Thrones, enter the page and enter the name in your search engine; all the episodes will automatically appear from the first season !; And what is better, you have several options in language to download Game of Thrones; from Latin Spanish, in Castilian to the original version subtitled in Spanish (vose).

So if you missed the latest chapter of Game of Thrones , run and download it on EliteTorrent.

The best movie premieres

In EliteTorrent Premieres you can see the most anticipated movies and series of the year . And even series or movies from private companies and paid channels like Netflix and HBO. Even if it was a premiere from a few days ago, in EliteTorrent Premieres you can find it in the best possible quality; so you can enjoy your premieres with the quality of a private cinema.

EliteTorrent presents a special section of the best releases of last year, as well as the most popular and recent of this year.

Did you miss the last episode of your favorite series? No problem!; In EliteTorrent Premieres you can find even the newest episode of that series that you like so much . And if you can’t afford the high prices of tickets and combos of a movie theater to see the latest premiere, EliteTorrent allows you to download the movie you want for free, in Spanish or English, and enjoy the experience.

Series in high HD quality

When we talk about EliteTorrent we talk about quality, and its series shows it. Here you can download the best series in HD . The minimum quality you will see is 720p and it already gives you a spectacular experience. But many of its formats are in 1080p, the best quality. So don’t worry about blurry episodes , because with EliteTorrent that won’t happen.

And apart from the quality, EliteTorrent presents its series to you in HD and in several languages. Following the same dynamic, you will be able to download and watch Game of Thrones in vose, Latin Spanish and Castilian. 

Movies by uTorrent

We’ve already seen that EliteTorrent provides one of the best movie experiences . You can enjoy Torrent movies with the best quality, in different languages ​​and with easy download. Movies of different genres for tastes and preferences of each person. Old movies as well as the latest releases.

So do not expect more! And go download your movies by Torrent and enjoy them at your home or office.

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You have to keep in mind that whenever you download a movie, do it carefully and safely. is wholly opposed to this type of piracy. The purpose of this article is not to violate the instructions given by the Government of India. It is only to provide knowledge about the website away.