Mejorenvo alternative websites to download Torrent movies and series are still open? List 2023

Mejorenvo alternative websites to download Torrent movies and series are still open? List 2023

In the world of P2P downloads, there are brands that have set trends due to the quality of their services. One of them is Mejorenvo, which for years has allowed its users to enjoy excellent quality in all the content they download from it , especially in regards to series and movies, with a database that easily exceeds one million. of files.

However, Mejorenvo began to present problems at the beginning of 2018, which worried its users and fans since they were having many obstacles to download that content that gave them so much entertainment. Months later was born, which replaced the previous domain with a .com extension, but from the outset we realized that something was wrong.

In this article we present you with a list of the best P2P download websites that are still open today , where you can continue downloading all the movies and series you like in the highest possible quality, without worrying that they will be closed or censored in the future. In addition, we will give you some practical advice so that you learn how to take care of yourself when downloading from this type of portal.

What happened to Mejorenvo? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

Mejorenvo is closed , or at least currently. The website that is currently online,, is not the original one that we all know , since it was closed by the authorities that defend copyrights after a major production company demanded that they be compensated for all the money they have lost.

The developers have not commented on the matter, but it is clear that something is wrong since there has been no news of them for months, neither on social networks nor in any other medium. This is not something that should surprise you, for almost a decade authorities such as the FBI or the Civil Guard have been closing , or trying to close, all kinds of P2P download portals, since they generate significant profits with content that is not their own. .

It is not the first time that this has happened, nor will it be the last , so it is best that you know many portals of the same type so that when one fails you can resort to another alternatively.

List of the best alternative Torrent websites to Mejorenvo that are still open

Fortunately, the internet is an endless source of all kinds of content, and when one website of this type closes, two others open like the head of a Hydra. Below we present the best alternative P2P websites to Mejorenvo that are still open .

Thepiratebay, The pirate bay

This portal should never be ignored as it has an endless story. We could not tell you how many domains with his name have been closed, nor has The Pirate Bay risen like a phoenix from its ashes.

The truth is that they have always maintained the quality of their services, offering 100% verified links and free of all types of viruses . Our recommendation is that you use a VPN network, to take care of your IP, and an ad blocker since the number of ads on it is hilarious .

A portal that is not as well known as the previous one, but without a doubt it is worth taking it into account for two reasons; Its torrents are updated and 100% verified , and being so new it is far from the authorities’ sights, so it is not likely that it will be closed anytime soon.

As far as their services are concerned, we can assure you that they are currently one of the most active, sharing all kinds of premiere series and movies that you have surely been waiting to see for months. Its database is small, with just 1,200 titles, but it will surely grow over time .


Another new portal worth following. In fact, this was voted one of the best portals to download via P2P in 2018, possibly in the future it will continue to grow by leaps and bounds like no other portal in the world.

In it you can find all kinds of movies, both new and classic, as well as a large number of series like Stranger Things , and it is possibly the best source to watch the new season of Game of Thrones. Its only mole is that the vast amount of advertising on it is quite annoying, but when it comes to the quality of the content there is nothing bad to say .


If what you are looking for is HD and 4K content , this is the portal you have to know for it. in 2017 it was voted the best new portal to download via P2P, surpassing renowned brands such as MilTorrent or MejorTorrent .

The quality of the titles is one of the best you can expect, without forgetting that all its material is 100% in Spanish from Spain or Latin America . Its interface is easy to navigate since it only has two sections, one for series and the other for feature films, and a search bar to quickly find everything you want to watch.


One of the best new portals out there. It allows you to download all kinds of audiovisuals of all the genres you can imagine, with an outstanding quality that goes from HD to 4K, although there aren’t many to say about the latter. Although the amount of advertising is quite annoying, you can fix it with a good ad blocker and enjoy 100% virus-free verified links .

Update: This domain has just been intervened by the Civil Guard of Spain.

kickass2, kickass torrent

Kick Ass Torrent is another portal that doesn’t die no matter how hard the authorities try to close it. With this one, we can’t say how many of their domains have been censored either, but what we can tell you is that they always get away with it and continue to offer top-quality content.

This portal not only allows you to download audiovisuals, but also software and video games . Once again, the recommendation is to use an ad blocker, since they abuse them on their website, and a good VPN that keeps your IP 100% anonymous to avoid any kind of tracking problems.

One of the longest-lived portals in the world of P2P downloads whose content is always in Castilian or Latin American Spanish . It offers much more than audiovisuals, since it also hosts links to download software, and the quality of these is the best since they always verify everything they share with their huge community.

This website has been on the market for almost a decade and has been attacked several times , but they have managed to be reborn like the grass after the fire. Again, the recommendation is to keep your IP anonymous with a good VPN and protect yourself from the large number of ads with a quality blocker.


This website is not a torrent database as such, but a metasearch engine for them . With it you can always find quality links since they audit all existing links in the P2P world, and only show you those that are verified and free of all threats.

Its operation is quite simple since they have a search bar in which you must enter the name of the file you are looking for and that’s it , it shows you all the possible results so you can choose the one you like best.

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Is it possible to download P2P content without running risks and legal problems?

One of the things that you should keep in mind is that no matter how verified the links are, there are always risks when downloading content via P2P. Some users have reported things like:

  • Cryptocurrency mining : For years it has been said that portals use P2P networks to use their members’ computers to mine bitcoin or ethereum. This is not a myth since portals like ThePirateBay or KickAss openly admit that they do.
  • Viruses – Anything you download on the internet may contain a malicious file. In fact, what motivated the authorities to block the portals in the first place was because they hid malware in their advertisements and in their links, especially when it comes to software in which many files are involved.
  • IP Tracking – A person can use the trace you leave when downloading content to track your IP and blackmail you, which has been reported thousands of times by millions of users around the world.

These are just some of the risks, or at least the most harmful ones for you. Therefore, it is convenient that you take your forecasts and carry out the following security measures to keep yourself 100% protected:

  • Use a good antivirus that keeps you protected at all times : in this way you will prevent malware or Trojans from entering your system.
  • Hire a good VPN : this way your IP address will always be anonymous from anyone who wants to know it.
  • Close your torrent client : P2P download programs tend to stay active even when you’re not downloading anything. Close them to prevent them from using your computer to mine without your consent.

By following these tips you will be able to rest easy when downloading from the portals that we have recommended . So don’t overlook them and make the most of the best series and movies that all these websites have for you.