OxTorrent: Official Address, Legality, Opinions, All the information!

OxTorrent: Official Address, Legality, Opinions, All the information!

Even though streaming platforms are attracting more and more people, online downloading still represents a significant portion of internet traffic. Despite the controversies and illegality of many sites, millions of people still use them. Among the torrent sites is OxTorrent. We will discover what this site offers and answer your questions in detail. We will notably cover its history, its official address (site) or even its legal (or rather illegal) aspect.

What is OxTorrent?

Many P2P download sites have developed over the years, such as the essential torrent directory YggTorrent . However today, it is OxTorrent that interests us. This name may not mean anything to you and that is normal since this relatively new site arrived on the web in 2019. Formerly Torrent9, regulars were also able to realize that they were redirected to the site OxTorrent.

OxTorrent is a non-community site that shares torrent content with Internet users. On their site, it is possible to find a wide variety of content: films, series, music, e-books, software and even games. Since it succeeds Torrent9, OxTorrent should have the same content. To date, there is a very varied content of 59,000 files! This is one of the reasons why he is so popular. Unfortunately, it is also considered illegal and we will explain why in this article.

What is his official address?

It’s not always easy to find the right address for a download site. It’s sometimes even mission impossible when you see all the similar results on the internet which differ only by a few letters!

If these domain names are constantly evolving, it is simply to deal with censorship from search engines which enforce audio-visual protection laws and to counter clones.

In any case, in 2023, the official OxTorrent website is as follows: https://www.oxtorrent.tk

Be careful of the many fake sites that regularly appear. The only real official address of OxTorrent is the one mentioned just above.

If the official OxTorrent address does not work, you can turn to the mirror addresses: .com, .pe, .tv, .io, .cc, .nz, .site…

Important message: while downloading files via P2P (torrenting) is not illegal in the vast majority of countries, downloading copyrighted content is. Lemon Squeezer does not tolerate illegal activities, with or without a VPN. So be responsible. The provision of content protected by copyright is also the reason why French Internet Service Providers (ISPs) regularly block the official address of OxTorrent. That being said, OxTorrent also offers a lot of royalty-free files that you can download without fear.
www.oxtorrent.site TRUE – Works
www.torrent911.ws TRUE – Works
www.oxtorrent.co TRUE – Works
www.oxtorrent.io TRUE – Redirect
www.oxtorrent.cm TRUE – Redirect
www.oxtorrent.pe TRUE – Redirect
www.oxtorrent.tv TRUE – Redirect
www.oxtorrent.cc TRUE – Redirect
www.oxtorrent.fun CLONE – FALSE

How does OxTorrent work?

OxTorrent works like other torrent download sites. It is based on the principle of P2P (peer-to-peer) to share content.

Users download the torrent file that interests them and in turn share parts of the files with other Internet users. It is a very advanced technology that relies on sharing between individuals and the transfer of data.

As you probably know, the torrent file you download from OxTorrent is not the final file. You will then need to open it in bitTorrent software, such as uTorrent or Transmission, in order to begin the exchange with other “pirates”.

Is OxTorrent legal?

This is the question that many people ask themselves. What poses a problem with OxTorrent, and more generally with online downloading, are the works that we download or share.

At a legal level, the law is clear on this subject: it is prohibited to make copies of works protected by copyright even if you use them privately. Watching a downloaded copyrighted movie from your living room sounds harmless, but it is not a legal technique. On the other hand, it would be if the film were free of rights.

It is against these practices that HADOPI, the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet, fights on a daily basis.

Remember that P2P software is authorized by law. If you wish, you can very well put a video of your last vacation in Bali and share it P2P by creating a torrent file that you will share on OxTorrent. On the other hand, what is illegal is the downloading of files (films, music, etc.) protected by copyright. If all OxTorrent users only shared their vacation videos, there would be absolutely nothing illegal about the site.

In fact, it is mainly non-royalty free files that are shared on OxTorrent. It is for this reason that this download platform is considered illegal by the authorities.

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What are the causes of its success?

OxTorrent is very successful like its predecessor. It must be said that fans of torrenting are not at their first attempt at a new domain name and are not going to stop at a simple change of web address.

What can explain the success of OxTorrent today is first of all the variety of its content. In fact, Internet users can download more than 59,000 torrents and among them films, series, music, e-books, software and even games without any download limit. A wide and unlimited offer that has something to please everyone.

The other crucial point is also the fact that all this is done for free. The principle of P2P is based on free access. It is true that, although illegal, watching a downloaded film without having to pay is a practice that can tempt more than one person, especially if they are under the protection of a VPN .

The operation of the site is simple and above all the content is available in French, an essential point which is highlighted by many torrenting fans.

Finally, the major advantage of OxTorrent which justifies its many positive reviews is that it is possible to use it without registration. We can well imagine that having to enter your email address could put off more than one person. This is also what explains why OxTorrent is so popular.

The trend of legal streaming to the detriment of downloading

For some time now, we have seen a real enthusiasm among Internet users for legal video-on-demand platforms to the detriment of online downloading. If streaming is doing well it is thanks to the increasingly innovative varied content of the platforms as well as the laws in force which attempt to protect works. In fact, they warn and punish illegal downloads more and more severely.

In France, it is HADOPI which has the difficult task of regulating these illicit practices on the web. To get around this law, smart people use VPNs, software capable of making people anonymous on the internet. They encrypt internet traffic, hide the real IP address and do not keep connection logs. This is the heart of the problem: it is impossible to detect what the person is doing or to trace it back to them.

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Most frequently asked questions about OxTorrent

Here are some of the questions we are most often asked about OxTorrent, including its official address but also whether it is free or its legal aspect.

What is the real OxTorrent site?

The real OxTorrent web address is: https://www.oxtorrent.com

As we mentioned previously, this domain name is subject to change.

Is OxTorrent free?

Yes ! OxTorrent is completely free and this explains its reputation among millions of Internet users (more than 15M each month). On the other hand, you must keep in mind that it is illegal.

Is the site legal?

OxTorrent is a download site deemed illegal given the large number of non-royalty-free files that can be found there and which circulate between users. On the other hand, its principle, which aims to list files that Internet users can share, is, technically, legal. It is non-royalty free content, such as films, series or video games that make it completely illegal.

Do I need to create an account to download?

On OxTorrent, no account is needed to download a file. It’s very practical since you only need one click to obtain your torrent file. If you arrive at a site that asks you to register, it must certainly be fake. Always check what the official address of OxTorrent is.

How many users does the OxTorrent site have?

Although the site is relatively new, it is estimated that nearly 20 million French-speaking users use the platform each month! A figure that is sure to impress.

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Is it safe to use an OxTorrent mirror site?

It can be, but you still have to remain very vigilant. Although mirror sites are very useful if you live in a place where the official OxTorrent site is blocked, you never know who is behind the mirror site in question. Torrent sites are already risky, so this adds another level of risk. This is why we strongly advise you to install a VPN on the device you are using.

That being said, here is an unofficial list of the main OxTorrent mirror sites: .com, .pe, .tv, .cc, .site, .nz, .io (just put oxtorrent in front of each domain extension listed ).