13 Alternatives to Kisscartoon

13 Alternatives to Kisscartoon

Kisscartoon is a fun-filled anime streaming outlet that often remains on the radar for legal violations. Its free availability and potential license violations are often annoying to ISPs and other service providers, resulting in the site being banned. While many Kisscartoon mirrors are now available as alternatives, you cannot rely on them for content security because they are not original. But instead, you can try one of the Kisscartoon alternatives listed in this guide to continue watching your favorite media anywhere. However, first make sure you protect your online activities with a VPN.

Kisscartoon is an anime video streaming website full of entertaining works that frequently receives attention for its legal violations. The free availability of their content with its potential violations of copyright licenses often annoys Internet service providers and other companies. While there are quite a few clones of the original website that are available as alternatives they cannot be trusted as copies. It is better to try one of the alternatives to Kisscartoon that we show you in this guide so that you can continue watching your favorite videos from anywhere. However, be sure to protect your digital activities with a VPN first.

If you are one of those Internet users who have a lot of contact with their inner child, watching cartoons even as an adult, then surely you already know about the existence of Kisscartoon. It is a fantastic website that offers many animated series at no cost, plus it does not require opening any account or registration process.

What is a search bar that makes it easier to find the content you want to see, some of the shows it includes are The Powerpuff Girls, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil and much more. It also has a wide catalog of live television channels so you can watch your favorite television programs and sporting events live.

If you also have a Kisscartoon account you will also have many additional advantages. For example, the site can send you a link to your favorite shows, allow you to comment on each episode or create your own playlists for after each episode point no paragraph

There are also various tools available on the site to help you finish upcoming episodes and how long it will take you to watch them.

Quick List: Best Alternatives to Kisscartoon

If what you wanted from this guide is to find the best options for Kisscartoon as quickly as possible, this section will tell you which are the 5 best alternatives to the website that you can visit to start watching your favorite cartoons. If you want a more detailed list describing more options with additional information then you can read the next section.

So the 5 best alternatives for Kisscartoon on the internet are:

  1. KissAnime. It is the original Kisscartoon comma site that has popular clones for millions of users around the world.
  2. Crunchyroll. A website very well known for the speed with which it publishes new updates from the world of manga and anime. Typically new chapters are available here a few hours after they appear in Japan.
  3. WatchCartoonsOnline. An anime and cartoon website whose minimalist appearance has made it very resistant over time.
  4. WatchSeries. It is one of our favorite options because of its similarity to Kisscartoon and its rapid publication of new materials.
  5. AnimeToon. It also publishes new content very quickly and hosts a very extensive catalog.


We does not confirm that any website or application accepts licenses necessary to distribute the content offered by us. We do not develop or control and manage or are associated with any video website. We also do not support or encourage legal digital activities related to the downloading or streaming of copyrighted works. Only works that are in the public domain and that are not subject to intellectual protection laws should enjoy end user access. Any content that is accessed through any device, application or service referenced in our articles is the sole responsibility of the end user. Privacysavvy assumes that all users are aware of and respect their respective local laws regarding copyright and intellectual property. For this reason we do not accept any responsibility for events such as revocation of internet service legal actions data breaches unauthorized charges or any other consequences that users may face due to illegal video downloading or streaming practices. However, we recommend using a VPN to protect personal privacy and anonymity and avoid geo-restrictions or artificial bandwidth limitations.

The basic information of Kisscartoon

Kisscartoon is one of the best anime video streaming websites on the internet. It has an elegant design designed to facilitate the experience of animation enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite content in high definition.

This video platform does not host content on its own server, as is the case with most free video websites. The strength of the site, however, lies in the curation of an immense collection of links so that all the content is well categorized and organized to facilitate user navigation. That results in a fast and flexible interface that makes it one of the best green video sites regardless of category.

The vast majority of the most famous free video websites have histories distinguished by bans, blocks, disappearances and reappearances. Kisscartoon also has its history. It began under your current Incarnation. Later, various clone mirrors and proxies appeared that try to imitate the original concept of Kisscartoon.

Strangely the demand for cartoon websites has gone down in recent years. It has to do with why a significant fraction of anime and animation enthusiasts discovered BitTorrent and other content distribution tools to get their videos instead of watch them on typical free video streaming platforms.

This article will show you which are the 13 best alternatives to Kisscartoon on the internet today. The websites we chose are suitable for viewing on computers such as phones, and any video devices such as Amazon Firestick which has become the king of video toys.

