TorrentLocura – Best Alternatives | Best Alternatives to TorrentLocura

TorrentLocura – Best Alternatives | Best Alternatives to TorrentLocura

Movies, series and more movies. This is what TorrentLocura users look for every time they enter the portal, but now they find themselves with the unfortunate news that the portal has stopped working. On the main Internet discussion forums the environment is usually really sad, because the truth is that this is one of the most important brands in the world of Peer to Peer downloads.

TorrentLocura offers an extensive database that contains different contents, but where there is a special demand for movies and series , although you can also find software and games for video consoles of great value. Its easy interface is very simple to navigate and will not cause any confusion.

We will give you a list of ten alternative TorrentLocura options that you cannot miss, so that you can continue downloading all the content you want via torrent. In addition to this, we will find out what happened to the portal, if there is another way to get back in or if you should say goodbye to it.

What happened to TorrentLocura? Doesn’t work or is it closed?

Like many other torrent sites, TorrentLocura has been attacked by law enforcement agencies in Spain and around the world for being accused of illegal assets . Since the reason is easy, due to the commercial exploitation of advertising, they take advantage of the demand for series and movies with copyright to produce millions of euros per year.

The big production companies have invested a lot of money to make each of the audiovisual works that will entertain you, and even the software companies that have spent years developing all kinds of programs or games for video consoles have realized that their huge sums of money have failed because of these sites. . For this reason, they decided to inform them, asking them to pay a part of the costs incurred for the cost of this type of content, or to occasionally close their business.

The TorrentLocura domain was quickly included in the list of portals that should be closed or censored in Spain for violations of the law in June 2018. However, the developers of the project began to continue providing services and created multiple auxiliary proxy sites, which you can access through the or domains. Both work well, but they are also continuously monitored by the authorities, so in the near future, they may be accidentally closed again.

Alternative options to TorrentLocura to download torrents fast

Now that you know what happened to TorrentLocura, it’s time to look for other alternative options so that you can continue getting Peer to Peer links to download multiple content. Now, we show you the top ten torrenting sites, which are still open.

pirate bay 3

The same thing happened with the site of the portal as with the site of the aforementioned portal, and it had to evade the accusations and propagate the content without paying for its rights. Due to this situation, we can see the various URLs associated with ThePirateBay.

The latest is ThePirateBay3, which works just fine when you can’t access TorrentLocura, and contains countless of the most popular . More or less one hundred and twenty million users connect to their server to download every month.

Considered one of the best performing platforms, it can sustain current bans in different areas, so you should check the situation in your country.

If you want to use it, don’t wait any longer and start downloading series, movies, TV shows, ebooks, music and even adult content on your computer. We advise you to use a VPN. They give their kind.


You cannot leave another portal, because you are going to lose the possibility of getting the best Peer to Peer link to download on the Internet. The site gives 100% verified links, due to the high speed of the server, you can download these links easily . You’ll also have to deal with a lot of ads, but a good ad-blocker won’t solve every problem.

Your site is as simple to use as the previous site. You just need to specify the name of the file you want to download and you will immediately be able to see a long list of all the results related to the search. Again, most of the content is in English, although it should be noted that there is also a variety of content in Latin, Spain and Spanish.


This portal can be your favorite of all the portals that we present now, because it not only allows you to do Peer to Peer downloads, but also can be played online through streaming, just like in Miradetodo , so you don’t need to wait for the download to complete and then enjoy it. As before, the only drawback is exaggerating the amount of advertising, but you can make sure that each and every link is verified.


It is invaluable for those who have extensive experience in the field of torrenting, so it can be quite difficult for beginners to learn how to use it.

In its torrent we can find music, animation, e-books and the best-known audiovisual works .

In any case, it is especially renowned for its internal payment system, since if we notice a broken link, it will pay us a small amount.

Today, the number of torrents exceeds five million, so there is no shortage of top lists, many of which are ubiquitous.

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This is a portal that is obfuscated with Peer to Peer downloads. The portal claims to upload up to 100 links to its database each and every day, which indicates that its links may be one of the largest links ever. Although most of the content on this portal is in English, there are also countless audiovisual works in Spanish.

You will find what you are looking for without any doubt. It is recommended to use this portal because you have an AdsBlock, because they will abuse certain ads, and you want to use a VPN to ensure IP security whenever you download.


It is one of the easiest programs in this field, it is free and has enormous potential to integrate content from different web browsers . Therefore, it is ideal to save some time.

As you enter each title, you will see the weight of the file involved, whether it can be downloaded or not, and the final download speed.


EliteTorrent2 is one of the most essential portals of the Peer to Peer download community in Spain, just like TorrentLocura was. Among them, you can get multiple series and movies with the best audio and video quality . They keep updating the files, so you’ll always find the titles everyone in the theater wants to see. Obviously, you will have to deal with a lot of ads, so you will have to install AdsBlock.


It has one of the most extensive and different databases , since in it you can download movies in high definition, TV series, games for video consoles, music, software, etc. It is recommended that you use a VPN to download again, in order to make sure your IP is fully protected from multiple threats, and don’t forget the ad blocker, because the amount of ads is absurd.


We use this little-known portal from Spain to close the list, but the portal has won the favor of many users on the other side of the pond. While most of the content is entirely in English, they try to provide a variety of options and at least provide the Spanish or subtitled version you are looking for.

Its interface is very simple and easy to use, allowing you to find everything you need as quickly as possible. If you use VPN and AdsBlock, you will get a nice experience when browsing and downloading on it.

As is logical, the next time you want to download a file on your computer via torrent, there should already be multiple pages of this class. However, if you still have doubts, let us tell you that we think that Limetorrent is the best alternative to TorrentLocura.

Prettier, faster, and more efficient than just about every contender, this is our pick as an alternative to TorrentLocura.