Alternatives to Google: Most Popular Web Search Engines

Alternatives to Google: Most Popular Web Search Engines

Whoever looks for something on the Internet, consults it on Google. Among search engines, Google leads the volume of searches globally, occupying more than 90% of the market in Spain. However, contrary to what most believe, the Californian company is not the only one that offers search services on the Internet. In this article, you can discover a large number of alternatives to Google that are equal to the technology giant or even surpass it in some aspects.

Outlined presentation: Google and other alternative search engines

From Search type Index Advertisements Anonymous Loc. Servers Peculiarities
Google 1997 Webcrawler USA: USA Wide range of services
Bing 2009 Webcrawler USA: USA Second major seeker
Ecosia 2009 Metasearch USA: USA Support environmental NGOs
DuckDuckGo 2008 metasearch / Webcrawler ? They can be deactivated USA: USA Tor hidden service
Yahoo! nineteen ninety five Webcrawler USA: USA Freemail
Startpage 2006 Metasearch USA: US / EU Proxy service
Oscobo 2015 Metasearch ? Twitter results
Qwant 2013 Webcrawler ? EU Twitter results
MetaGer nineteen ninety six Metasearch / Webcrawler Members can deactivate them EU Non-profit organization
YaCy 2003 Point by point or No central server Decentralized
Wolfram Alpha 2009 Semantic USA: USA Deliver direct results
Yandex 1997 Webcrawler RU Wide range of services
Baidu 2000 Webcrawler CN Content censorship


Google and Bing dominate the market

Google has always been in the eye of the hurricane when it comes to the privacy of its users’ data and it is precisely here where alternative search engines to Google intervene, betting on proposals that do not involve the storage of user data. While North American rivals such as Bing or Yahoo follow the model of the leader, in Europe numerous projects are flourishing in search of innovation, new financing models or certain audiences. For all this, it is convenient for webmasters to be aware of alternatives to Google if they want to stay informed.

Definition:The term search engine or Internet search engine is used to name the web applications that allow Internet users to explore the World Wide Web and obtain a list of responses tailored to their queries. Web search is only possible if the search engine provider manages a database of indexed pages. Depending on the search engine, images, videos, news, offers from online stores, etc. may also appear as results next to web pages.

It is true, however, that Google continues to dominate the web search engine market, especially in North America and Europe. With around 88% in the US and 90% in Europe, the search engine leads its main rivals, Yahoo and Bing, by a considerable proportion. However, in China, it is the well-known Baidu that occupies the leading position among Internet search engines. Do not forget that Google remains inaccessible to most of the population of the People’s Republic.