6 alternatives to Torrent9 | torrent9 Mirror Sites | torrent9 Proxy Sites

6 alternatives to Torrent9 | torrent9 Mirror Sites | torrent9 Proxy Sites

Download enthusiasts always need reliable alternatives after their favorite download site is closed. After the closure of Torrent9 for example, they had to look for other sites to continue downloading torrents . What are the 6 alternatives to Torrent9? Among the best alternatives to Torrent9, we find, among others, Directory-download, Yggtorrent , Freetorrent, Cpasbien , Zetorrent or GKtorrent . More details below…


Directory-Download offers a wide choice of torrents, including films, series, games, music, manga, television shows and ebooks. So you won’t be disappointed! Annuaire-Téléchargement is, in fact, the same site as Zone-Déléchargement because it had to change its name to protect itself against domain name usurpers. You can download torrents without hassle on this site as if you were still on Torrent9.

If you are looking for French-speaking content or French subtitled content, you are on the right site. Certainly, Annuaire-Téléchargement does not offer peer-to-peer but it is still one of the best alternatives to this old popular tracker. It is rather the DDL, which has become a reference in the field of torrent downloading.

As we saw above, the site recently changed its name and address after being the victim of hacking. Today, you can access it from the address: Annuaire-Téléchargement.com or Annuaire-Téléchargement.al. The content offered on this site is constantly updated and downloading is free. Downloading on this platform is very easy because you just need the download function of the browser you usually use. However, if you need to optimize download speed, you will still need software like IDM or Internet Download Manager. A word of advice: always use a VPN before using Directory-Download.


Yggtorrent has returned thanks to its community which today takes up the torch after the merger of the site with T411. The site is today one of the best French-speaking torrent download sites , which makes it included in the list of alternatives to the famous Torrent9. We noted several modifications after its return, particularly in terms of ergonomics which is more pleasant. The ratio and intrusive advertisements have also been removed. Today, Yggtorrent has more than 2,200,000 members. By surfing the site, you will find a presentation video which also shows you how to use the site. But first of all, you must register, it’s free but obligatory. Registering helps protect you from scams and domain name impersonators that are everywhere on the web. You must be careful when browsing the Yggtorrent site, especially when you are asked for your bank card or the site redirects you to another shady site.

Today, to access the site, first go to the Yggtorrent Twitter account. You will find recent information about the site there and you will not risk coming across fake sites. If the site has so many members today it is because it meets their requirements for downloading torrents. It offers, in fact, rich content that you can download peer-to-peer: films, series, games, software, music, etc. Like any download site, it is always recommended to use a VPN when surfing on it. This software prevents your geolocation and spying on your online activity.


The next alternative to Torrent9 is Freetorrent, a free site where you can download different content like movies, series, games, ebooks, software, etc. The content offered on Freetorrent is rich, which is why the site attracts many torrent downloaders around the world. It includes documentaries, operating systems, images, etc. To access all content on the site, you must register. To avoid any exposure to hacking and the risk of being sanctioned by HADOPI, you must use a good VPN but not just any VPN. This software will guarantee your anonymity for the duration of your connection to the Freetorrent site. Some recommended VPN names: Expressvpn, Hidemyass VPN. Otherwise, the site is now available on freetorrent.fr, you can also consult its Twitter account for more information.


If you are looking for French torrents, you are on the right site. Cpasbien offers rich content composed of French files. If the site attracts a lot of download fans today, it is quite simply because it is also a good alternative to Torrent9 and one of the best torrent sites of the moment. Its interface is particularly clear, you will have no difficulty finding all the information you need, particularly the content you want to download. Cpasbien is a real juggernaut of online sharing, formed by a grandiose community ready to share files of all kinds. To make the most of the site, you must respect the exchange ratio: send a file to have the possibility of downloading another file of similar size. What is good about Cpasbien is that it offers you the possibility of downloading files to any type of terminal such as a tablet, computer, Smartphone or even a USB key.

Cpasbien looks a lot like Torrent9 with pages presented differently anyway. If you were a real user of Torrent9, you will clearly see the similarities between the two sites. You will also find all the content that was on Torrent9. The use of the two torrent download sites is also comparable, moreover both sites offer peer-to-peer downloading. So remember that you will need software to download: Bittorrent or Utorrent, for example. As with any torrent download site, it is always recommended to use a VPN before connecting to Cpasbien. You are aware that the site may be under Hadopi surveillance since different files can be shared and downloaded on it. Likewise, peer-to-peer downloading is not highly appreciated by the authorities, so it is essential to surf the site anonymously to avoid any form of prosecution.


Zetorrents is also among the best alternatives to Torrent9, it is also one of the most popular torrent download sites currently. Do you want to download French torrents? You are in the right place ! This site offers varied French-speaking content and other files offered on the largest torrent download sites of the moment. Whether it’s music, films, television series, software or even ebooks, you will find all the torrents you need on Zetorrents. It offers around fifty new torrents per day, the most recent films are available on it, as are the latest television series and the best manga series. Music lovers will find the latest albums from their favorite artists and video game enthusiasts or gamers will find the most recent games.

