Cliver closes What websites to watch streaming series and movies are still open? List 2023

Cliver closes What websites to watch streaming series and movies are still open? List 2023

Currently, one of the contents that is most widely distributed on the Internet, without a doubt, is the online series and movies . In this sense, Cliver was always one of the best platforms to enjoy this type of content.

However, by constantly violating the copyright of many movies and series, this website has been constantly persecuted, to the point that it is currently out of service .

If you were a recurring user of Cliver and after its closure you have run out of options to enjoy your favorite titles, in this article we will present the best 10 legal and other free alternatives to Cliver  that you can find on the Internet.

What happened to Cliver? Is it not working or have they been closed forever?

As we told you initially, despite its complete management over time, Cliver has been classified as an “abusive” website along with other similar platforms. This, mainly, to ensure that it has been committing acts against intellectual property rights , due to the way used to distribute the series and movies.

Therefore, today, Cliver does not work since it was blocked in Spain , once said demand was made effective. Consequently, those users affiliated with Telefónica Movistar, Orange and Vodafone will no longer be able to access that website or the others named . Which means that, its closure was appealed.

List of the best legal alternatives to Cliver to watch movies and series online

The truth is that there are still many websites similar to Cliver out there, but it is very likely that they will stop working over time . That is why it is best to always use legal VOD platforms that offer a wide variety of content.

Here we present the best 5 VOD platforms to watch series and movies that will fill the void that Cliver left in your heart.



The best known and used streaming platform in the world. No introduction is necessary for Netflix, which has one of the largest catalogs of series and movies on the Internet , a large number of them being original productions that you can only find on this platform.

However, it has the weak point that in it we will not be able to find movies that are currently in theaters. Perhaps this makes you doubt paying your monthly subscription .



Direct competition from Netflix is ​​one of the best alternatives to Cliver out there today. If you are a lover of all the Pixar, Fox and Disney movies , without a doubt this is the place that you are going to like the most on the Internet. In addition, it has the advantage that in it we can find several premiere titles in the cinema.



The third VOD platform in contention in the battle to dominate the world of streaming. In it you will find a huge amount of original series from one of the best franchises in the world, some like ‘Game of Throne’, ‘House of Dragon’ or ‘HDP’ . It is certainly an excellent alternative to Cliver.



One of the most successful streaming services in recent years thanks to its freemium model. It has a huge catalog of series and movies from the three platforms that we have mentioned before, but you can enjoy these completely free, although to do so you will have to put up with annoying advertising.


One of the best platforms to watch both Alglo-Saxon and Spanish series. If you are a lover of cinema in our language and our country, you will undoubtedly love Filmin.

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List of the best websites to watch series and movies online alternatives to Cliver

In the event that you prefer to respect the blockade set in Spain around (it no longer works) and choose to use other platforms that provide the same content, it is important to know what are the best options currently available to view series and movies online. Thus Next, we name 10 platforms of interest for it:

One of the oldest web pages in the world of cinema, with a huge number of titles. Despite attempts to shut it down on multiple occasions, it has managed to stay online as it takes care not to infringe copyright on any work. Here you will find all kinds of genres, from dramas and action, to animations and comedies .

Basically, this is one of the top websites to watch series and feature films online as its content is quite new and it also provides the option to download the content; therefore, it is one of the favorites for users.

In addition, it has a section dedicated to original Netflix series and movies . However, this platform contains a lot of advertising .

Excellent platform to enjoy the best of cinema today. It has a large number of series and movie titles, many of the latter being feature films that are on the movie theaters. However, they do not always offer great image quality, and the advertising is excessive on this portal.

One of the best-known and oldest platforms is Cuevana, having enormous success due to the speed of its servers and its wide catalog of series and movies of all genres . However, it is quite a hunted brand, so it is possible that it will stop working at any time.


This is currently the clone version of Cliver that works and has more users. It has the same interface as the mythical platform, as well as its entire updated catalog. However, the speed of their servers is not that great , and the advertising is very invasive. Reason why we do not recommend using it.