PCTNEW Alternatives – Best Alternatives to PCTNEW

PCTNEW Alternatives – Best Alternatives to PCTNEW

PCTNew is one of the oldest torrent sites and it still exists today, including the design, which has hardly changed so far. As the name suggests, we can download almost all the games in torrent format on this site. Therefore, we can find suitable game downloads for computers (Windows and MAC) and consoles for laptops or desktops.

Although it has not attracted attention in recent times, it finally had to migrate the content of the domain to the current official PCTNew site. (A long time ago, the Internet could be accessed through the PCTNew url).

One of the latest news is that many users are finding that PCTNew is not working properly, but is it not reachable anymore or is it still reachable?

Alternative options to PCTNew to download torrents at no cost

While the network can sometimes be down for some reason, the truth is that at the time of writing, PCTNew is not down and is running fine. The drawback is that it has been blocked by certain ISPs (operators) in Spain, as happened with ExVagos . At least it cannot be accessed through Orange, and other users assert that Movistar has also blocked it. Therefore, it is certain that unless you connect with a smaller operator, if you use these 2 operators or the Vodafone Service, you will not be able to access PCTNew. When I speak frequently, I mean that it can be accessed from Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.


Skidrow has many torrent games. You can also separate them perfectly by category and their respective links . If it doesn’t work, you can leave a comment at any time and they will update the relevant broken link.


We all love health, links and updated games. They know why you see this page and they give it to you directly. Fast and simple , without needing to navigate between forty pages. Isn’t that the main thing? Well, use a search engine and conclude.


Codex has a beautiful interface, light and, most importantly, comfortable. We can visit the places we want in the fastest and most precise way. Above we have different genres, once clicked, the address of the link.

Pirate Bay

The main site of The Pirate Bay is a platform based on a search engine . Although you have been limited by the laws of certain countries/areas, you can use a VPN to get in.

The benefit of The Pirate Bay is that they have developed a new strategy to not track users, but they advise to use VPN to improve user security.


The platform suite that makes up the ExtraTorrent site at its current site is one of the largest torrent libraries on the Internet.

Previously, they managed the extratorrent domain and cemented it on their new platform by adding different categories of content each and every day. In Extratorrents you can find:

In many countries/areas, alternatives to PCTNew or even the exact same site are considered illegal so you should consider whether you are in Spain or the US as these are the main factors influencing which ISPs block the Internet. Internet access.

The basic solution is to rely on VPNs to bypass these limitations and ensure your privacy while browsing and downloading content.


Toorgle is one of the most powerful torrent web search engines

Tracks over 450 torrent sites
You can choose to add a search bar in Mozilla Firefox and a Facebook app
Lets you sort your searches based on relevance or latest data.


RARBG gives you access to a wide range of databases where you can locate torrents at any time. It has attractive links like the main section, which adds news about the website.

The site will be continually updated, giving up-to-date torrents, a preview preview portion, and a list of the current top ten most popular torrents.


iDope is one of the most widely used web browsers, which can track torrents from different platforms . Particularly, it gives magnet links and downloads from these magnet links start faster than torrent files.