HispaShare P2P alternatives to download movies and series are still open? List 2023

HispaShare P2P alternatives to download movies and series are still open? List 2023

Downloading music and movies from torrent sites seems to be more and more difficult these days. In addition to the illegal nature of the act in some countries, many torrent index sites are filled with aggressive ads and pop-ups that often trick the user into running programs and other junk files they don’t need.

On the other hand, there is the issue of copyright. P2P download portals allow millions of people to access content for which they should pay for free, which generates loss for the creators of said content. That is why the authorities persecute them and for some years they have been working to close them down .

Hispashare was one of the most famous portals in Spain and in mid-2018 they were blocked by the Civil Guard , causing it to go offline. Fortunately, this is not the only website where you can get a wide database of P2P downloadable files, and today we will present you which are the best so that you can fill your need for Torrents .

What happened to HispaShare? Is it not working, is it down or have they closed?

Hispashare is one of the portals that attracted the most attention in Spain as far as P2P downloads are concerned . Unfortunately, the large production companies that look after the interests of the content that was distributed free of charge on this portal, exerted enough pressure for the Civil Guard to close this and other similar websites.

Despite the closure, there are still multiple domains with the Hispashare brand name , but few are made by the same developers of the original project . Most are clone websites that try to take advantage of the brand’s reputation to attract their audience. Fortunately, you can still enjoy the benefits of the torrent world on other legitimate portals that offer quality content.

List of the best alternative P2P websites to Hispashare

P2P download portals are currently so popular that it seems they were a novelty, but the reality is different. Since 2005 , these types of portals began to be created, the best known as eMule , Ares among others, attracting large masses willing to do anything for their content. That is why the number of successful brands in this sector is extremely wide and below we present some of the best that you can continue to enter.



The Pirate Bay has a long and complicated history, but this crowd favorite remains strong and strong . It has millions of torrents available in various categories, along with support for magnet links and an extremely simple interface that does not offer any complications even if it is a beginner who uses it.

TPB’s domain is changed quite frequently (currently, it’s back with the “org” extension), and the site occasionally goes offline . Fortunately, you can still get access, thanks to the always-online technology employed by TPB, or you can find a TPB proxy site on the Internet.



The RARBG has been running since 2008 and has a good reputation for high-quality torrents and ease of use, as well as constant new additions. This means that it definitely does not go unnoticed. As a result, RARBG is blocked in several countries, including Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. A VPN for torrenting can help you bypass these blocks .



Successful combination of variety and quality. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, the 1337x can help you find a torrent to your liking, thanks to its trademark simple and organized interface. The site has recently gone through a major overhaul, improving its design and removing some security risks. It is currently one of the most popular portals in the world , reaching a point where Google hides it from search results.



Best choice for animes and e-books. It has a clean and minimalist interface that makes it easy to find material. TorLock combines a huge list of torrents with a fantastic user experience , especially if you are looking for high-quality anime episodes or reading materials. Some of the content available in TorLock is difficult to find in other trackers, since more than 4.8 million downloadables of your choice are available in its database.



Torrentz2 is the new version of the popular Torrentz site. It kept the minimalist interface of the original site and has a great focus on the music industry . Although there have been some changes in the way maglinks work, the Torrentz2 is still a great choice for audiophiles, as well as one of the most reliable trackers available.



Best choice for movies. Excellent search engine easy to sort. YTS.AG focuses exclusively on cinematographic works. Its amazing design and huge variety of titles make it the ideal torrent site for movie buffs. Also, the links do not demand a lot of your bandwidth, one of the main advantages of this site. Generally, YTS.AG only offers movies to its users , and you have to choose another site from the list to find games, music or TV shows.



A piece of heaven for TV addicts . EZTV went through a lot of drama, but all of that is in the past Today it is known as one of the best torrent sites for TV shows, with several active users. In it, you can find everything related to television – from the latest hit series to late-night talk shows, reality shows and NASCAR races . The old interface may look a bit outdated, but it’s very easy to use, and that’s what matters in the end.



EliteFreak’s catalog is a bit limited , but you can find series and movies with detailed information on each file. In addition, it does not have advertising, allowing the experience of Internet users to be extremely rewarding. It has millions of verified downloadables to its credit that are constantly examined to guarantee users better performance.

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Is it dangerous to download series and movies from this type of website?

Like everything illegal, downloading movies via P2P is not safe at all and everyone who does it exposes themselves to various risks for their equipment and person . These portals have been accused of different crimes that go beyond the violation of copyright. So its reputation in the digital community is not very good.

First of all, it is possible that one of the files you download contains malware or some other type of virus that puts all the important information stored on your computer at risk. So you are obliged to always have an active antivirus that keeps any contaminated element at bay.

On top of that, the authorities also sometimes punish those who consume content and infringe copyright works willfully. So you have to keep your IP secured using a VPN so that no one can access it and track you in the future. In general, the dangers of downloading content via P2P are quite high, but if you are prudent you will be able to continue consuming this type of content without many problems in a more prudent and safe way .