DonTorrent is it and what are the best alternatives to watch and download Torrent movies? List 2023

DonTorrent is it and what are the best alternatives to watch and download Torrent movies? List 2023

One of the great virtues that gave us being able to be connected to each other through the Internet is that of sharing . Not only information and knowledge, but something more concrete such as files.

At the same time, hand in hand with advances in computers and information quality, these documents grew in size . Luckily transmission speeds , broadband, streaming and the methods of downloading them also improved.

In this sense, the use of Torrents as a method to download files has grown in popularity . However, it is not always easy to understand for people unfamiliar with these transfer systems. If you are among them, we invite you to read this post.

What is DonTorrent and what is this website for?

If we want to understand what this site is about, we first have to explain how the torrent service works . To begin with, we can say that it is a system based on P2P which means Peer to Peer , this refers to the fact that users download from other users’ computers, without the need to do so from a central server.

From this first definition we can say that there are two types of users . Those that share, called seeders and those that download files from them, called leeches . In this sense, the more people there are sharing the same document , the greater the speed at which others obtain it.

Secondly, we have to say that in order to get files with this method, we need two essential elements . A download manager that will mediate between both users and a torrent file that allows the program to locate the fragments of what we want to download in a P2P way.

Here comes a factor just as important as the previous ones. This is the site from where we will get the torrent file . There are a wide variety of these portals on the Internet. But one of the most important is undoubtedly DonTorrent . This web page that allows access to tens of thousands of files of all kinds . It has an easy-to-understand interface and orders its content through segments. This way you will know exactly what type of document you are downloading .

Why are the authorities persecuting and closing these P2P download portals?

We have to say that downloading content protected by copyright laws without proper authorization is illegal in most countries. Although torrent download sites do not host protected files, they serve as intermediaries and make it easier to obtain them.

For this reason, this type of website and its owners are persecuted by the relevant authorities of each country. In some cases they can suspend or shut down entire sites and even imprison their legal guardians.

Is DonTorrent a website that may be closed in the near future?

As it happened with MejorTorrent, PirateBay and even Megaupload Megaupload closes. What alternative websites for uploading and downloading files are still open? List 2021 (the latter a direct download server). Pages that facilitate illegal downloading of content are at risk of being shut down indefinitely . However, it is not possible to know for sure which and when a website will stop working.

Similarly, it is very easy for the developers of these sites to open a new domain with similar content. Some of them today have the same or greater popularity than their predecessors. These are the events of Mega, and, which even moved their domains to other countries with more flexible laws .

In the event that this happens with DonTorrents we present the following title .

List of the best alternative websites to DonTorrent to download Torrents

As we mentioned before, P2P download sites are likely to be taken down for breaching copyright laws. But it is not the only reason why they may be disabled. A temporary sanction, host failure or a simple break for maintenance are reasons for not being able to access them.

But don’t worry, as we will show you the best torrent alternatives to download the latest content from the Internet:

It is a clone of Kickasstorrents . It is one of the ones with the most file traffic. Within the home page of the site, you will see a search engine that will help you find what you need. But to find the latest news, you need to access the link in the left corner “Switch to full page”.

Here, the latest uploaded torrents will be displayed , separated into categories and sorted by date. In addition, it gives you size information, files contained in the package, hosts , and updated leechs . To download them, click the green arrow next to each link or the magnet icon . The latter will automatically open your manager and be included in the list.


The portal started as a torrent tracker around the year 2008, and over time it has become one of the most popular . It contains almost all the series and movies that circulate on the Internet. So much so, that the files themselves are labeled with their name to give the user certainty that it is quality content.

The only drawback is that in many countries it has been banned or blocked. However , it is possible to access it through proxy sites . Explore or indicate a search in its main interface. Within each title you will find the file data, screenshots, score and a link to the torrent.


One of the most respected sites by users of P2P downloads, since it has been active for more than ten years without presenting any failure. It will lead us to a list of accesses enabled to download files. On the main page, all you have to do is enter words that refer to what you need. It can be audiovisual content, music, games or any other category.

Like the previous sites, the titles are presented in the form of a list , with the additional information of size, venues and date of entry to the portal.

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An exclusive site to download the best musical material on the Internet . If you’re looking for an album, a complete discography or a specific song and you don’t want to get bogged down with other types of categories, this is your best option . Browse through the genres in the side menu or place your search in the top bar.

The site was born as a page where the subtitles created for series and movies were hosted . Over time it has become one of the most recommended options for downloading torrents of audiovisual content. Best of all, is that within each title you can also download the subtitle perfectly synchronized and in Spanis.