Top 23 Best Torrent Sites to Download for Free

Top 23 Best Torrent Sites to Download for Free

Do you like torrent downloads? Why not download some from free torrent download sites? Today, there are so many that it was necessary to select the best from the list. What are the best torrent download sites? In this article you will find the 23 best torrent sites where you can download for free.

1 The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is among the most popular torrent download sites. It is also one of the oldest since it was created in 2003. This tracker offers various contents including films, software, video games or series.

It has had a few periods of closure but it is still there today. However, he had to change his address regularly. In the world, it occupies the 272nd place of the most visited sites and the 374th in France. To access it, go to or its mirror sites like or

The advantages of The Pirate Bay:

  • The site is known to be reliable and easy to use.
  • The ratio reinforces the principle of sharing between users.
  • Its repertoire is large with diverse content (in VF or VOSTFR) and regularly updated.

What we like least about The Pirate Bay:

  • Change of address too frequent
  • Lack of anti-ad software

2 Torrent9

Torrent9  was born in November 2016, it has always been one of the most visited torrent download sites. It offers a lot of content including manga, films, series and video games that you can access in just a few clicks.

Torrent has always been the target of the authorities and to continue to exist, it had to change its name: it is now  Oxtorrent , among the most popular download sites at the moment (rank: 1271st site visited in the world and 60th in France) .

Given the attempts to close it by the authority, the site is forced to change its address regularly. To access it, you must go to or There is also a mirror site that can allow you to access the tracker: Be careful of the many fake or clone sites!

Most :

  • site with extremely varied content (ebooks, films, series, manga, etc.), there is legal and illegal content. The site is easy to use and there is plenty of content in French.

The lessers :

  • The site is often inaccessible, a recurring problem that must be faced.

3 Yggtorrent

Among the download sites without registration and free, we find  Yggtorrent  81st most visited site in France and 2013th in the world. It is very popular in France and today has more than 600,000 members.

Its ease of use is attractive since downloading is very quick and practical. In addition, the contents are well organized by category. Find films, video games, ebooks, various audios, etc. on this site. The address to access Yggtorrent:

What we like:

  • the ease of use of the site and the good organization of the content

What we like less:

  • you have to maintain a ratio to be able to download and fully enjoy the site. However, users claim that this ratio is difficult to maintain.

4 Cpasbien

Cpasbien is back in force after a period of absence, it includes the best free torrent download sites of the moment. The interface and design have not changed, as has the quality. Cpasbien  is fast and the available content is regularly updated such as films, series, documentaries, ebooks, software, etc.

You will therefore find recent content there. No need to register to take full advantage of the platform. Plus, it’s completely free. Attention ! Never click on advertising buttons to register. Here are the addresses to access Cpasbien:,,

Most :

  • it is accessible in many countries around the world and offers a very large catalog of content.

The lessers :

  • the site regularly suffers from blockages and you need to use anti-ad software to get rid of excessive ads.

5 Gktorrent

Gktorrent is a completely free torrenting site of French origin. It is included in the list of the best torrenting sites of the moment and is one of the most popular in France and around the world. It appeals with its easy interface and the number of seeders ready to share content.

Find on this site a large catalog of content including ebooks, films, series, documentaries, etc. Downloading is fast on  Gktorrent  and there are many French torrents on it. Easily access GkTorrent without registration:,,

Advantages of Gktorrent:

the site offers a wide choice of content.

Disadvantages of Gktorrent:

regular change of address and it sometimes happens that we cannot find the site.

6 Montorrent

Among the current torrenting sites, we find Montorrent, one of the most recent, but it is already enjoying enormous success with download enthusiasts.

It is a French site offering a wide range of content, all of high quality, whether audio or video. Find all the content on Montorrent based on your language preferences. Access the site from the address:

More :

  • a site for mass downloading (series, films, games, software, ebook, etc.)

Less :

  • the interface leaves something to be desired since it is a little austere.


Music lovers love Sound-Park, one of the best and most popular torrent sites of the moment specializing in Music. Want to download Mp3 music? You are on the right torrent download site .