Most of the websites we include on our list are free and do not require registration or creating an account to enjoy their content. If you are an Amazon firestick or fireTV user, we recommend downloading and installing Amazon’s Silk browser. If you are on Android device then we recommend TV bro or Puffin TV browser.

Safety and Kisscartoon and internet safety

The original Kisscartoon website no longer exists. They took it off line a few years ago. But there is no shortage of clones and mirrors on the web that you can use. Millions of users enjoy them every month and they will most likely stay online for a long time.

One question that always comes to mind with free video websites is whether they are safe to use. The problem with clones and mirrors is that they can be altered according to the owner’s wishes and purposes. These are websites that are very frequently dedicated to the distribution of malware through advertising or other means.

We took on the task of finding out if Kisscartoon is free of malware so we could inform you, so we did several tests. Turns out not. We found at least one file that is a strong candidate for malware distribution on the site.

The presence of dubious code on a website how are they no surprise point if you have read any of the other articles that we have published in the topics of free video streaming websites, you will have realized that we are always insisting on two things: to use these sites you need to have a first-class antivirus active on your devices and, in addition, that you have a VPN service premium to keep you protected from all the anonymity and privacy security issues that these websites can cause.

Answering the question in the title of this section: no, Kisscartoon is not a safe website for users. However, you will have nothing to worry about if you have a good antivirus and a VPN.

Top 13 Alternatives to Kisscartoon : The Detailed List

We selected the 13 best alternative sites for Kisscartoon according to the following two points criteria

  • Available content
  • Monthly user traffic
  • Advertising annoyance scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the most annoying.
  • Popularity.
  • VPN friendliness
  • User interface
  • Account requirements

1. KissAnime

  • Website: https://www.kiss-anime.org/

This is not just any cartoon site but the website that started the phenomenon described here, which is why it is our first choice to replace Kisscartoon on the internet.

The original vehicle was kissanime.ru, but it was disabled during 2020 due to legal processes, point Pedro. By the time that site went down, there were already tons of clones and mirrors roaming the internet. Many are still out there and have many users.

It is a hugely popular site among connoisseurs of the genre because of its extensive catalog, simple navigation, the fact that it does not require registration, as well as its background in the niche.

Four million users enjoy this website every month and it works very well with VPN. It also does not require having accounts and has many advantages. But the annoyance caused by her blouse and its advertising is relatively high, so we give it 7 points on our scale.

2. Crunchyroll

  • Website: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

Crunchyroll is more focused on anime than cartoons so it is the perfect site to complement Kisscartoon. One of the best things about crunchyroll is that it frees you from ads once and for all, although you have to pay a subscription to enjoy this advantage.

Anime lovers know Crunchyroll very well because it releases new content very quickly. The most recent episodes of the genre are available on the site approximately one hour after they have aired in Japan. It is not a minor achievement since it requires a lot of effort.

We give it a rating of 3 on our ad annoyance index point the anime database is huge and has almost 48 million visitors each month. It requires having an account and it is not the site best suited to VPNs on our list, although if you use one of the best penis sites that we have recommended precisely for use with crunchyroll in another of our articles you will not have any problems.

3. WatchCartoonsOnline

  • Website: https://www.wco.tv/

That is also a fashion website within its genre. The simple design makes navigation and searching very easy. You will find what you are looking for quickly.

That website appeared years ago as watchcartoonsonline.io. Unfortunately, as often happens with these types of sites, it also disappeared a few years ago, but not before an army of very well-made clones were already available to fans.

Categories within this website include series movies subtitled anime cartoons and dubbed anime. There is something for any taste.

The site has three quarters of a million monthly visitors, no account required and works perfectly well with VPNs. Advertising is annoying by 5 points.

4. WatchSeries

  • Website: https://watchseries.id/

WatchSeries It is a very famous video website that offers a very wide variety of content in all genres apart from anime and cartoons.

Like many other entertainment portals, it does not specialize in anime or animated series or manga like the other options on our list. However, it includes a lot of content that will be very attractive to manga fans.

It is a very interesting option on our list because it offers much greater variety than the typical cartoon-focused sites.

The ad annoyance rate is remarkably low at four points and it serves 432,000 monthly users. Unfortunately it requires creating an account, but it works great with VPN.

