PeliculasFLV alternatives to search for torrent series and movies are there?

PeliculasFLV alternatives to search for torrent series and movies are there?

The persecution towards the pages that offer film content for free has been very severe lately, which is why many of them have decided to close, and we assume that this misfortune knocked on the doors of PeliculasFLV because it is no longer available .

Despite this, there are still many pages on the internet, and more and more are being created, that allow us to continue enjoying movie content and series for free. Some of these are mentioned below with their respective link so that you can access them .

Finally, so that you are not infected by a computer virus, we recommend that you follow some instructions that we leave below so that you can enjoy movies and a risk-free PC .

What happened to PelículasFLV? Have they closed or does it not work?

To the pity of many, PeliculasFLV has closed its doors. For a few months many of the users have sent complaints through social networks, and in many places spreading that the page does not want to load , but what actually happens is that for unknown reasons this page stopped working.

Many speculate saying that justice closed it for sharing movies and series for free , but this hypothesis has not yet been confirmed. What is certain is that at first it was believed that it was a simple change of domain , since this page, like many that offer this service (considered illegal), have been forced to do so, in order to avoid its final closure. though sadly this is not the case.

List of the best alternative websites to PelículasFLV to download series and torrent movies

This bad news is very sad, however, to compensate for that, we bring you a small list of some pages that allow you to watch or download movies, series and more for free, although you probably already know many of these.


This website currently has a fairly modern and comfortable interface so that it allows you to do a quick search for any series or movie. It is worth mentioning that it maintains a wide billboard with the latest updates so that you do not miss anything, and you are always up to date with your favorite films.

Another feature that makes Cuevana 3 special is that it allows you to filter movies by language. By creating a user, you will be able to comment and rate each of the movies or series seen, or also read the ratings of other people who have seen them .


This is another of the most famous sites which is highly used to watch series and movies, so surely you have already used them. For those who don’t know it, Miradetodo is a beautiful place where you can find a huge range of audiovisual content from 2009 to the present day.

Its billboard is mostly updated with the latest movie releases. You can filter the content by year, or genre to make it easier to find attractive movies, plus you will not only find movies, but also series and all with good video quality .

A place to download movies, which has a wide range of content, although most of its content is not the most current, even the interface and page design are somewhat archaic. However, this does not mean that it is a bad page, on the contrary, for many who are lovers of older movies, this is the best option .

On this page you can not only download movies, but also series, games or programs. This is a very complete page despite those characteristics that make it an unpleasant page at first glance , so I tell you, do not let yourself be guided by the first impression.

This is a fairly straightforward and easy to use page with a ton of movie content, and an extensive menu that organizes files by categories like Drama, Comedy, Kids, Adventure, Thriller, and more . As its name indicates, the movies found here are of pure quality, since they have the best images and audio.

Although its billboard is not always the most current compared to others, we can assure you that its contents are quite attractive. Also, that in each movie you can find a brief description of what it is about and who are the actors of each one .

Popcorn Time

It is a site with little fame, but it does have good content, although its content is not the most current at all. They have the best in the history of cinema. On these pages you can find movie content, and also TV shows or some Viral Kids .

This is a unique website, and when we talk about unique it is that, unlike other websites, it offers content without having to omit so much advertising, which makes it very attractive to many of its users. Thanks to its server, all the movies that you want to see online can be done without so much waiting, since its loading is very fast.


This very famous page could not be missing, that is why we leave it last. You have probably heard a lot about this page, and it is very famous due to the enormous quality it shows in each content and its different links to download preferences or online views .

This always keeps its billboard updated, including the latest episodes of the series . This website is famous, because it fulfills what it promises.

Torrent Paradise

This is not a website as such, but rather a metasearch engine for downloadable files via P2P in which you can basically access all the databases of the main portals on this list. It is very easy to use since you simply have to write the file title you want to download and it will show you a series of results related to it.

They are very attentive to security and make sure to show you only those files that are 100% verified so that you can proceed with a download without risk or worry . But, without a doubt, the most interesting thing is the fact that this is a portal that is impossible to close, as we explained in alternatives to Torrent Paradise .


We continue with another excellent file search engine that is very powerful and admired by many users of the torrent community worldwide. This search engine at the time was a real revolution due to the fact that its search algorithm is identical to Google’s, which made it known as “The Google of P2P” . In fact, this concept was copied and replicated by a huge number of P2P file browsers.

Torlock is very popular, but so far it has not had problems with the law, although it is possible that at some point they will, which is why, like Torrent-Paradise, its developers are thinking of creating an IPSF version, to make it impossible to close as well .


That being said, many copied Torlock and this was one of the first and one of those who did it best. This is another excellent P2P file browser from which you can basically access anyone that has been previously uploaded to the web. They usually try to show only verified results, but they don’t always, so before you download anything we recommend you read the comments first .


We close with another excellent metasearch engine that, although it has not been on the market for so many years, in a short time has managed to earn a place in the hearts of all P2P-loving users. In fact, in 2017 it was awarded as one of the 3 best portals to download torrents in the world.

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Tips to download P2P files safely and 100% legally

One of the greatest risks that we can face when we download P2P files is the infection of viruses to our computer, so we must make downloads safe. Viruses are present everywhere, but even more so when we download movies, series or other things done in a P2P (end-to-end) way.

In order to make any download we must avoid risks, and to avoid it, pay attention to some tips that are detailed below:

Pending where you download from

This is the first thing we have to do. Before downloading from a page, it is better to investigate the prestige of the page, so if it has a good prestige, we can access to download everything we want, although this does not mean that the page is free of viruses , just that it has a smaller amount compared to other pages.

file size

When we are going to download, we must have an estimate of how much it weighs, since many viruses are embedded in the download links to position themselves and download them instead of the files we want, but what we must take into account is that their size is much smaller than the files we want to download .

Use an online antivirus

Nowadays there are many antivirus that insert plugins in the default browsers or the ones we use the most to avoid opening pages or downloading files that are highly infected. Therefore, if you do not have this, it is better that you do it since in this way you will be more protected .

Browse the files

Finally, and this for those who are highly traumatic with viruses, analyze each downloaded file before running or opening it, since many of the viruses infect our computer is when permissions are granted when running them .