TorrentLocura alternative websites to download Torrent movies and series are still open today? List 2023

TorrentLocura alternative websites to download Torrent movies and series are still open today? List 2023

Almost everyone is a movie lover, especially when we can enjoy them from the comfort of our homes. Currently there are many ways to enjoy them, either by paying a subscription or completely free of charge .

The most recommended method is to pay, but well, if for quite valid reasons we cannot do it , there is the second option, although the latter is a pirate method. All audiovisual content is protected by copyright policy, so you can access this content without paying the violent price.

For this reason, sites like TorrentLocura are persecuted by  governments and institutions . But do not be sad because here we will show you other alternative sites that are currently active.

What happened to TorrentLocura? Have they closed or is it not available? Is it possible to enter and how?

TorrentLocura is a website that allows us to download movie files. Yes, even if you think it is no longer available, let us tell you that it is still online, however not with the same domain extension, because it was the cause of a lot of complaints for copyright infringement.

The US authorities were not only in charge of processing the complaints, but also asked Google to sanction them. But the owners already knew that sooner or later this situation could arise and therefore they already had a bundle up their sleeve.

Its original domain had a .com extension , which when searching the site we will see the code 522, informing us of a host error. Now we can find this famous site, but not with the extension .com but .cc. What we are not clear about in itself is whether they are the same owners or not, but what interests us is that it offers us the same services, with the same models and architecture.

List of the best 10 alternative websites to TorrentLocura to make P2P downloads safely

The world of piracy is big, and not because one of our favorite pages to download videos and movies is closed, we will never do it again. There is a huge list of alternative sites to TorrentLocura , with better or equal characteristics, which will allow us to enjoy all the audiovisual content that we want to see.

Here we bring you a list of 10 websites that you will surely enjoy, and the best thing is that they are still active:

When we are looking for quality and reliability, then this is probably our best option . Many vote for this site as the most recommended to download movies and series in Spanish. This site offers us a world of movies, organized by catalogs , and with a brief description of each one, as well as excellent video quality, varying between CAM, 720p, 1080p and others…

If we want to download a file, we must choose the Magnet option , and we will see that it will automatically open torrent download software, which we must install on our PC to be able to enjoy these files.

This is an excellent alternative to TorrentLocura , like all the sites that we show you in this post, it offers us the opportunity to download files, movies or series, without having to pay anything.

It is a site rich in Spanish audio files, and if it has its original audio it is included with the Spanish subtitle. It has different varieties in resolution, which will allow us to always fully enjoy our movies.


With Divxtotal we will be able to enjoy all that content that we like so much without having to leave our data in a form, so that our identity can be protected. In addition, it does not have that invasive advertising that bothers us so much.

Thepiratebay, The pirate bay

This is one of the most popular sites to download torrents , and despite the fact that institutions have seriously persecuted it, they have known how to deal with the situation and have escaped justice several times.

This website, for this 2020, changes its domain, becoming .org again , although well, if you enter at this very moment it may not load, because it is presenting some falls, but with a good proxy we can enter the site.


Rarbg has been running since 2008 , and until now it continues to be the pillar for many others that are growing in this world of torrents. Its reputation is getting bigger every day, because its objective is always focused on offering content in the latest audio and video quality.

Unfortunately, although it is the best site that allows us to download torrents, it is also the point of view for those countries that take great care of copyright. For example, countries such as: Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal and the United Kingdom have already blocked this site.


1337x is an excellent site that allows us to find all those torrents that we like so much , even if we don’t know what content to watch, here we can find very good suggestions. Its interface is quite organized, and every day they are constantly working to reduce security risks, starting with the most serious.

It is currently one of the most popular torrent search engines in the world , it is also the most searched for by Google, in order to eliminate it from its indexing.


This site combines a huge number of torrents, so that we can enjoy a large list of . Torlock specializes in providing high-quality anime and excellent reading material.


YTS is an exclusive center for finding movies, which is designed with one huge and wonderful goal, which is to provide all its users with high-quality and free movie content. It has a high download speed which is a very important feature for us.


Zooqle is one of the best torrent websites , although it specializes in video game files. It has a repertoire of more than 37,000 films, 600 series programs and soap operas, everything necessary for us to have a good time.

This is a very easy-to-use website, plus it has a great order in its files, grouping them by categories and sizes. But if we want to find a specific file we can use the search engine that the web provides us with .


Do you think that some rare torrents are hard to find? If your answer is affirmative, then this should be your preferred torrent website. It offers simple and well-organized navigation despite having a large library.

Because it is a very famous site, many countries have applied legal measures, blocking access from their country to this website. If you are within those countries that prevent access to this website, then change your IP so that you can enjoy everything that this website offers.

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What are the risks of using pirate portals to download and why shouldn’t you do it?

Although we do not immediately see the risks of downloading pirated content, it does not mean that they do not exist. We know that it is very comfortable to enjoy any content without paying anything, but this violates copyright, so it also subjects us to different threats.

Below we will show you the most common threats that download and watch movies from illegal sites bring us:

Viruses and malware

Viruses and malware are the most common risks, and we can find them present not only on pages to download movies, but also on others whose objective is to provide us with free content.

Personally, we differ in that from free content, because in the end they charge us by showing us advertising, and in more serious cases, they insert viruses capable of stealing all our information , and if possible, stealing our money.

This strategy of stealing private information is very common, and the most feasible method has always been with the insertion of computer viruses in our PCs . Many of them copy every file that we have that is important and not, and extract the most important from them. Others, more aggressive, can reveal our bank or social network passwords to their creator.

Can they be prevented? The truth is that yes, if we install a good antivirus, we will surely avoid their access to our PC , but when we mention antivirus, we recommend buying licenses, since the free samples of each software are limited , and have a gap wide enough for any virus to gain access.


Browsing the Internet is less private every day , and not because privacy policies change , but because we ourselves put them aside when we enter insecure and pirated sites . Most of these sites track any activity of their user, as well as do not protect our identity.

It is true that there are some sites that allow torrent downloads, and they promise us completely private browsing , but as long as we do not pay even once, we cannot say that it is an accurate promise.

The trust that we give to the sites depends on us, but to avoid this it is highly recommended to check the small padlock that appears on the left side of the URL bar of our browser, by clicking on it, we will know if we can trust the site or not.

reduced speed

Every time we download a torrent file , it is as if we did not become “seeders” or “seedbeds” , since we indirectly encourage another person to use our Internet to download a file.

Speed ​​has always been critical for internet users, but specifically for torrenting , it’s insanely important, affected by just about everything. In other words it is affected by: viruses, background software, bad configuration, file size and other variables.