Wopelis – Best Alternatives

Wopelis – Best Alternatives

WoPelis has been the most used seed download platform in this country for many years. With their support, it enjoys a huge reputation, has millions of users and has an extensive database of movies, TV shows, series and even music.

The site can provide everything from first-run movies like those on EstrenosGO to traditional movies , and can update its content at any time, which is worthy of users’ trust.

However, WoPelis and the other alternative options we will now discuss were seriously persecuted by the law, and many of them were ultimately shut down. Therefore, if you do not want to continue looking for a platform to download torrents, you can always select a streaming platform like Netflix and its different alternative options.

For what reason has the WoPelis portal been closed?

Despite the continuous traffic jams, the website is always updated due to the enormous amount of material it contains . However, the event seems to be over and there are problems in trying to maintain different domains on the Internet to continue providing quality services.

Seeing the success of this download, there are many options that are very close to the services that WoPelis provides. Since we invite you to try the following alternative methods, you can get high-quality seeds.

Alternative options to WoPelis to watch movies online at no cost


Due to his appearance and similar name, many people consider that Divxtotal is the author of WoPelis. Since this is a procedure that we cannot verify, we are going to be full of questions.

Like WoPelis, this site is also very popular and you will find it very frequently. If you find that divxtotal.la is not working, try divxtotal.co. And, if there is no way to access any of them, don’t worry. Now, you will have more similar platforms that will allow you to download torrents.

Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, which has a history of almost twenty years, is one of the traditional downloadable works. The secret to the success of P2P portals lies in their rich content, the speed of the server and the speed of millions of users around the world.

While the download platform has been used in Spain recently and can only be accessed via a VPN or proxy , it has recently returned under its common domain name ThePirateBay.org.

The design of the site is very basic and has not been updated since its creation in 2003. However, the page is very easy to use, offers high-quality content and is reviewed by the platform manager.

To use The Pirate Bay, you do not need to register, but as the page itself suggests, you should not download any torrents without using a VPN to hide your IP.


Movies Pedia is an interesting alternative, unlike WoPelis or other torrent download platforms, Movies Pedia only offers movies and series in Spanish and Latin.

The site’s catalog is very extensive and it is not necessary to register in advance to access them .

Apart from entering the name of the movie or series you want to watch in the search engine, you can also search by genre, popularity on the page and even the year of release. The last option is from 1950 to the present day, if you want to see the premiere of a movie, you can use it to watch traditional movies.

Movies and TV shows are accompanied by short presentations and ratings from other users. If you are one of those people who likes to discover new audiovisual content, then this auxiliary rate will be highly recommended for you.


As defined on the page itself, SkyTorrents are like Google, but with torrent downloads. Although the platform is not well known in this country, it has a history of many years, and its purpose is to help us locate this type of content scattered across multiple pages.

One of the benefits of Sky Torrents is that it does not collect cookies and does not sell user data to third parties . In addition to this, the operation is very simple and does not require registration.

Unlike WoPelis and other similar pages, which provide audiovisual content in an orderly manner, the platform only has one box where you can enter the name of the movie, book or series you are looking for.

After locating content by name, you can filter your search by file type. Some of them are: video, audio, software, documents, epub, ebook, Kindle, etc.

Repelis Plus

Repelis Plus is one of the best alternative pages to Wopelis where you can watch movies and series for free, many of which are in HD quality .

In addition to this, if you like anime, this is one of the best alternative options to WoPelis, since it offers a specific category for lovers of Japanese anime movies.

To have unlimited access to the catalog of TV series and movies without advertising, you will need to create an account on Repelis Plus. But rest assured, this is a free and easy process that allows you to enjoy hours of entertainment safely.

In addition to this, this page allows you to watch audiovisual content on multiple platforms (computer, Mac, mobile devices, PS4, Xbox One and Smart TV), and has specific applications for Android.


Due to the rich content in English, LimeTorrents is not a very popular download platform in this country. However, if you decide to try it, you will find a lot of content in Spanish and Latin, not just movies and series .

To use this Peer to Peer download portal, no registration is required. Simply go online and also enter the name you are looking for in the search engine. You can also filter your search to specify the type of content you are looking for. Movies, series, applications, music, games, anime or pornography? At LimeTorrents, you will have all of these options and more.

In addition, your seed file has been verified and the server is also very powerful, so the link can work very quickly.


One of the sites with the most online multimedia content catalogs is the well-known Medadede. Here you can find traditional and recently released series and movies , most of which are in Full HD quality.

However, if you want to download music, you should check other platforms because it is not an alternative that you cannot find on this site.

One of the interesting features that the platform offers is the tailored recommendations. Consequently, after adding at least five movies or series to the favorites list, the algorithm will choose similar options for and learn from your taste.

Now, there are 2 “bad” news. The first is to use a site where you must register, although registration is quick and free. Next, like all download sites, its price has dropped a lot. But rest assured that if Megadede is not working properly, there are other alternatives.

white series

As you may have noticed from the name, the platform is developed for those who like to watch series online , making it a bit different from WoPelis. The Blanco series has an extensive catalog and a very careful appearance, which allows you to download content in English, Spain and Latin.

Apart from the current series, if you like traditional series like The X-Files, Dallas and Twin Peaks, here you can watch each and every episode online, ordered by season.

To use Series Blanco you do not need to register, but if you do, you can visit a community where you can contact other users who have exactly the same interests as you. It’s a bit like a club for series lovers.


If you want to watch original versions of TV shows and movies with subtitles, Subtorrents can be the alternative option for WoPelis . Its catalog of audiovisual content is very complete and well organized, so whether it is a premiere or a traditional movie, it will not cost you anything to find your favorite movies.

Another aspect to highlight about this torrent download platform is that you can find the number of independent films and arthouse films in the catalog. And with other Peer to Peer sites abounding (including blockbuster movies), especially Peer to Peer sites from Hollywood factories, the original content provided by Subtorrents can attract other audiences.

Registration is not required, you can download free content without joining the community. However, to post comments online, interact with other users and ask questions, you must create an account.


On CompucaliTv, apart from downloading movies like Wopelis and series, reports and other audiovisual content , you can also download computer games. In fact, this is one of the things that users of torrent sites want the most because they are generally available shortly after launch.

Most of the audio in the movies is Latin, especially in 4K movies, but there are also many movies with audio in Spanish. If you have a preference in this area, you can always apply filters in the search menu to access only those contents whose audio is available in your preferred language.

One of the most notable aspects of CompucaliTV is its chat feature, where you can get help and support, which is really useful if you are stuck at the download step and don’t know where to go.


ETTV is one of the successors to the renowned and unfortunately dissolved Extra Torrent. In 2017, the torrent download site was considered one of the most advanced sites in the industry , and when it closed, ETTV decided to continue this work.

The benefits of the platform include an updated catalog (including first-run movies and series, traditional movies) and a beautifully developed and simple to navigate site.

The main drawback of the Hispanic market is that the content is in English, many of which do not have the option of subtitles.

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What is the best alternative option to WoPelis?

Despite the prosecution, there are many pages that have suffered a lot of torture. These pages are dedicated to downloading torrent files, and certain more essential pages have been closed, such as platforms to watch TV series and movies for free. They are everywhere on the Internet.

On our list, you have twenty-four alternative options to WoPelis, but there are more. My favorites are Pop Corn Time, the Blanco series and Pedia Movies . From my point of view, they are torrent download sites, very similar to WoPelis, although each place has its own peculiarity.

And where did you download the movie? Leave it in the comments. We will work together to maintain an updated list whose information is useful for those looking for alternative options to WoPelis or other Peer to Peer platforms.