KickAss Torrent shuts down What alternative torrenting websites are still open? List 2023

KickAss Torrent shuts down What alternative torrenting websites are still open? List 2023

In the world of P2P downloads, KickAss Torrent is one of the most recognized brands and also one of the most recognized that there is today . It is not surprising, since it came out in 2009, they have offered quality material that is always well received by its users.

As expected, the authorities are targeting you since the downloads offered by this website are completely illegal. That is why they constantly block their domains to prevent them from continuing online , but it is not as easy as saying it, because their developers always manage to evade these blocks.

However, these constant changes torpedo the user experience, so if you are one of them, it is best that you know more options. In this article, we will present you with a list of the 10 best torrenting websites that are the perfect alternative to KickAss Torrent .

What happened to KickAss Torrent? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

In 2009 KickAss Torrent was born as a direct competition to ThePirateBay , which was the reference portal in the world of P2P downloads. Therefore, in this decade they have faced more than one blockade from the authorities such as the FBI or the Civil Guard. The last one they suffered was recently , when several of their domains were blocked. However, this has been another shot in the air since they have not been able to completely finish them off.

If you want to enjoy the content that this portal has always offered, you can use which is the current official website , which even the developers of the project have announced through their social networks. This isn’t the first time they’ve managed to get past a block, and it probably won’t be the last.

List of the best KickAss alternative torrent download websites that are still open

We have already taught you how to continue using the KickAss Torrent services , but from the outset we tell you that the best thing you can do is to know other portals for future blocks that we are sure will happen. Here we present 10 P2P torrent download websites that are the perfect alternative to KickAss.

Thepiratebay, The pirate bay

ThePirateBay is the best alternative to KickAss because both portals are direct competitors, so if you want a service of the same quality, the best thing you can do is use it. On this website you can find a large number of downloadable files via P2P that are generally 100% verified.

In addition, their servers have a huge number of seeders, so the download speed is quite good . The only mole is that you will have to deal with a lot of advertising and pop-up ads , since this is the main way they have to monetize their portal.


This portal is not so well known since it is not a database as such, but its services are very good. It is a metasearch engine for torrent links through which you can access all the downloadables via P2P that are uploaded on the network. Its operation is like that of other search engines; You just have to enter the name of the file you want to download and the language, and it will show you all the existing matches .

After that you will simply have to execute the download to proceed to download the content from your favorite client. In addition, it is quite safe because it only shows you those links that are 100% verified .

Mejortorrent, TuMejorTorrent

MejorTorrent1 is a portal that is a benchmark for downloads in Spanish. In it you will find a large number of links to download content via P2P completely free and in our language. They have very varied content, although what is downloaded the most are series and movies , but you can also find software and video games. In less than a decade they have been characterized as one of the safest portals, since they offer 100% verified links to guarantee that there will be no virus affecting your computer .


This website has only been on the market for a short time, so you may have never heard of it, but in 2018 it was one of the best-performing websites for all those who love movies and TV series. Its links are 100% verified and its database is constantly updated so that you can always find the titles that are on the billboard as soon as possible.


This is another relatively new website that you may not know about either. In it you can find all kinds of files, although its forte are series and movies. Best of all, since it is not so popular, it goes unnoticed by the authorities and for the moment it has not been sanctioned with any type of blocking, so it is more than likely that it will continue online for a long time without interruptions . So it is one of the best alternatives to any torrent website.


A little-known website, which until now has not been blocked once, that offers 100% content in Spanish so you can enjoy the best series and movies in our language. It has many benefits since its database is always updated and its links are 100% verified , but it also has its polka dots. One of them, perhaps the most notorious, is that it has too many ads , so you will have to go through a minefield of pop-up ads before you can get the link to download via torrent.


Do you want to watch movies in Spanish and in the best possible quality? Well, this portal is the best alternative you have to continue getting the best torrents to download audiovisuals. It has a very simple interface, but also very complete.

In it you will be able to find a movie even if you don’t know its title , since you can use the multiple search filters that it puts at your disposal, and it will show you the matches found in its database. Because it is so new, it does not have a very large list of links (currently 1,200 audiovisuals), but there is no doubt that in the future it will be much broader .

Torrent Paradise, torrentparadise

This is a torrent metasearch engine that works very similar to Google. To use it, you simply have to enter the name of the title you want to download and it will show you the links ordered according to their popularity and trust generated among users.

This is an excellent alternative because basically you will have access to all torrents available on the world wide internet . The problem is that they have a lot of publicity and, despite not being blocked yet, some authorities have mentioned it as a future target.

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torrent tm

We continue in the line of metasearch engines and we present this one that is currently one of the most used by the international community of lovers of P2P downloads. It is very easy to use and has the advantage that it shows you only 100% verified links so you don’t get unpleasant surprises after finishing downloading a file. However, not everything is rosy since most of the links it shows you are in English or, at best, subtitled in Spanish if it is a series or movie .


We close with another quality metasearch engine with which you can find all the torrents you need in the language you want. You simply have to enter the keyword in its search bar and then select the option you want among all the matches that the web shows you. Easy, fast and reliable since it only shows 100% verified links to avoid bad times after finishing the downloads.