EstrenosGo – Best Alternatives

EstrenosGo – Best Alternatives

EstrenosGo is primarily one of the best-known sites for downloading movies and TV series , although you can also find other types of content such as music or software.

For movies, you can find many viewing options, such as high-definition image quality and even 3D movies.

As happened on many other pages on the same topic, it was once a site, particularly persecuted by the authorities, so sometimes you may find that it is not working.

Alternative options to EstrenosGo to watch movies and series at no cost

On the Internet, there are still many other alternatives to download multiple Torrent contents . You can see the best options now.


It is particularly aimed at content from the world of TV, it is the perfect site if you are looking for TV series or movies from decades ago .
You can visit a specific country/area to find out about the most essential TV shows in that area.
You can choose to access the most popular TV series on the TV network.
It has specific options for movies.


One of the peculiarities of this site is that it has a section dedicated just to watch movie trailers. The free torrents are quality and specific sections also have news about the torrent industry and entertainment.

You can also choose to use the ten most popular torrent queries of the moment. As a negative point, we must highlight its excessive advertising.

Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has become one of the reference pages for Torrent downloads , reaching considerably more popularity than EstrenosGo, and improves the quality of its content by giving quality seals so that you can review the quality of the files.

In addition to this, it has the benefit of having one of the largest user communities, which helps increase the number of torrents and download speed.


Kickass Torrent is particularly notable in terms of variety and speed of downloaded content . This is due to a huge community of users with countless torrents.

You can find Torrents in multiple categories, from TV series, to books like Bajaepub had , to music, applications or games. Most free content has been verified.


GranTorrent is a site with a certain degree of stability, although high quality content can be accessed at runtime. Among them, you can find series and movies in HD quality .

You can see the latest Torrents from the home page. It also has musical content, video clips and computer games.


One of the reasons why this site should be one of the best EstrenosGo options is due to the quality of the image and audio content and it does not take up space on your computer .

The network is very simple and intuitive, and movies can be found easily through the search bar. It also has applications for Android.


The MejorTorrent site has been updated recently to offer you the best cinemas in the quality you want : HD, 3D and even 4K. If you want to see each and every one of the new releases, you just have to visit the “Movie Premiere” section where you will see each and every one of the titles that EstrenosGo had and much more.

It also features the best current TV series and offers suggestions based on your search.


ExtraTorrent is a site with a simple design, however, it provides very detailed information about all free content, such as the number of torrents, magnet links or other user comments.

It has a blog with articles related to the world of torrents and a search engine to find the fastest torrent .


LimeTorrent is currently one of the most powerful Torrent web search engines.
The database and community of users there are continually updated, allowing for faster downloads.
The content provided has been verified.
The download of these files can be done anonymously

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a service that lets you watch multimedia content from any device, simply download the service at no cost.

“Popcorn Time” is reminiscent of a large and popular media streaming platform. It has a powerful search engine that can find content quickly and you can also choose to create your favorites list.


EliteTorrent is one of the sites that survived the blockage in many countries when EstrenosGo fell. Its design and quality of content has not altered, focusing on the latest news in TV series and movie premieres .

You can choose the quality and language or dubbing of the movie. You also have many filters and categories.

Torrent Paradise

Torrent Paradise is a content search engine whose database is linked to The Pirate Bay. This makes searching and downloading particularly efficient and fast .

Using a search system very similar to Google, the search engine has indexed more than 2,300,000 Torrent files.

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What is the best alternative option to EstrenosGo?

The best alternative option to EstrenosGo is MejorTorrent , since the search system and content topics are very similar.

The platform is updated almost every day, making it easy to find the best current releases in movies and TV series.

The design of this page is very clean and easy, and navigating it does not involve any complexity. You can also find varied content such as music, games or reports.

There are practically no ads, so the download is highly recommended. It also makes some suggestions based on your search criteria. A complete site with high quality content.