It is possible to find a complete discography of your favorite artists on this site. It is a free platform that does not require any registration. The site to access Sound-Park is

More :

  • Advertising is rare on Sound-park and the files offered are of good quality. The number of Sound-park seeders is high, which accelerates the download speed.

Less :

  • The site is not optimized for search engines.

8 Demonoid

Demonoid is one of the highest rated French torrenting sites currently. It offers a wide selection of content such as anime, software, films, series, ebooks, etc.

The site has many members and particularly seeders ready to share recent or old content. This download site is now accessible from the address

Most :

  • the content offered on the site is of high quality

The lessers :

  • successive cuts and too regular change of address


RARBG has built a solid reputation since it has been on the market. This torrenting site is one of the most visited sites today in France and in the world. Users regularly add content to the site, which is why we find recent and quality content there.

This site is easy to use and downloads are fast. Access the site from the following addresses:, and its mirror sites,,

More :

  • There are a lot of seeders on this site and they are particularly active. The
    content offered is varied: old and recent.

Less :

  • The site is blocked in many countries such as Bulgaria, Portugal and

10  1337x

1337x is a torrenting site ranked among the best at the moment. Its interface is pleasant and practical in addition to being well organized. Moreover, the site has just been revamped for the greatest pleasure of users.

With this site, you are safe from serious security risks. You can access this site from France and other countries around the world from the following addresses:,,,,

More :

  • It offers a wide choice of content: films, series, music, video games, etc.

Less :

  • Accessible mainly from mirror sites


11 Torlock

If you like manga and ebooks, Torlock is the perfect site. This torrenting site specializes in ebooks and mangas, you can download recent and old content there. Also find various music files.

Enjoy an exceptional user experience on this site where the content available is all quality. Note that you can find content there that is not available on other torrenting sites. To access the site, go to

Benefits :

  • The site offers a wide choice of manga, books and music, all of high quality.


  • The site displays pornographic ads.

12 Torrentz2

Torrent2  is a site for music lovers, you will find a wide range of music content on it. Downloading is fast on this site, which was created in 2016.

It is a torrent search engine available in all countries around the world. More than 61,000,000 torrents are referenced on this torrenting site. Today, you can access it from its mirror sites including: and

More :

  • It offers a wide range of music files, it is one of the most reliable torrent sites of the moment.

Less :

  • Music files dominate.

13 YTS

YTS is a delight for film lovers, there is a large selection of classics and recent films which are often difficult to find. If you have fairly limited bandwidth, this torrenting site is what you need.

Movie buffs will find movies that are not available on other sites in the same category. Additionally, it offers subtitle downloading. To access this site, go to

Benefits :

  • the site offers lightweight files that consume less bandwidth.


  • sites dedicated to movie buffs, it is necessary to find other alternatives for other content such as music or series.


Series fans are welcome on this site since the majority of files offered are series. It is truly a site considered to be the paradise of series: the best current series are available on this site and download quickly.

There are many users and they form a particularly active community. Access the site from the address

More :

  • The latest hit series are available on this site with all the episodes.

Less :

  • Series dominate on the site, you have to find another torrenting site for other categories of content.

15 Zooqle

Zooqle is a gamer’s paradise, this torrenting site is dedicated to video games. It integrates the best torrenting sites in France with a wide range of video games, films (more than 37,000 films) and series (more than 600 series).

There are currently more than 3.5 million files there. Also find reliable and interesting software on this download site. Access the site from

More :

  • games are classified by platforms. The files offered are of high quality and recent. The interface is convenient and pleasant, but some improvements are needed.

Less :

  • there are more games, fewer films and series.

16 Torrentdownloads (Mrunblock)

If you need to find software, go to torrentdownload which has a wide selection of software. Find the rarest software on this site. It is one of the best torrenting sites of the moment, a real library of torrents which stands out for its good organization.

Which justifies its enormous popularity among lovers of films and other content such as ebooks. Currently, you can access the site from

More :

  • it offers a wide selection of films including classics, oldies and the most recent.

Less :

  • it is not accessible in some countries, but you can use a VPN to unblock it easily.

