How to fix a Windows Installer error code 1619

How to fix a Windows Installer error code 1619

The Windows Installer service is an important part of your operating system. This program allows users to install and uninstall programs as needed. While most of the time Windows Setup will work without incident, there are times when the program will exit unexpectedly and return an error code. For example, when you install a program that uses the .NET framework, you may receive error code 1619.


1. Log in to your computer and click the “Start” button. Choose the “Run” option from the menu.

2. Wait for the “Run” box to open, then type “INETMGR” in the box and click “OK.” Click the plus sign next to “Local computer”.

3. Click the plus sign next to “Websites”, then the one next to “Default Web Site.” Right-click on the folder where the installation file is located and select “Properties” from the menu.

4. Go to the “HTTP headers” tab and look for the option “Enable content expiration”. Clear the check box and click “OK.”

5. Try to install the program. Windows setup should now work as expected.

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