5. AnimeToon

  • Website: http://animetoon.theproxy.ws/

What makes this website one of our favorites and one of the best alternatives to Kisscartoon is how similar the two are. The similarities begin with the content and categories.

It also happens that this website updates the content to publish new episodes very quickly after they are broadcast. Categories include: home daily episodes popular beings movies list cartoon series and dubbed anime.

The ads have 7 annoyance points, which does not seem to matter to the 910,000 monthly visitors who do not need an account and work well with defenses.

6. Toonova

  • Website: http://toonova.theproxy.ws/

Toonova is a very simple website with thousands of videos in the anime, manga and cartoon genres. Categories include colon full movies daily episodes dubbed anime read manga and watch cartoons.

Like Crunchyroll and AnimeTunes, the website team enjoys posting the latest anime episodes as they air in their home countries.

We give this site 5 out of 10 points for its annoying ads, points, no account required, no traffic from 710,000 monthly users and it does work with VPN.

7. 9Anime

  • Website: https://9anime.se/

9Anime is one of the most popular sites on our list and is much more than just an alternative to Kisscartoon. Thousands of titles are available and new chapters and episodes appear within minutes after airing.

The immense popularity of this website means that links for clones and mirrors are rampant and exist in the hundreds. However, the original and main website remains anime.ru.

A peculiarity of this site is that it offers high definition versions in 1080 points for both the dubbed and subtitled versions so that even the most purist fans will find videos that satisfy them.

The number of users is almost 4 million per month, no account required, it works perfectly well with VPN services and its ads are annoying at a rate of 7 points.

8. GoGoAnime

  • Website: https://gogoanime.mom/

GoGoAnime is a video streaming website in the anime cartoon niche that has so many options that it will end up being the only site you use in this genre because you won’t need other sources of entertainment.

The site has a very extensive catalog of series dubbed into English and also has the option to display subtitles in Chinese. It has a million and a half monthly visitors, it does not need accounts, it works with VPN and the always important annoyance of ads is six points

9. Anime8Dao

  • Website: https://anime8dao.com/

The number of titles available full episodes on this website is counted in the thousands, the list includes the most recently published episodes, series activity and the oldest shows that have been included on the site most recently.

Each of the episodes has the option of its English qualification, both high and standard. If you have questions you can always press the random button to receive a suggestion from the site. No paragraph

Unfortunately the advertising on this website is extremely annoying with 8 points out of 10 but that does not seem to affect the popularity among anime fans since it has 931,000 visitors in soles point plus it works well with VPNs and does not require obtaining an account.

10. AnimeFreak

  • Website: https://animefreak.video/

AnimeFreak is the go-to resource for the anime and cartoon community for the thousands of titles it offers. It also includes an equally extensive catalog of manga. This website does not require registration, but the ads are a bit excessive, we give them eight points.

This website serves 790,000 monthly users and works great with vpns.

11. KimCartoon

  • Website: https://kimcartoon.li/

Many of the most passionate fans of the genre consider Kimcartoon the best option after Kisscartoon.

The very neat and direct interface makes the search process very fast so that you can quickly find and track the series you want to watch, here you will find many classics like Tom and Jerry, which gives you an idea of ​​the material you can find here.

It is a site that charges nothing and requires no registration with 6-point annoyance ads.

12. Nick TV (Nickelodeon)

Nick TV
  • Website: http://www.nick.co.uk/

It’s always good to have a completely legal option to watch cartoons online. But it’s even better if it’s a safe free option for kids with original content and videos available in high resolution – tip that option is Nickelodeon.

This is a brand that you probably already know so it does not need any further introduction from us.

We may complain about some of the ads however you can’t go wrong with this site period of course the content is limited to titles that Nickelodeon can legally distribute. But that is enough to enjoy many hours of entertainment.

13. Funimation

  • Website: https://www.funimation.com/

Funimation proudly removes English subtitles from all of its content. It is a website whose fame is based on the fact that all the available content is dubbed in English.

As the website includes only dubbed animations the catalog is relatively more limited compared to other sites that offer the original The Solid with subtitles. But if audiovisual immersion is an important part of the anime experience for you then it will be a small price to pay.

The site is free, but the constant bombardment of ads will make you consider paying the $5 a month it costs to avoid them. In any case, navigation is very direct and VPNs are welcome.


