What it is and better alternatives to Eliteros

What it is and better alternatives to Eliteros

9 out of 10 people on the planet use torrent sites to download files. Peer to Peer systems are very popular, not only because of platforms like Netflix, but also because it is a technology that allows people to download these kinds of files.

Eliteros is one of the sites that gets the best reviews in terms of download quality and ease of use . But like all the sites that provide content illegally, it is also harmed by the authorities.

If you need a solution to replace this place, then this is the best post you can find, and this is all you need.

What is Eliteros?

Eliteros is a pirated site and its audience can take advantage of this opportunity to download any torrent file. In a 2018 survey, it was noted that 48,000 globally used the site.

It can be seen that most of its traffic comes from Spain, reaching the top of the most visited torrent page. While it’s not currently free, we think it’s temporary due to the fact that the suspension notice hasn’t been shown yet.

The different torrent files that can be downloaded from this place include the content of movies, reports, series and programs for adults . But like each and every one of the pirated pages, it violates copyright, with which the entities that protect them strongly demand it.

Why has Eliteros closed?

As we have already mentioned, these are pirate sites that threaten the private property of many people, not only providing content, but also trying to take advantage of it.

When explaining the anti-piracy law and the SINDE statement, it was mentioned: “The main drawback is those sites that want to make profits through content without spending money (money) to make profits, that is, illegal profits.”

Most Internet content is protected by intellectual property rights, which is why the Anti-Piracy Law of the USA and the SINDE of Spain are committed to removing these inconveniences. From a certain deep point of view, yes, they are illegal, due to the fact that some sites use the perfect Peer to Peer mode to deliver child pornography, and the induction of said pornography is criminal throughout the world.

Since we allow downloading a torrent file, our network will be used directly to download another file, and we give this permission by allowing the download . On the other hand, according to article two hundred and seventy of the Penal Code of Spain revised in 2015, the meaning of the law is greater in sites that provide profitable links and download documents protected by intellectual property rights.

But this does not mean that people who do not earn money will not be penalized, since they must cancel the fine for copyright infringement. Obviously, the law does not have greater weight since it does not meet the requirements of article two hundred and seventy.

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Alternative options to Eliteros to download torrents

Eliteros is not the only place that can offer us the opportunity to download torrent files , there are many pages that can offer us exactly the same benefits.

These are the 5 most praised sites for downloading torrents:


ExtraTorrents is one of the best Torrent download sites, which allows us to download this kind of files. Although it is not very modern, it has quite an easy and attractive architecture .

To use it, we just have to go to the site and download the extension n. As shown in the screenshot, if we do not install the extension, the site will receive a warning until it verifies that the application is in our browser.


Demonoid is a very famous site, but not for its page design. Gives countless files as Eliteros, especially files on movies and reports . If we want to download a file from this site, we must first register, although these files are currently suspended. The only way to access this place without a personal profile is with the invitation of active users.

On this site, we will find certain adult ads, but it is not intrusive. However, as adults, we must prevent minors from visiting this place. Another feature is that it lets us download VPN with a seventy percent discount, which is really useful if we want to download files anonymously.


Nyaa is a very interesting site, not only because it offers torrent content just like Eliteros, but also because the content they publish is very rigorous . It has great technical support, it is always attentive to any situation and continuously examines the accounts.

In the same way as with the previous platforms, we must register to download or upload . This is an unintentionally profitable site, but it is still at risk of being shut down.

In the rules of the site we can find different reasons to close the account, among them, the publication of child pornography is absolutely prohibited, from a certain personal point of view we think that this is quite good.

Tamil Rockers

In Tamil Rockers we can find any kind of audiovisual content. On the billboard, we will always find the latest content on movies, series and reports , and everything we want to have a good time at home, except sports, but for that we have MonosChinos .

If we speak English well, then this place will be perfect, since the category that offers the most content is the category that uses that language.

Here we can find the great quality of all the content. At first glance, this is clearly not an attractive site, but we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.


To finally count the alternative products of Eliteros, we leave EZTV. Like each and every one of the files that we mention, it allows us to download any kind of torrent file with excellent quality .

If we cannot find what we are looking for at first glance, we can use the file browser, we only need to write down the name of the content that we want to download. This is a complete and unique site, one click away from us.