What it is and better alternatives to AnimeYT

What it is and better alternatives to AnimeYT

Today, there are many sites that allow you to enjoy anime online just as others like Eliteros allow you to download it. Since copyright in Western countries does not cover such content, most of it is Asian content. However, not each and every user has different page options to be able to watch anime online. Hence, in the article we are going to show you the best alternative option to AnimeYT .

Since AnimeYT can be considered one of the best pages to watch anime, it is not the best page either. For this reason, we have committed to compiling seven great options for you in the next list:

Alternative options to AnimeYT to be able to watch anime online


Hitokin is undoubtedly one of the best alternative products from AnimeYT. Well, its interface is great and very convenient for use on mobile devices . Therefore, it is one of the best pages because you can take it anywhere without inconvenience.

It is also attractive because of the constant updates, which is why they usually have current and even circulating anime. Hitokin also stands out in his community. As usual he is really active in the various free comment sections on the page.

Therefore, if you are one of those who likes to know the beliefs of other users, then Hitokin is undoubtedly your ideal choice. Due to the fact that you can see comments on each and every uploaded chapter. Whether it’s the old version or the current anime.


It is considered as one of the most important online platform, although you will suffer from internet interruption, and its platform to watch videos depends on good internet, if you want to download it to watch videos without causing any internet interference or worry, this it’s good advice. Abundant servers for downloading or online viewing make it a highly recommended page among South American users. It offers a variety of download services and multiple animation series, it has very interesting, original and, most importantly, “intuitive” visualizations, where you can choose your preferred content.


RainAnime is another of the most recommended alternative options to AnimeYT. It stands out for the fact that it has a huge catalog of different animes . It also has a really nice and specific anime category section, so if you don’t know what to watch, it’s going to be a good option.

However, one of their disadvantages is that they offer too many ads on their site . Due to the fact that screen popping exists today so many pages. However, the quality of the images and videos provided by different players is very good and is worth recommending.

Because they use links to redirect to “Private” YouTube videos, they bypass limitations. So if you like the Youtube player and its overall quality, that would be great. Therefore, despite the shortcomings, we recommend trying RainAnime.


In contrast to the previous options, Crunchyroll stands out for offering the least amount of advertising possible . Due to the fact that they provide an ideal payment service for anyone who wants to avoid annoying and intrusive advertising. Except for the rest of the ads that can’t be removed by the ad blocker.

Crunchyroll is a great site and has an intuitive platform and interface, perfect for finding everything you need. In the same way, the image and video quality is also the best. Since they deliver perfect high-definition image quality, no detail will be lost.

They are also continually updated, so their content catalogs are continually growing as well. This is very convenient for searching for new anime to watch. For all of the above, Crunchyroll is one of the best alternative options to AnimeYT.

Anime Blix

Like the preceding options, Anime Blix is ​​considered by many to be the best alternative option to AnimeYT . Because its operation is unparalleled, and there are usually no problems with the player falling or wrestling. However, we advise you to use Anime Blix on your computer using an internet browser.

Because in this way you will be able to better enjoy the quality of the site. They also provide their own high-quality player that allows us to enjoy anime online without removing it from the website.

Thus, you can enjoy all the content without being plagued by annoying pop-ups or intrusive ads. In Anime Blix, you can locate each and every one of the possible categories of anime, including the most popular anime, such as: Dragon Ball, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Bleach, etc.


This is a standard page, it does not reach the level of AnimeYT. It gives a variety of anime series and movies to watch online . It also provides download links. What really attracts the attention of the platform is its mobile application. It is useful and it will not bother you In addition to this, its application is simple to use, which is undoubtedly a great option if you like to watch series.

Chinese Monkeys

If you need to find movies, series and reports of Korean, Chinese or Japanese origin , this page can save you the trouble of searching without positive results. Most of the content on this page is translated into Latin Spain as AnimeYT. It is one of the most supported and used platforms in Latin America. MonosChinos has a group on social networks such as Fb where users can share content, wait for the premiere and chat about different topics of interest.

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It is the only paid platform on the list, but it cannot be abandoned because if it is not the best platform to be able to watch anime in the future, it will clearly become a platform. It is stable and can meet any and all requirements such as security. platform. It was produced in the US and is the most essential audiovisual content platform on the Internet today, with one hundred and eighty million customers of the service in 2023. You can already watch countless anime series and movies, at the moment you can find the best-known animation of this class, but they promise to expand its content. Although it is not an expert platform in animation, it has a wide variety of series and movies, each and every one of them with the best quality, and have language options and subtitles that other platforms do not have.

Watching a series can get rid of routine life, and just doing something we like can relax and distract us from the heavy pressure of daily life. Hence, having multiple options to see things related to anime is a good option.