EstrenosFlix – Best Alternatives | Best Alternatives to EstrenosFlix

EstrenosFlix – Best Alternatives | Best Alternatives to EstrenosFlix

EstrenosFlix is ​​one of the most visited pages for the transmission of movie and series content. Movie lovers and fans from the world of TV can find here the most popular movies, and even the most anticipated movies of the moment.

However, like many other pages, it is usually an unstable platform due to the fact that the content it provides is highly persecuted by the authorities. At some point, you might find it quite difficult to access.

Best alternative options to EstrenosFlix

If this happens, you have to know that EstrenosFlix has many other alternatives where you will be able to enjoy the best content of the current TV series and movies. The following are currently the best options:


Goovie is one of the best options of EstrenosFlix, known for its great design . On the home page, you’ll find the latest additions and provide a brief overview of each piece of content.

Furthermore, the site includes a calendar table and a topic list, where the calendar table contains the next version of the calendar to be published. Here you will find the complete Sagas and certain discoveries.


Dospelis has one of the largest high-quality compilations.
You can find movies and series from 1971.
It has a function from which you can request anything that is not available on the platform.
Each movie and movie series gives different playback modes, subtitles and dubbing.


In Gnula you can find movies in HD quality, it is one of the platforms with the most genres of content in the same way that EstrenosFlix was.

You can choose to see the V. Or. of the film, with English or Spanish subtitles, or with Spanish or Latin subtitles.
It has specific sections and only the latest version can be accessed.
Lets you share the link on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp


Apart from series and each and every one of the EstrenosFlix movies, Pelispedia also offers a selection of reports. On the home page, you can find content organized by category and options to find content from two thousand and six.

On the other hand, the platform integrates a weblog with news about the world of cinema and a list of the best fifty films and series of the moment.


On this site you can access the most relevant releases today as you could do on EstrenosFlix. You can filter the search by type or you can write a title in the search engine. There are virtually no ads, so you just need to click on the movie or TV show that interests you to play it.

You can share the link through Fb or Twitter. It includes a night mode so that you can watch the screen more comfortably.


On Pelis123, you can find content from 1956, making it an ideal platform for finding traditional movies . On the other hand, the network is very intuitive and has a ranking to put the best current movies and series on it.

It has multiple viewing options: Latin, Spanish or with subtitles. In addition to this, give suggestions with titles related to what you are looking for.


At Repelis, it’s easy to find the latest news on TV and movie content because the home page is continually updated . They have a unique section to locate recently uploaded episodes and provide another alternative with the latest season added.

The site offers different options to view content online, download it to your computer for offline viewing, or share it on Facebook.


HDFull TV is a very complete platform with permanently updated content
Contains the ranking of the most valued movies by IMDb
You can filter the content of series and movies by multiple categories
You can directly access 2 other sites with similar content, such as Elitetorrent and Divxtotal

tube plus

On TubePlus, you will have access to the titles of many series and movies , although you must take into account that English is English. However, the benefit of this is that you can access them without signing up.

It lets you watch content online or download content through multiple options. You can leave a comment about the quality of the content or you can go directly to the movie trailer.


On the main site of Cinecalidad, you can see each and every one of the free releases, all in Spanish . It offers multiple categories, including options with 4K UHD quality content. You can choose subtitles to access trailers, download movies or watch movies online.

Each and every movie has an introduction and also detailed information about the free quality or the actors involved.


A great alternative to EstrenosFlix, it stands out for its modern design and updated content

You can filter and search for Latin, Spanish or English movies
Include lists with the latest version or the most viewed
If you choose the registration option, you can create an adapted list with your preferred content


With Megadede, you can find out about the latest episodes of your favorite series, as well as the premieres that are still on the billboard . You can create a favorites list and access each and every one of the data related to the titles that interest you the most.

The platform makes suggestions based on what you like. You can also classify them as: pending, following, viewed or well completed.

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What is the best alternative to EstrenosFlix?

If you do not want to miss any of the current series and premiere movies, and at the same time you are looking for traditional content of recent times, then the best alternative option to EstrenosFlix is ​​Pelis123 .

The best thing about this platform is that it has the most popular series and movies of the moment, even if they are not in HD like MejorTorrent , where we have to download them to do so, but you can also find traditional works from the last decades, especially traditional works from a thousand years ago. nine hundred fifty six. If you’re not sure what to look for, you can filter to find content alphabetically from the main site, or view the best recommendations assigned by category.

On the other hand, the platform lets you search for movies and series based on dubbing (from Spain or Latin) and subtitles. Another advantage of this site is that you can find out the latest information about the titles that are going to be uploaded in the next few days.