iOS 17 beta 3 adds new voice options to Siri

iOS 17 beta 3 adds new voice options to Siri

The latest iOS 17 developer beta has arrived with some minor but interesting changes. One of the most notable novelties is the addition of new voice options for Siri in German.

These improvements seek to provide users with a more personalized experience when interacting with Apple ‘s virtual assistant .

New voices for Siri in German

As reported by MacErkopf , the third beta of iOS 17.0 has introduced two new voice options for Siri in the German language.

These voices are in addition to the two previously existing options, and allow users to further customize the way they interact with Siri.

Those who have already installed the latest beta version will be able to find the new voice options in the Siri settings.

Last year, Apple introduced two new Siri voices in English, with the goal of making the user experience more personal and familiar to users. With iOS 17, it seems that Apple wants to expand this experience to other languages, including German.

Additional improvements in iOS 17

In addition to new voice options for Siri, iOS 17 also brings other improvements to Apple’s virtual assistant.

Now, it is no longer necessary to use the full “ Hey Siri ” command to activate it, since it is possible to interact with Siri simply by saying its name.

This simplification in the use of Siri facilitates its accessibility and streamlines interactions with the assistant.

Another notable improvement is the ease of choosing the messaging app that is being used with Siri.

This feature simplifies communication and allows users to manage their messages more efficiently.

Additionally , Apple has enabled the ability for users to ask Siri to play media on the HomePod using iPhone apps .

This expands media playback and control options and provides a richer experience across the ecosystem of Apple devices.

Availability of iOS 17 beta 3

The third beta version of iOS 17 is now available for developers. According to Apple, a public beta version is expected to be available this month, while the official release will take place during the fall.

For more details on how to install the beta update, you can visit the Apple Developer website.

On this occasion we can say that the third beta version of iOS 17 has introduced new voice options for Siri in German, thus expanding the personalization of the virtual assistant experience.

In addition, there have been additional improvements to Siri, such as simplifying the wake command and the ability to control media playback on HomePod using iPhone apps.

These updates demonstrate Apple’s commitment to providing a more seamless and personalized experience for users of its devices.