17 Limetorrents

Limetorrents was created in 2009, it is one of the best sites to download PC games. This site can be a nice alternative to other torrent download sites. Find the most recent torrents there. Access the site from,,

More :

  • More than 10 million torrents currently (more than 9,800,000)

Less :

  • Seeders are fewer in number and the site is blocked in many countries such as France or Australia.

18 KickAssTorrents

KickAssTorrents was established in 2008 and today is one of the best torrent download sites. There are currently more than 10 million torrents there.

It is also known as KATCR.CO, a large torrent library with a large active community. It is now accessible from the following addresses:,,,,,,,

More :

  • a high number of seeds and torrents of all categories: movies, TV shows, etc.

Less :

  • it is blocked in countries like the USA, the United Kingdom or Australia.

19 Torrentproject

Torrentproject is also known as Torrent Search Project. Torrentproject indexes over 10 million torrent files. Its interface is pleasant, making the site easier to use. The site is now accessible from

More :

  • The Torrentproject site offers a wide choice of torrents.

Less :

  • The Torrentproject site is blocked in many countries, including the United Kingdom.

20 Monova

Monova is one of the best torrent sites around. On this site, you are protected from viruses whether you download or upload. He has survived numerous intimidations against torrenting. Its search engine is detailed, making it really easy to find your favorite torrent files. To access the site, go to

More :

  • The Monova site is a real alternative to many famous torrenting sites.

Less :

  • You must register before using the site and downloading your torrents.

21 Isohunt

Isohunt is interesting in that it lists around two million torrent files in its database. Its torrent index otherwise indicates peers exceeding 20 million today. The number of unique visitors continues to increase on this site which is experiencing dazzling popularity.

It is one of the most popular BitTorrent search engines at the moment. After a problem with the law, the site was able to continue operating, but with a different domain name. Today you can access it from

More :

  • The site helps you find your favorite torrent files.

Less :

  • A simple torrent file library

22 Torrentdownload

The Torrentdownload site was created in 2007 and the number of torrents today exceeds 16,000,000. It offers good download speed. It has a huge database allowing you to find your favorite files and those that are missing on other sites.

You can download TV shows, various applications, films or video games there. In addition, the search only takes a few minutes: an interesting duration compared to that of some torrenting sites. Today you can access it from,

Advantage :

  • Important databases

23 Toorgle

Toorgle is considered the Google of the Torrenting universe. You can go through this site to browse all the sites dedicated to torrenting. It can help you discover more than 450 different torrent download sites.

The search is not only fast but also very simple. You can easily find all your favorite torrent content using Toorgle. Some users compare this site to

If you are looking for a torrent library, you have come to the right place. Plus, the library is particularly huge. Today you can access this site from the following address:

More :

  • The site is a large torrent library, it offers easier and faster searching.

Less :

  • Simple torrent library, but still useful to use to find the content you are looking for more easily.

Using a VPN is recommended on torrent download sites. Torrent users know: it is recommended to use a VPN when connecting to a torrent download site. For what ? Simply because once you come to these sites, you expose yourself to many risks related to your online security. To begin with, you are aware that these sites are often subject to control by authorities such as Hadopi or governments.

Indeed, they offer content that is often protected by copyright. The content is therefore mostly illegal, although there is also content that is completely royalty-free. By connecting to these sites, your IP address is revealed and it is easier to identify you. Your Internet Service Provider may track your online activities and Hadopi may sanction or warn you.

Using a VPN hides your real IP address and allows you to connect with another IP address. Hiding your IP address is also useful to protect yourself against computer hackers who are omnipresent on the Internet. If you are not protected, they can spy on you or intercept your most confidential data.

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A VPN is also useful for unblocking torrent download sites which are often blocked in certain countries. For example, if you are outside France and the torrenting site is blocked, simply use a VPN to bypass geo-censorship. VPN is an excellent solution for unblocking websites, even in the strictest countries like China or Russia.
Today, there are many VPN offers, you can choose one from the best. Do not hesitate to consult online VPN comparisons before choosing your software suitable for torrenting. This allows you to obtain more details including the cost of the subscription, compatibility with torrenting or streaming, number of servers, etc. You need to be sure that the VPN can really protect you when you come to a torrenting site and that it can unblock your favorite sites.