GranTorrent closes What alternative websites to download torrent movies are still open? List 2023

GranTorrent closes What alternative websites to download torrent movies are still open? List 2023

Today, one of the most accurate and simple ways to download heavy content over the Internet is torrent files . Since, they do not reveal complications at the time of starting the download such as captchas or waiting, for example. For this reason, they have become a great tool used by Internet users to obtain series and movies for free .

However, due to fear and the misinformation that exists regarding torrents, many users still do not dare to carry out this type of download. Especially since torrenting websites tend to change constantly to avoid their closure and, therefore, they are not always the safest solutions. Since, hackers and cybercriminals take advantage of it to infect them with dangerous malware or intrusive spyware .

For this reason, it is necessary to know which are the most recommended platforms to download torrents reliably and among all the available alternatives, GranTorrent stands out . Below, we inform you how you can currently access said website, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as other aspects of interest.

What happened to GranTorrent? Have they really closed?

Although it is true, GranTorrent is one of the most famous websites to download torrent files and, especially, series and movies for free . There, you can find everything from HDRip and MicroHD, to 3D and 4K movies, as well as Blu-ray in Spanish. However, for security reasons, as we mentioned before, this website constantly modifies its domains .

Consequently, many users have lost access to GranTorrent. In view of the fact that, although previously they could enter through a specific domain ( , today it is not possible to enter the web in the same way.

For this reason, it is worth pointing out which is the official GranTorrent domain today , so that all Internet users who wish can access the web without problems and safely in order to enjoy all the content available there. In this way, we highlight that at the time of writing this post, the web has changed to:

Is it really convenient to download content via P2P in GranTorrent? Advantages and Risks

A P2P network, also known as “peer to peer , consists of a type of connection that has a structure intended for communication between applications and, in this way, allows users or computers to share files from one to another without the need for intermediaries. Therefore, it is a way used in GranTorrent so that people can easily download the material they want .

But, as P2P networks are connections that have been used for piracy and, currently, it is estimated that they greatly facilitate plagiarism ; A great doubt arises around the possible benefits that they can reveal and, at the same time, the inconveniences that they present.

Consequently, it is necessary to mention the main pros and cons of downloading files in GranTorrent through a “peer to peer” network :


  • Since can easily and quickly share files in this way, it can be said that it guarantees complete efficiency .
  • Thanks to the fact that it has the ability to work with just sharing resources, its costs are truly low and it even allows downloads for free . Also, even when it works by subscription, downloading files via P2P is much cheaper than doing it through other services.
  • Without the need to be constantly connected to the Internet, you can access downloaded content anywhere, anytime . Therefore, it ensures remarkable coverage.


  • Because GranTorrent supports file transfer over P2P networks, it is considered a platform with certain risks for malware and especially spyware . In other words, it can operate as a door for hackers to access your information without many obstacles.
  • On many occasions, this website may share content that is copyrighted and consequently would enter an illegal environment . Therefore, the legality of GranTorrent could be affected.

Can you shut down GranTorrent for good? What does the current legislation say about it?

Because the and web pages provided download links to hundreds of contents that support piracy, the Central Administrative Courts of Madrid approved the closure of these platforms a couple of years ago . Being this, a complaint filed by the “FEDICINE” or the Federation of Cinematographic Distributors of Spain and for this reason, there was a change of domain of the renowned website to download torrent files.

That is why, today, the courts of Madrid stipulate that each and every one of the theoretical property protection measures proposed by the Intellectual Property Commission must be complied with, with the aim of blocking access to the web and to any specific and/or derived subdomain. For this reason, if GranTorrent violates these rules again, search engines such as Google or Yahoo must remove its links from search systems and results .

Consequently, there would be talk of a closure of, only if this website fails to comply with these measures. Well, the administration and the industries are collaborating to restrict access to any website that supports piracy and, luckily, they have shown great effectiveness in this fight.

Thus, it is necessary to highlight that, in its Legal Notice, this web page states that the content it hosts has been taken from public Internet sites, exclusively . Therefore, the material contained therein is classified as free for distribution and, thanks to the fact that no legitimate article indicates the prohibition of free material, it is guaranteed that GranTorrent does not infringe the law in any case, so far.

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List of the best alternative websites to GranTorrent that will never close

Due to the legal terms that all online sites to download torrent files enter, it is likely that many of them will be shut down soon. Consequently, it is important to know which are the best alternative platforms to that will never close, in order to have effective solutions at any time:

Torrent Paradise, torrentparadise

It is a website that has been declared impossible to close and behaves like a metasearch engine . In other words, it consists of a system that locates information in the most used search engines and shows a combination of the best Torrent pages displayed in the results of each of the search engines it uses, since it lacks its own database .

Thus, there you can find individual page results for each torrent, provided by 1337x, SkyTorrents, TorrentProject, Zooqle and Torrentz2 . It should be noted that TorrentParadise has indexed more than 2.3 million torrents and thanks to that, it hosts a great variety. Regarding its design, we highlight that it is extremely simple, since you will only see a search box, a menu with seven categories and the links to the most recent or popular torrents .

Thepiratebay, The pirate bay

It is characterized by being the most popular torrent tracker worldwide , so far. One of the main reasons for this is that the web has managed to evade multiple blocks and closure attempts, which is why it is one of the best alternatives to have torrent files on hand to download easily, at any time. Taking into account that, to guarantee greater security, it uses VIP/Trusted user labels that let you know which torrents are legitimate .

Among other features, we can distinguish that The Pirate Bay has millions of torrents available in various categories and, like the previous option, it also provides an extensive variety . Added to that, it is a website that exhibits a truly simple interface that is based on a search engine from which you can obtain the different results available and has support for magnetic links .


Another of the best alternatives to GranTorrent to download torrent files via P2P is 1337x, which is defined as a website that shows a renewed interface from which the tracker has been greatly improved and therefore is now much more organized and easy to manage. Thanks to all its benefits, it refers to one of the most famous torrent search engines in the world.

For its part, it contains excellent catalogs of television series, movies, music and even games ; so it has a memorable diversity. In addition to this, it has very useful search functions and thus, you will be able to find the available content from libraries, new episodes or even Oscar nominations. Additionally, thanks to its revamp, it managed to remove some serious security risks and is a legitimate platform .


Primarily, it is an alternative online platform that focuses on movies, exclusively . Thanks to this, it has a wide selection of classic cinematographic videos that are difficult to find on other websites for free. In addition to this, it is characterized by exhibiting a very attractive design that makes it ideal for fans of the film industry.

Among other details, it is a perfect website for users with limited bandwidth , since the torrent files it hosts are very light in terms of bandwidth and this is one of the best advantages of YTS. However, it does not contain TV series, games or music . But, it guarantees remarkable security and legality, so far.


Finally, as another ideal solution to download torrent content, we emphasize this online platform that has been in operation since 2008 and throughout its history, has obtained a great reputation. This, in view of the high-quality torrent files that it provides to Internet users, for free.

For its part, it also has the particularity of constantly offering new additions; For this reason, is a website that is kept up to date . Added to that, it presents great ease of use, in addition to offering a remarkable variety of old and new torrents. But, for reasons of geographic blocking, it is restricted in several countries (United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark and Bulgaria, are some of them).