Best Alternatives to Zooqle – Updated Complete List

Best Alternatives to Zooqle – Updated Complete List

When we talk about the best search engines and torrent downloads Zooqle was one of the most complete and powerful platforms. Although it has been closed for not complying with the ad policies, we bring you the best alternatives to discover 

Many times, it is often thought that when we talk about closing pages, they simply disappear and are never heard from again . The positive side is that you can find several worthwhile alternatives that may have the same quality.  

Zooqle had the advantage of not having advertising or saving cookies, so its users could navigate comfortably and efficiently through all its sections. No worries, no getting those popups out of the blue every time you click, just browse and find the best source of information to download. 

It was quite simple and with an approach that perhaps today is becoming so necessary for many users and Internet users. But there is no better way to honor the legacy he has left than to continue on that same path but through other options.  

However, what led to the closure of this platform was not complying with the policies for placing ads . Likewise, the cost of maintaining the platform is becoming inaccessible. 

Although this, like many other platforms, has had to close, there are still a wide variety of alternatives that you can freely access and download the files of your choice.

The best alternatives to Zooqle to download free torrents

Although it was a great option to visit without the annoying ads, cookies and scripts, it has been closed since 2018 . However, they have tried to create new platforms with other domains that have not been able to stay active in the long run either. 

Yes, it is true that they are in force but unfortunately, it is not usually the same since the same users migrate and get hold of other sources of information. 

Better pages, better options, better alternatives that in the long run continue to solve much more than Zooqle could solve for them before. 

It is precisely for this reason that reaching the source of some other torrent is a journey for the less experienced . Even for those who are entering this field, which for many, is something unknown. They may be considered as beginners and the experience itself is not the most pleasant.     

Despite this, there are other alternatives to Zooqle that you can access to locate torrents very easily and effectively. Below is a list with the best alternatives so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes. 


We started with Nyaa, a platform that is mainly aimed at offering anime content . Unlike other platforms, this one focuses solely on this genre of animation, so in it you can find countless Japanese animation including manga content. 

This platform has a fairly simple design to view and manipulate, when entering content it allows you to view the upper part. It has a very precise search bar, it is easy to search for content using it.

However, if one disadvantage of Nyaa can be detailed, it is that the file name is in Japanese . Therefore, in order to understand, the use of the Google translator will be required.


Among the best alternatives is Elite Torrent one of the best options to locate and download torrents . This platform offers a wide catalog of TV series and movies, both traditional and current. 

One of its features that you can both download torrents and magnetized links. In addition, it offers a suggestion list according to your tastes and latest downloads. 

torrent me

If you are looking for a meta search engine, Torrents me is the ideal platform, through it you will be able to find a great variety of Torrents from different sites without having to access each of them directly. 

In this way, Torrents for me is a good alternative that saves you time and will make torrenting easier and faster. 

The negative side of this platform is that it does not examine the files , so it is essential to check the comments of other users to find out how safe the file you want to download is. 

On the other hand, it has a fairly intuitive interface, the search is fast just by entering the name of what you are looking for. Likewise, its control panel is quite complete. 


Another of the best alternatives to Zooqle is the Popcorn Time platform , which is very similar to Netflix but unlike Netflix, it is completely free, which is why it has gained a lot of popularity. 

PopcornTime also has extensive content, including the movies found on WoPelis , as well as TV series, independent content, and anime. 

This platform allows you to create a favorites list and even access movie trailers . Which is usually a rather attractive badge for many in the field and that without a doubt makes him a preferred hook. 

Especially for those people or inveterate users who review the constant ratings of the movies to find out how recommendable they are. This gives them a perfect sample so they know what they’re getting into without having to taste it at all.   


This platform offers secure links for each of the torrents uploaded , which makes it one of the best alternatives to use; Since by examining the content and ensuring its conditions, it is offering its users the best quality unlike other sites.

However, although it offers high quality, it does not have a very extensive content. However, Torlock assures you that when you download any of its files you won’t have to worry about viruses or damaged programs that don’t fulfill their function correctly. 

As we mentioned before, the administrator of this platform inspects the files in detail. Likewise, it is in charge of verifying the correct functioning of the downloads and installations. 

All with the aim of never generating any risk for the user when entering and using the services of this platform. 

torrentz 2

Torrentz 2 is the successor to Torrentz, a meta search engine that incorporates millions of files from different . Its interface is very efficient and easy to use. To find the content of your choice, you only need to enter the keyword in the search bar. 

In this way all the available results will appear. Keep in mind that Torrentz 2 comes out after Torrentz shuts down and like Torrentz is constantly available and unavailable. 

However, it is one of the best alternatives to Zooqle and one of the best torrent file locators that you can find currently active. 


Seedpeer offers high-quality content, its catalog is quite varied and extensive; On this platform you can find everything from videos, series, music, books, anime, applications, games, pornography and much more. 

With a simple design, you will be able to access all the content you want , whether you search by category or simply by placing the name in the search bar. Thanks to the fact that it is a platform with extensive content, it becomes one of the best alternatives that you can visit. 


If you are looking for a torrent platform with a long history, Rutracker is one of the best alternatives to Zooqle . Despite the fact that, like many other platforms, it has suffered blockades and threats of closure in different countries, it is still active. 

This platform offers you a wide catalog of music albums for free . Although your domain name has gone through some changes, you can still enjoy content both old and new. 

Rutracker offers you a very easy to use interface, you can find the content by categories, get lists with the most current and popular content. However, it contains static ads, which may be uncomfortable for some users when browsing.


As one of the best alternatives to Zooqle we also have LimeTorrents, this platform has been gaining success as one of the best torrent locators. One of its advantages is that all its content is free and even better verified 

On the other hand, and perhaps one of its biggest pluses is that it allows you to download anonymously. Likewise, you can be sure of finding the most up-to-date content thanks to its daily updates on each file. 

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What is the best alternative to Zooqle?

Each of the platforms that we have recommended is an excellent alternative to Zooqle , such as Casa del Tiki Taka if what you want is to watch soccer online . However, we recommend keeping in mind that downloading this type of content may put your computer at risk.

Some of these programs do not verify the files and therefore may be contaminated with viruses. In other words, when downloading content it is better to opt for those platforms that do verify their files and that guarantee the security of their users.