What is Arena Vision? How can you enjoy it on mobile or PC?

What is Arena Vision? How can you enjoy it on mobile or PC?

Every year the number of people who want to enjoy the best options to watch football online, in addition to other sports, continues to grow. One of these platforms has been Arenavision , which has been in the crosshairs of authorities for years. But, despite all the attempts to be removed from the internet, this website has continued to offer the best service to its users.

Much of the success that this portal has had is due to the fact that its servers are not located within the European Union. Now, in case you don’t know what this digital platform is or how you can access it from your phone or computer, we are pleased to present detailed information about it.

What is Arena Vision?

Basically, Arenavisión is an exclusive digital portal for online sports content, which is completely free. Its operation is carried out through programs such as AceStream Media and Soda Player. These are content players that are responsible for displaying the information from a link called acestream.

Acestream is capable of making use of the BitTorrent protocol, but it has the peculiar characteristic that you don’t need to download the file in order to view it. You only need to install the program and have Arenavisión links to connect p2p to the transmission of live content. Currently, acestream is available on Windows and Android.

The only disadvantage is the fact that the platform does not have the necessary licenses to broadcast sports online, so it turns out to be an illegal broadcast. This is the reason why Arenavisión has been persecuted by the authorities, an element that has made its activity very difficult. However, despite all this, the web has managed to avoid all the sanctions and restrictions placed by the media .

The main content of Arenavisión is online football, in its catalog we can find various types of matches available, such as those of the European and South American leagues. However, you can also fully enjoy other sports, such as Formula 1, the NBA or Tennis. You can even enjoy amazing image quality , along with good transmission fluidity .

How can you enjoy Arenavision on your computer?

First of all, you have to download Acestream for the computer and install it on the internal storage of the computer. After finishing the installation, two programs will be available, which are Ace Player and Ace Stream Center . The first is a live link player that is included in the installation; and the second is a shortcut to the Acestream control panel, with which you can manage your entire account.

Subsequently, once the acestream is installed on the computer, it is recommended that port 8621, which corresponds to the router, be opened. This is because this port is the one used by acestream to be able to communicate with the platform’s servers and send the data.

Finally, each time a link corresponding to Arenavisión is clicked, such action will cause it to start in the player that has been configured. Furthermore, this player has been designed to function similar to that of a BitTorrent program , since it establishes the connection between the server and at the same time plays the content on your computer.

How can you watch Arenavisión on your Android device?

In the same way that it happens with the PC, to see sports content from Arenavisión on the cell phone, you have to install the Acestream app. To acquire it, you just need to download it from the Google Play Store. Thanks to it, you can associate a video player that has been installed and allow communication with the servers in order to view sporting events.

The program works as a kind of media center, where you can play content that has been saved on your device. However, it also has the peculiarity that the program allows a connection to the Acestream servers when clicking on any of the Arenavisión links.

How can you access the portal?

On occasions, the authorities have been able to block some of the Arenavisión websites and certain corresponding servers through the DNS or ISP. However, given these blocks, there are different methods that can be carried out to obtain the links and access the platform. But you have to remember that to play the matches, you need to download AceStream or Soda Player.

Does changing the DNS work?

DNS servers are basically the ones that make sure to translate the corresponding domain names into IP addresses. There are certain providers, such as Movistar or Vodafone, that have taken it upon themselves to block domains that carry the term Arenavisión in their name. For this reason, it is impossible to enter them unless your IP address is known.

A few years ago, just changing the address of the DNS servers was enough to enter. However, today the blocking is much more advanced , and despite the DNS being changed, you cannot enter Arenavisión, unless you resort to other methods to do so.

Tor Browser can be used

Normally, this browser is used to access the Deep Web, but it also comes with some special features. It can be easily downloaded from the official website, and its use is totally safe . Thanks to this browser, you can access the different websites that Arenavisión has, which are operational from Tor Browser. Among some of these websites, we can mention:

  • live
  • in
  • ru
  • top
  • us

However, if this option does not work, it will be necessary to edit the torrc type file , which is located in C:/Tor BrowserBrowserTorBrowserDataTor . It will only be necessary to change the xx for the code of a country in which the web is not blocked.

Technical difficulties that may arise in Arenavisión

Generally, there are two errors or technical difficulties that frequently appear when watching an Arenavisión broadcast.

When there is a black screen and only sound is heard

There are times when you try to play an event, but the player presents a black or green screen; however, even though you don’t see the content, you do hear the sound. To solve this error, you will have to open the Ace Player player or any that has been configured for playback.

It will be necessary to access the program settings and access the tools, once there, you will have to select the properties. On the main screen, we can see a section that will open, and we will select the video tab . After this, you will have to look for the OpenGL video output option , in this way, you will only have to select and save the change.

When the Prebuffering% – Connecting xx Peers message appears

It is becoming more and more common for an annoying printed message to appear during game play. In order to disable this message, all you have to do is access tools and select the preferences option.

Once in the preferences window, you will have to enter the subtitles and OSD tab. After this, you just have to deactivate the option that says Activate on-screen display (OSD). In this way, the Prebuffering% – Connecting xx Peers message will disappear when we are viewing the online content.

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The best alternatives to Arenavision

We must not rule out the possibility that one day problems will be experienced in order to access the web portal. It is also possible that the operator of a certain country has blocked access to the platform. In these cases, you have to have a second option, for example, there are different web pages where you can enjoy soccer for free online. Furthermore, they serve as excellent alternatives to Arenavisión .

It is also essential to remember that, when it comes to watching football online for free, problems can arise. This is because there are many countries where this practice can constitute a crime ; In addition to this, there are many pages that are full of advertising and even request personal data. In order to avoid this, we present below the best alternatives that you can use.


This is one of the most outstanding pages of the moment, it is full of all kinds of live sports, and best of all, it has good quality. The only disadvantage that it presents is the fact that the ad blocker will have to be disabled , and it will have to be closed manually. However, you can watch live games and even chat with others about the game that is being broadcast.


Without a doubt, this is one of the best-known pages since, for several years, it has been one of the most used to watch football online. Although it has had some legal problems, it still has working versions , which are located in various parts of the world, thus avoiding being hunted. Its operation remains the same as always, with a large number of links available for any kind of sports.


On this page, we can find different types of links to free match broadcasts. It is characterized by having a very simple interface and has the best sports matches worldwide. It has very little advertising, but sometimes the most famous matches are not available.


MamaHD is also another of the most visited pages, since it uses the p2p viewing system to broadcast the matches. Especially, they broadcast matches of the Santander League, the Champions League and the Premier League.

As we can see, Arenavisión offers many advantages, and it is possible to view its content on any device. In addition, we have countless options with which you can enjoy free and quality football. However, it is always advisable to use legal platforms to view content online . In this way, sporting events can be viewed without any problem.