Zetorrents is comparable to Cpasbien: identical colors and same style. On the other hand, the design of Zetorrents was criticized by some Internet users, the administrators neglected this aspect according to them. Currently, the site is accessible on zetorrents.org and zetorrents.fr. The download is free and without any conditions. Registration is not required and navigation is simple and convenient. Like the other sites mentioned above, it is also recommended to protect yourself with a VPN before connecting to Zetorrents. This software allows you to surf the site while remaining anonymous.


GKtorrent is today one of the best alternatives to Torrent9 although it is one of the 20 most popular download sites at the moment. This site appeals to fans of torrent downloading with its clean and simplified design. In addition, navigation is easy and can be done in just a few clicks. Gktorrent indeed offers a varied and large catalog of torrents, it meets the needs of any download enthusiast. Enriched content is a strong point of this tracker . In addition, it is regularly updated to offer the best and most recent content. The films offered above are available in numerous versions (VO, VOST or VF). Gamers will find various and recent games such as PC or other console games.

Gktorrent really provides a great experience to users, the search box is simplified. To download files from it, you can go to two addresses including gktorrent.fr and gktorrent.cc. His Twitter account can also provide you with additional information. Note that downloading torrents from this site does not require registration, especially since it is free. Although this site offers peer-to-peer torrent downloading like most other Torrent9 alternatives, using a VPN is absolutely necessary. At the same time, this software allows you to surf the site anonymously and remain protected from the risks of prosecution or call to order launched by Hadopi.

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What is the New torrent9 address?

As promised here is the new address of torrent9. It is still functional.


torrent9 Mirror sites

Among the old addresses, there are some that continue to function perfectly.

  • New address May 2019: torrent9.to (This is the one I recommend. Works better than torrent9.ai)
  • Torrent9 new address June 2019: torrent9.uno
  • Torrent9 new address September 2019: torrent9.nz
  • Torrent9 new address December 2019:

They are not all functional

When you are a webmaster and manage torrent sites, creating mirrors and proxies guarantees more security against blocking. This provides assurance that files will still be accessible even when the torrent site or site’s IP address is banned on a network.

So you don’t have to worry too much if Torrent 9 changes address and moves to a new domain name or Torrent9 no longer works. Clones and mirror sites do indeed remain active.

These sites are not very well known because they are just backup addresses. They absolutely do the job since they are exact copies of the original site, a mirror. They are not often blocked.

torrent9 Proxy sites

  • https://www.torrent9.ink (2023)
  • https://ww2.torrent9.re (2023)
  • https://www.torrent9.cm (2023)
  • https://www.torrent9 .fm (2023)
  • https://www.torrent9.fi (2023)
  • https://www.torrent9.pro (2023)
  • https://www.torrent9.gg
  • https://www4.torrent9.to
  • https:/ /www.torrent9.site
  • https://www.torrent9.is
  • https://torrent9cz.fr
  • https://torrent9.so
  • https://www.torrent9.one
  • https://www.torrent9.srl
  • https:/ /wvw.torrent9.la
  • https://www.torrent9.gg
  • https://www.torrent9.is/
  • https://torrent9cz.fr/
  • https://torrent9.so
  • https://www.torrent9.one
  • https://www.torrent9.srl
  • https://wvw.torrent9.la

How to protect yourself?

Using a VPN to download torrents is the best way to ensure that your identity is anonymous and that your computer or mobile is as secure as possible.

Many so-called torrent VPNs leak the very information they claim to protect, some don’t allow torrenting or P2P, and still others are so slow you’ll want to give up.

I have chosen VPNs for you that work very well for downloading torrents. They allow torrenting, are fast and sufficiently protect your data. They cost money, of course, but it’s worth it.

  • ExpressVPN
  • North VPN
  • Surf Shark VPN
  • Cyber ​​Ghost VPN
  • IP Vanish
  • Private VPN
  • StrongVPN
  • Safe VPN
  • Hostpot Shield VPN

Torrent9 becomes OxTorrent

Torrent 9 has a new address by becoming OxTorrent after several years of good and loyal service to the community. They changed almost everything including the design of the site. The content and quality which were their strong points have not changed.

On the Torrent9 Official Twitter account , they indicated the new name which is Oxtorrent . That’s not all, there is also a message which indicates that apart from OxTorrent other sites like torrent.me are not official.


You have 6 alternatives to Torrent9 in front of you and whichever alternative you choose, always remember to use a VPN. In addition to preserving your anonymity, it also helps you bypass blocks that your ISP or Internet service providers may pose. Indeed, torrent download sites are often geo-blocked and to remedy this, you should use a virtual IP address.