Fiuxy – Best Free Alternatives | Best Free Alternatives to Fiuxy

Fiuxy – Best Free Alternatives | Best Free Alternatives to Fiuxy

The effort of large companies to protect their copyrights and copyrights is no secret to anyone, this is the reason why portals like Fiuxy are severely attacked. But, users take it upon themselves to look for alternative ways to get all the content for free. In this article I tell you what Fiuxy is about and what are the best alternatives in this year 2022.

What is Fiuxy?

Fiuxy is a 2.0 community portal that works like a social network. It emerged in Argentina as a Reddit-style forumchat . The main difference is that its developers allowed the entry of all kinds of content, which on other sites is normally removed or carries sanctions.

In this way, it became a platform for downloads of all kinds. This is how users had free access to movies, books, series, games and almost everything you can think of.

How to access Fiuxy?

If what you are wondering is how to access Fiuxy, I tell you that, although many internet sites say that Fiuxy does not work or that it has closed, this year it was active again. Next, I will tell you about his new portal and some alternatives in case he suffers another attack again.

Fiuxy2: We all do it!

After Fiuxy’s unexpected shutdown, many were disheartened to think the shutdown was final, but it has re-emerged with a new domain. This is the case of Fiuxy2. It is a website that does not have files stored on its server, but rather you will make P2P type downloads with users who are not affiliated.

In this way, there is less danger of being terminated, since the responsibility is borne by its users. This platform has more than 15,000 members and shows you the number of visitors and connected at the time of entering.

At the beginning you will find forums, news, members, prizes and a section to donate and thus help maintain the website. In this new Fiuxy, you will be able to see recent posts, new topics, most answered, most liked, most viewed, and most post.

What about Fiuxy?

As I have told you, on some internet sites you will see that Fiuxy does not work, and it is that in the year 2020 the servers of this platform closed surprisingly. But in February 2021 the page worked again with a new

This new version offers the same content as the previous website, so you can enjoy your favorite content. It is important that you know that the web can close at any time, so if you want to know what happens with fiuxy today, the answer is that it continues to work perfectly.

If you have trouble logging in, or if it closes again, I’ll leave you other alternatives later.

Advantages of Fiuxy 2

Fiuxy 2 is constantly updated with external servers and P2P downloads that make it much more secure.

Some of the advantages they have are:

free downloads

As indicated in its name, at fiuxy you will pay absolutely nothing for the content you download, such as high-quality movies and series, games, paid applications on Android and IOS, music, images, etc.

reading and leisure

In this category you have press, fiuxy magazines, recipes, cooking and gastronomy videos. This is the reason why this platform is so famous, since it offers you content for all tastes and hobbies.

adult zone

In this section, which should be noted that it is suitable only for adults, you will find risque content, adult videos and magazines, even a compendium of movies, as well as passwords for websites of this style.

content managers

In this space, you will have access to many free plugins for your website. This is ideal for those interested or owners of WordPress websites.

Alternatives to Fiuxy

The following are some alternatives to Fiuxy although of course they will not have all of your resources nor will they be similar. Surely you have to enter several sites to be able to find everything you had in one place.

If you want to access a good amount of ebook books, you just have to enter this website. It has a variety of Epub, PDF and MOBI books. You will need to create a free account to access all its content. It is an alternative to Fiuxy, par excellence, since it has categories by genre, authors, publishers, etc.

Another of the wonders of this website is that it gives you access to a list of pages that you can also explore to find the content that you like the most.

Another alternative to Fiuxy is free Mega Epub. If you are a book lover, this option is for you. When entering this website, you will find the options to start, request epub, send book, authors, etc.

In addition, it has a very good search engine, it classifies the books by era as by genre . You should keep in mind that in this alternative to Fiuxy, you can only download Epub formats.

One of the things I like the most is that it does not require you to register to access the content. Its design is very easy to use and it has an immense number of books available.


Elejandría, is another good domain that, like Fiuxy, offers a huge variety of books without having to register. It has a list in alphabetical order or by category, with a very intuitive search engine.

One of the advantages of this site is that everything it offers is licensed, so you won’t be breaking any rules. It even has an app available on Google Play.

As you can see, it is a good option for Fiuxy, if you want to access a good number of books and not get into any trouble for it.

book library

Now to finish with alternatives to Fiuxy, it is the turn of the book library, which has more than 29,000 books available to you in different languages. In this place, you will not only be able to find books, but documents and audiobooks totally free.

Another advantage and difference with other pages is that it not only has Epub formats, but also Pdf, Word, Html, Txt, Rtf, Exe and more. They also stand out for offering language books and recommending teachers in those areas.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best alternatives to Fiuxy, mainly for learning other languages.

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Fiuxy is a platform where you will need to register to be able to access all kinds of content for free , such as books, movies, series, adult videos and more.

Initially it functioned as a Taringa and Reddit-style forum chat , but being much less normative, it became a general platform.

If you’re wondering what’s wrong with Fiuxy, it’s been down for a while, but now it’s working fine with a new domain. This website works because of the advertising links it generates, but it also works thanks to the donations from its users that you can make through Paypal.

From Wikiversus, we warn you that infringing copyright offenses is illegal, so its use is under your responsibility.