KBAGI alternatives to download and save content in the cloud are still open? List 2023

KBAGI alternatives to download and save content in the cloud are still open? List 2023

As the rumor has spread, KBAGI has decided to cancel its services, leaving many of us helpless. There is still a credible enough reason for its closure, so not much can be said about it, but in order not to be like that, we bring alternatives to download and save content in the cloud .

These websites that we will show you below are currently open, providing their services for free and also for payment. Although many want KBAGI back. The websites that we leave here have similar characteristics .

There are 10 websites that we leave on a list so that you can choose the one that you like the most. There you will find from the best known to the one you did not know existed .

What is KBAGI and what is it for?

KBAGI, also known as KumpulBagi , is a cloud storage server that offered us a hosting service for all types of files, including its particularity of being able to play multimedia files, be they videos or sounds. KBAGI included among its functions a player for all these types of files, plus it was also allowed to download all multimedia files and any other type of document .

This great site offered a wide service that provided a lot of comfort to its users, which propelled it to one of the most famous places, this being a server widely used by the Kodi add-on, Palantir. This domain (kbagi.com) belongs to the company Zoya Limited, whose residence is in the Republic of Seychelles . This website was mostly used to upload files for games, videos or series.

What happened to KBAGI? Not working or closed?

KBAGI announced its closure through its page at the end of August, such a message was made in the Indonesian language, which announces that as of last year (2018), on August 31 specifically, whose closure stopped access to all files .

Before the closure, the page had presented some failures in its services, preventing many users from downloading and/or uploading files to its website. Not much is really known about the reason for the closure , nor do we know if they will provide their services again.

List of the best alternative websites to KBAGI to save and download content from the cloud

Below, you will find a list of 10 pages that will allow you to save and download content from the cloud for free, although some have a Premium service. All these websites that you will see later are a good option that serves as an alternative to KBAGI .



Mega.nz is the first option that we leave for you, since it is one of the most famous pages that allows you to download or upload any document for free. Its interface and design are quite simple, allowing any user to use it without any complexity. It allows you to use it anonymously or if you want a free account, and for a service without any limitations you can choose the Premium option.

One of its great advantages is that you can use it from any computer, and also on mobile devices, also having an app for each of them. It supports .zip folders, plus it comes with great sharing options .



This is a good proposal that serves as an alternative, perhaps the least known, but that provides a very useful service. For just making a registration, pCloud gives away 10 GB so that anyone can try it. It does not have a bandwidth limit, also including an excellent feature that is quite similar to KBAGI is that it allows you to upload any type of file with any extension.

Thanks to its advanced search engine you can find any file (photos, videos, etc.) quickly. To be able to enjoy a 500 GB plan you have to pay a monthly fee , however its free use is also quite nice.



Mediafire is quite a famous page, among internet users who upload programs and software. Famous for its free services, which allows you to upload files up to 50 GB , although for this you need to share links and meet a series of conditions. It has no bandwidth limit , plus it has a mobile application, available whenever you want to download.

All the files that are uploaded here can be seen wherever and whenever you want, also limiting that anyone with the proper link to the uploaded document or file can download it with a simple click .



Dropbox is highly regarded but rarely used, perhaps because it’s not the most affordable option. It offers 20 GB of free storage in its cloud, which can be expanded up to 18 GB with simple tasks, although some not so simple. It accepts all types of formats, providing the opportunity to upload files of the size that is considered.

This is a good service when the payment is made, however with the activities you can expand the capacity, such activities are simple but too many , which if you do not have time it is not recommended for you.



Box is more oriented to document storage, offering 10 GB that will work perfectly if the idea is only to work with Microsoft Office . It’s not very flashy, but despite that it’s an excellent interface to search for files and have them all at hand in case of an emergency. The upload of files is limited to 250 MB for each one, being little but very useful to support some documents .

Like most free services there are free features, which are limited, and there are also paid features that provide all the benefits for maximum enjoyment



This is another of the sites that enjoy little popularity, but with interesting features. It offers a storage capacity of 10GB in the cloud at no cost, plus you can share any file with everyone if you want, whether you have this account or not, you can still download the document(s) .

The user interface is somewhat minimalist and simple, but despite that, its service is very interesting. On the contrary (disadvantage) is that there is no version of it for mobile devices, and it can only be accessed through the web .

Google Drive

Google Drive

This is a great website that provides a great service, very famous, known as one of the giants. It offers a free capacity of 15 GB, which can be expanded by fulfilling some tasks .

It offers incredible accessibility and synchronization with all uploaded files, its services come from Google itself. Files of different sizes can be uploaded if desired, in addition to being compatible with all versions of Microsoft (Excel, PowerPoint and Word) , it implements autosave when files are altered from its server, thus preventing the loss of modifications that have been made.

One Drive

how to Clone a Hard Drive

Since most cyber users use Windows, most of them also know about this cloud storage service, since this is the one that is installed by default in Windows itself . This only offers 5 GB for free, which if you pay your limit increases significantly.

Despite its low capacity that it offers for free, it is considered perfect for those who use it only personally. This totally depends on the Microsoft ecosystem, so logically it is compatible with each of its files.

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Very little known compared to the ones we have just named, however using it brings many advantages. Like many, it offers 10 Gb of free storage, which makes it very interesting . It is aimed at people looking to share documents or files anonymously, and without having to worry.

If desired, all shared files can be deleted by themselves, an account is not required to access the files that are linked, among its disadvantages is its poor security, since it lacks advanced encryption .


Yandex disk

A basic service, which offers free use of 10 GB , with excellent connectivity and interface, which users who use it find very attractive, in addition to the fact that its appearance is quite pleasant and intuitive.

Yandex is easy to use, and access is allowed from computers or mobile devices . Although it is not very competitive compared to the others that we have left here, it provides a good experience to all its users.