What are the best websites to rent movies online over the Internet? List 2023

What are the best websites to rent movies online over the Internet? List 2023

Despite the rise of streaming services , it is still possible to find portals dedicated to renting movies, which gives you the opportunity to watch them on different devices. This is especially useful when dealing with slightly older or historical tapes.

With these options, melancholics are relieved, who still remember with emotion the way old video stores worked, where you rented for a day and then had to return the tapes or CDs. This method has several advantages: the first one is related to the price and, on the other hand, they allow you access to a wide catalog that includes some movies that have just been released in theaters.

If you are interested in this service and you are looking for a company that rents movies, in this guide you will discover 10 online rental sites. Finally, there are five YouTube channels where old films have been posted for free, accessible to any user.

Best websites to watch movies online

If until now you were looking for a movie that you liked , but it is not available on the streaming service you have contracted, it is likely that you will find it on one of the online sites that we have selected for you .

You will see a detailed explanation of their functions, prices and ways to locate them:

Google play

Google play

Google Play in its Movies section makes it possible to buy movies, but it also makes a wide catalog available to be rented at a very low cost . Access the section where the films are located to observe the available offers. By checking the cart, they will remain stored on your device for the time indicated in the settings. Of course, you must look at the conditions of use.

Place the movie you like in the search engine and look at the file to find out if it is available for rent. Otherwise, take the shortcut “rent from 0.99€ . You will observe a trailer that shows the content to see if you are convinced of what you are going to acquire. Select the payment option that suits you and you will have 48 hours to enjoy it on your devices.




This Spanish company owns just over 2,500 titles of series, films and documentaries. It is compatible with various devices, including Android and iOS mobiles, game consoles and Smart TVs. Although they offer a monthly subscription to access the content, it also has a format similar to that of a video store in which you can hire the tapes for a certain time. From the moment you choose you will have 48 hours to view it.

After you enter the portal, you have to select a movie you like, check the quality and add a payment method. It is important that you create a profile with your email with which you will have access to the video library. If you prefer, buy them and keep them forever on your computer. The price is higher than that of a rental.



The telephone company shows on its website a space dedicated to the purchase and rental of films. Go to the “Cinema” section to see the catalogue. In the upper corner you will see the price it has. Click on it and it will tell you the conditions of use. There are some that have just been released in movie theaters, but by paying an amount you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home.

Depending on the movie, you will have a period of 24 to 48 hours to watch it , so look for the most appropriate time and thus you will not lose the payment. Costs range from a few cents or a euro. The charge will be added to the package you have contracted. You can put a PIN so that others do not abuse your credits.



With profiles available for Spain, Portugal and Mexico , this portal has one of the largest catalogs of movies and series that is updated daily. So far there are around 10,000 productions that you will have on hand by paying a monthly or annual subscription, depending on your preference. The minimum price is 7.99 euros. You can use a PayPal account or credit card.

Among the modalities that this page has are the possibility of buying a pack or selecting the films individually. Without being a subscriber, you can rent any video you like for a period of 72 hours. There is no limit on the number of reproductions. Consult within the portal all the available forms.


apple tv

Just like the Google Play platform, you’ll be able to find and rent movies to play on any of your Apple devices . You will have a period of 30 days from the date you purchase it to view it. Of course, after you start, you will have 48 hours to finish it. After the period expires, it will automatically disappear from the library. It is a very simple process that even the least experienced can do.

You need to download the app on the device you want and then search for the title you like. You should check if it is available for purchase or rent, since the conditions change. You can watch it with online or offline mode wherever you are.


This initiative was brought online by AMC Networks . They have a large amount of content related to series and movies legally that can be viewed in the web browser or through one of the applications for mobile devices. Playback is available in different definitions, including HD. It is a platform to attract those who are hesitant to purchase a paid subscription.

All the videos that are loaded are in Spanish , so you can enjoy a lot of content. You will see many of the movies that are broadcast on the pay channels that are part of the chain for a limited time. If you want to have them permanently you have to buy a subscription.



This site is administered by NBCUniversal . They have a paid version and a free version with the respective limitations. The content is of a high quality, with a tour that includes film and television classics. It is not available for all countries, although they assure that they are working to extend their coverage. If you do not have a contracted plan, ads will appear, since it is the way to support the portal.