As is the case with many sites today, funimation may not be available to users in certain countries. For example, our Asian partners were unable to view it in some countries. But this is easily solved with a good quality VPN.

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The question of Kisscartoon’s legality is crucial. Unfortunately this is also a very ambiguous issue and we cannot offer you a definitive answer at this time, however there are several factors to consider.

You have to start by remembering that free video streaming websites are rarely legal. Distributing content protected by copyright laws legally requires financially compensating the copyright owner and having previously acquired the legal right to distribute it in each of the jurisdictions where it is available.

Since Kisscartoon offers all of its titles to users in all countries, the issue of legality makes us wonder if Kisscartoon has negotiated an agreement with the copyright owners that covers distribution in all countries of the world.

Another good question is whether the site is paying for its streaming licenses. Taking into account that such a feat is beyond the reach of even Amazon and Netflix, it is most likely that Kisscartoon is streaming pirated material. At the moment we cannot know for sure based on the official material that is available at the moment. But when a liquid is white, smells like milk, tastes like milk and comes in a liter carton, you know what it is.


Another important point to consider is that the original Kisscartoon site had to disappear period this is not something that happens to clean and legal websites so there is another red flag there. When the site disappeared it was known that it was because of a DMCA request that the site had to close its doors.

So it happens that everything related to Kiss cartons is illegal? No, not at all. All videos available on the platform that are in the public domain are legal. Obviously it is not such videos that attract the majority of users to the site.

In the final analysis, the responsibility that the consumer has in these matters cannot be denied. It is the one that selects the websites you want to visit and the videos you want to watch. If you choose an illegal website because it is free or because it has the content you are looking for, you are free to do so. But that also implies a responsibility. Additionally, such a consumer may become involved in legal problems and even criminal proceedings depending on the local jurisdiction.

In short, it is impossible to correctly assess the legal status of Kisscartoon but it has all the signs related to illegal sites transmitting pirated material. It will have to be used accepting the risk.

What will happen if I get caught using Kisscartoon or one of its alternatives?

This question cannot be answered in a general way because the answer depends on many factors, many of which are local and change from one jurisdiction to another.

First you have to know if you were caught viewing material that is in the public domain or material that is protected by copyright point in the case first act activity is legal and cannot cause you any problems.

So now the relevant part of the question is what happens if I get caught watching copyrighted material on Kisscartoon or similar sites?

Again the answer depends on the country.

Each country in the world issues its own legislation regarding intellectual property and copyright and also has its own way of enforcing it. There are countries where piracy is legal as long as all the material is for personal use only. Other countries speak in favor of copyright, but do little or nothing to ensure that these principles are respected in reality. But there are also some countries that take these matters very seriously and diligently pursue rapists to punish them. Punishments can range from a warning to prison sentences.

While the worst possibilities written in the previous paragraph are possible and have happened to many users in the world. They are also very unlikely. If your particular government was very interested in protecting the material that KissCartoon is transmitting, it would most likely attack the website first than users and consumers.

Assuming you are asking this question for your peace of mind then there is a foolproof solution: do not engage in any piracy related activities. But if you can’t live without your regular dose of anime then use a premium VPN and you’ll never have to worry.


Cartoons do not come with demographic or age restrictions. They are a delight available to all generations and we also enjoy them as such. No paragraph

So are you ready? Are you about to make your weekend plans so you can enjoy a marathon of your favorite manga animations and cartoons? We hope so.

Life is hard. Earning your bread, taking care of your career and family, staying healthy, and all these things of normal life are complicated enough. That’s without taking into account that we are in the third year in a row of a pandemic that has turned the world upside down. All of these things didn’t happen while we were growing up. It’s not like we asked for them, but we didn’t have a choice either! That’s why watching cartoons is a great pastime! It connects us back to that time in our lives when pursuing happiness was much simpler.

Everyone deserves an escape like a place where they can rest. If cartoons can offer you that place then we can only be glad that we helped you get as many of them as you can consume by showing you the 13 best alternatives to Kisscartoon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our article offers you 13 excellent alternatives to Kisscartoon. Among the best options are Crunchyroll, Kissanime. Each option is different and has something peculiar to contribute. Also, since they are free sites, you can try them all until you can decide which ones you prefer.

All sites that are streaming material that is in the public domain are acting legally. However, if it is copyrighted material then the legality depends on many factors including your own local laws.

You don’t need a VPN, but our recommendation is that you use it anyway.