closes What alternative websites are there to watch movies and series online for free? List 2023 closes What alternative websites are there to watch movies and series online for free? List 2023 has been the main source of entertainment for millions of people around the world for years. Its extensive catalog of series and movies perfectly organized and ready to be viewed via streaming. As if that were not enough, everything was in the best possible quality and they were the first to launch the content online. both to be seen and to be downloaded, in fact 80% of other websites of the same type were fed by the content published by this one.

However, millions of people were devastated when they tried to log in to watch their usual series and movies and have not been able to do so, since the domain always appears as if it were offline, something that has never happened until now. The indications seem to show clear symptoms of censorship by the authorities , something that in a way was to be expected since since 2018 hundreds of websites have closed for these reasons.

For this reason, we have put ourselves to work so that you know which are the best websites to watch series and movies in streaming . Here you will find what are undoubtedly the best alternatives to , so that you can break your mourning once and for all and you can smile again while enjoying what you like without paying anything.

What happened to Blocked, does not work or have closed?

Gnula has not closed , (like EliteTorrent ) the reality is that if you are in Latin America you can enter it perfectly without restrictions of any kind. The problem is in Spain , where the Civil Guard has imposed a blockade that prevents any Spanish citizen from seeing the content found there. Said blocking was carried out through Movistar servers .

*Update: Apparently this closure has also spread to Latin American countries, many of our readers have already warned us, go down to the comments and some of them propose a partial solution, anyway we will update the post as we receive new ones news.

However, there are other portals such as, or that are taking advantage of this to make firewood from the fallen tree and gain the public of this brand, but from the outset we tell you that these websites have nothing to do with the original , the one that has always worked.

On the other hand, it is already clear with this that the authorities have their eye on Gnula, and although is operational at the time of writing this post , it is more than likely that in the near future they will be able to find the whereabouts of its developers in order to prosecute them and subsequently have them close the web portal.

List of the best websites to watch movies online alternatives to that are still open

Although you can enter with one of the mechanisms that we explained above, it is best to prepare for the definitive or, at least, temporary closure of the web in the near future. For that we have prepared the following list of portals to watch series and movies online without restrictions and completely free.



This portal for many years has been a direct rival of Gnula , so from the outset we tell you that it is the best alternative you have to replace it. In it you will find such an up-to-date and extensive catalog , that you may not notice the difference between one and the other beyond the interface, something in which they obviously differ a lot. The problem with this website is its excessive amount of advertising (the first clicks you make will open pop-up windows), although you can solve this with an ad blocker.


Cliver has been for many years the entertainment center of millions of people in the Spanish-speaking world, here you will find the most up-to-date film and TV titles without paying a single euro. Its database is one of the best in terms of quantity and quality, without a doubt the best you will find as an alternative.

A benchmark despite the fact that it has not been running for a long time. Its database contains the most up-to-date material regarding the seventh art, being considered one of the best portals in the Spanish-speaking world. However, again advertising will be your biggest enemy , although you must get used to it since the reality is that these websites are always undermined of it.


A website full of titles from all genres in the world of film and television. In it you have hundreds of thousands of hours of audiovisuals of the highest quality that you can also download without problems from one of the fastest servers, although this basically depends on the speed of your connection. On the other hand, it must be said that its modern interface greatly facilitates various aspects of the user experience , especially when it comes to searching for specific content.


Cuevana is also a benchmark in the world of illegal streaming who refuses to die from more attacks he has suffered. In its almost 10-year history, they have had to change domains several times as the authorities incessantly block it whenever they can. However, they have managed to keep their database intact, so that all their fans can continue enjoying their content without problems after each attack.


This portal is relatively new to the industry, but its good performance has made it one of the most audited in the last two years. Its database is not that efficient when it comes to updating, in fact they usually take a few days longer than the others to upload billboard content, but the quality is worth the wait without a doubt .

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We close our list with this portal that is also relatively new, but has been able to offer quality content in times of crisis, being a real lifesaver for all those who want to watch movies and series in high quality without paying a single euro. Their database is quite varied and up-to-date, and all the content they upload can be downloaded from their own servers or via torrent (P2P) .