Some of the content that you will have available includes The Matrix, Jurassic Park or the Jason Bourne saga. Likewise, there are many series, humor programs and interviews with well-known personalities. A good plan to spend the weekend with family or friends enjoying good films.



This streaming service is available in Spain with a function similar to that of video stores. You will have the possibility to browse the catalog and after there rent the one you like , especially those that have just been released in movie theaters. It is striking that some packs related to famous movies that do not go out of style are frequently uploaded.

It works for all devices, without any limitations. Of course, to buy them you must do them directly from your web profile . In case you have questions about how it works, there is a section in which they answer the frequently asked questions that customers ask. The costs will depend on what you want to buy.



The offer presented by this portal is quite varied. You just have to get used to the ads that will appear while you watch the series and movie content that they have available. You will come across shorts, documentaries, comedy, fiction and many other genres. It has various subscriptions in case you want a more premium or exclusive service. It is a matter that you take a look at the section of the web in which the rates are.

On the home page you will see a side menu with the available options, as well as a direct access to the video library. It is noteworthy that it has a catalog that works on demand and other channels that are active live. If you want, download the apps for any number of devices.



Although the catalog is not as extensive as others that have been mentioned, all the films that are uploaded are of a very high quality. You can find content for rent, to buy or use a monthly subscription. A single film costs 0.99 euros, a good option for those who do not have plenty of time to have a permanent streaming service.

The way of navigation is very nice. You just have to go to the menu that is located in the upper left corner and open it to see what they have available for you. You are invited to create an account before selecting any of the available sagas. However, the search is active even if you have not made a purchase.

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YouTube channels where you can watch old movies for free

Among the free alternatives to watch old movies for free is YouTube , a platform on which many channels have been created that are responsible for uploading this content.

From now on you will know some of the most popular, which can help you forget about boredom on a weekend or at other times when you have nothing to do:

100 movies in Spanish

This channel is a compilation of what different profiles have uploaded. The films are complete, with the advantage of being completely in Spanish . Each one has millions of views, which shows that users are eager to find interesting content without having to pay a subscription. They may not be the newest, but they did mark an era in universal cinema.

The lists are organized by theme, which guarantees that you will enjoy the experience. They are divided into Latin Spanish, children’s, documentaries, independent, horror, suspense and science fiction. The administrator is Víctor Prado who has maintained his activities since 2016.

Access your YouTube channel from here

GetMovies Latin America

They joined in February 2022 and since then their catalog has strengthened remarkably. It accumulates more than 189 million views and the count is increasing daily. Most of the featured films are of the romantic genre, full of intrigue, passion and humorous stories. Melodramas are suitable for people of all ages. If you subscribe you will receive notifications every time content is uploaded.

A popularity ranking is shown in which the ones that have had the greatest number of views are grouped . There are 346,000 users who have shown their gratitude to the channel and are part of its subscriber list. From time to time they perform live shows, which allow them to connect with their audience.

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The movie

This channel started operating in 2021 and so far they have 201,000 subscribers. It brings together a selection of movies suitable for all tastes , although it is not as extensive as others. Some are divided into two parts and others have the full duration in one click. The video quality is quite good, allowing you to watch them on any device you can think of. They do not stay with a single genre, but rather explore to please their audience.

Another fact that cannot be overlooked is that all the films are translated into Spanish, in case you don’t like reading the subtitles that appear on the screen. They are updated frequently, so in a week you will be able to notice important changes in what you see first when you enter the channel.

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FFF Movies

In the description of the channel they ensure that the films they have uploaded have the authorization of the production companies. Taking that step allows them to stay online and not be sued for copyright infringement. If in any case it is thought that material has been stolen, they invite those affected to communicate directly with the administrators. Likewise, they open the door to new producers to serve as a projection space.

They publish new movies daily, being one of the reasons why from 2015 to the present they have received the support of 1.4 million subscribers . The themes are diverse, so it adapts to people of all tastes. There are science fiction, Spanish, romantic, horror and action lists.

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The list closes with this channel that has 195,000 subscribers. Each of the movies they upload have thousands of views. Like the previous one, they specify that the distributors have shared the licenses with the owners, so that they can exhibit the productions without problem. It should be noted that many of the videos are in HD format , so you will enjoy good image and audio quality.

It is recommended that you explore the home page and see the amount of material to watch online for free that is stored in this channel. According to the lists, there are romance, action, superheroes, and family genres . They started generating content since 2015.

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