Proven Ways to Unlock Kodi

Proven Ways to Unlock Kodi

For those who think of Kodi as the perfect medium to stream the best content, unlocking the software can be complex. There are different methods to unblock Kodi in 2023, but choosing the best one is the goal of expert users. Without a doubt, the safest option is to use a VPN. Reputable VPN services help bypass geo-restrictions and protect user privacy. Other methods may be effective but lack safety. Some include using a proxy IP address, reconfiguring ISP settings, and accessing Kodi repositories.

The entertainment world saw the birth of XBMC Media Center in 2003. It was a simple idea: create a media player capable of playing any content painlessly. It soon became Kodi.

The acclaimed multimedia player quickly rose to fame for all the possibilities it offered. However, it is precisely its vast potential that generates controversy.

The goal of the XBMC Foundation was to develop an open source multifunctional player. Thus, various add-ons were integrated so that users could enter an entire reproduction ecosystem. Users could find many cutting-edge resources in one place.

Whether it was in the form of radio listening add-ons and stylish screensavers, using Google authentication systems, or even rewinding tools with subtitles, Kodi covered it all.

However, the only, albeit major, problem is arguably where Kodi’s legality begins to fade into the background.

While the media player is 100% legal, some of the most popular Kodi add-ons border on copyright infringement. Most users use add-ons to download or stream surreptitious and typically illegal content.

As a result, different countries have banned Kodi in their territories. Government concerns relate to the use of Kodi for piracy.

It doesn’t matter how curious you are about a hack to unlock Kodi. Whether you just want to use the media player or the popular Kodi add-ons to stream content, this article is for you. Get ready as we reveal the best methods for safe Kodi use in 2023.

Best Ways to Unlock Kodi: Quick List

Are you looking for concise information? Don’t worry! Here’s a quick list of the four best methods to unblock Kodi without sacrificing security. In the next section we will cover each in detail, you can check out this short version for an overview.

  1. Use a VPN: If you want to unblock Kodi addons, a VPN is the best method in every way. Not only will you be able to evade restrictions, but you will also be protecting your privacy.
  2. Use a proxy server: Proxy servers are efficient at bypassing geographic restrictions. Users who do not prioritize privacy can use this method instead of the VPN. It is not as secure, because it does not have encryption.
  3. Adjust Internet Service Provider (ISP) Settings: Internet service providers often apply filters to their customers. However, in countries like the United Kingdom, it is possible to reconfigure these ISP filters to avoid restrictions.
  4. Deploy Kodi repository installations: Although several Kodi repositories are dead, users can still find them. It’s controversial, but it’s still an effective method of evading plugin restrictions.

Unblock Kodi with a VPN

The foolproof method to unblock Kodi is with a VPN. VPNs bypass restrictions by creating an encrypted tunnel, transforming your online data into one that the website you want to visit accepts by showing it an allowed IP address.

Furthermore, they also provide strong security by encrypting your data and making your browsing 100% anonymous.

On the one hand, the different risks related to cybersecurity with encryption. On the other hand, the user efficiently avoids being linked to piracy activities.

Having a powerful VPN ensures that you can browse safely and confidentially. However, it is necessary to have the right criteria to choose the best VPN for your needs.

Choosing the best VPN for Kodi

When it comes to selecting the best VPN to unblock and access Kodi, these are the criteria you should keep in mind:

  • The number of servers: VPNs have networks of servers to operate. A powerful VPN needs a good number of nodes to be more versatile. This way, there are enough options to connect regardless of geographic restrictions.
  • Encryption algorithm: The strength of the encryption protocol used by the VPN determines whether your identity is private. It is crucial when choosing a VPN. Choose a provider with military-grade encryption.
  • Connection speed: The user does not need an ultra-fast connection all the time. But you must have it when you need it for specific tasks.
  • Service Affordability: The VPN industry is huge. With so many options on the market, the best scenario you can rely on is having a cost-effective VPN. It’s about getting the best quality at the lowest price.
  • World-class customer service: Many times, the difference between good service and exceptional service lies in customer support. A worthwhile VPN service is one that has 5-star quality customer service.

Can I use a free VPN with Kodi?

Free VPNs have multiple limitations. Because they don’t charge for their service, they take advantage of user data. For example, they sell personal information to third parties.

Additionally, they do not have strong encryption protocols. Because of this, users are vulnerable to cyber attacks from hackers and other online risks.

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Enable an IP Address on Kodi

Using an IP proxy address is an effective method to unblock Kodi add-ons. Like a VPN, an IP proxy allows the user to bypass location restrictions by using a new IP address. In this way, the Internet service provider cannot collect the user’s actual connection information. By obtaining the IP proxy information, the blocked website receives details with which it allows access.

Despite their effectiveness in unblocking geo-restricted sites, IP proxy addresses have a notable disadvantage.

Let’s take a website like Kodi as an example. Most users want to unlock Kodi addons to watch movies online for free and have access to downloading features. But, although changing the IP allows you to unblock websites, this method does not offer encryption of user data.

The user may be able to identify themselves with data such as device type and location, among others. Consequently, users are recommended to use this method only if their priority is not privacy, but access to content.

It is worth noting that another potential risk is related to cyber attacks from hackers. Therefore, in addition to possible identification, users are subject to virtual threats such as identity theft.

Here are the steps to enable an IP proxy address on Kodi:

  1. Open the Kodi app on your device.
  2. Go to Kodi Settings.
  3. Select “System Settings” and then “System.”
  4. On the “Internet access” tab, choose “Internet access method” and select “Use proxy server.”
  5. Enter the IP address of the proxy in the appropriate field. You can get this information from the proxy provider or search online for a list of free proxies.
  6. Enter the proxy port number in the “Port” field.
  7. If the proxy requires authentication, select the “Proxy requires authentication” option and provide the necessary credentials.
  8. Save the settings and close the settings window.

Once you have enabled IP proxy on Kodi, you will be able to access blocked content using the proxy IP address. Please note that connection quality and stability may vary depending on the proxy used.

It is important to note that using free proxies can present security and privacy risks. It is always advisable to use a reliable proxy service or a paid VPN to ensure a safe and secure connection when accessing Kodi or any other online service.

Configure your internet service provider settings

Adjusting your Internet Service Provider settings can be an effective method. Although it is not that well known, you can change your ISP settings to unblock Kodi. Through the ISP, different governments, including the United Kingdom, apply filters so that connections do not have access to certain content.

Thus, citizens are prevented from interacting with websites that represent a risk. At first, this deployment of filters had an important objective: to prevent minors from accessing uncensored content. However, the implementation has also helped eradicate websites that may violate laws such as copyright.

It is possible for users to change their ISP settings! Turning off filters so that they are not active by default allows websites like Kodi to open without restrictions.

Use installations from the Kodi repository

In programming jargon, a repository is a repository in which a programmer can store different types of resources. It is a way for websites to access information or previous versions of their systems. On this basis, using Kodi repositories is another alternative to access Kodi safely.

This is essentially the most controversial method of accessing Kodi. As mentioned, different countries perceive Kodi as a threat to intellectual property. For this reason, many of the original repositories are inactive.

Despite this, Kodi repositories still exist online. Some give direct access to the most popular plugins. Although accessing them is easy, the best advice is to remain discreet.

The sources in these repositories are not related to Kodi; They may contain malicious files or other threats. In this sense, the suggestion is always to use a VPN to dissipate the associated risks.


Kodi is a media player with an integration of add-ons from the most influential in the industry. Its revolutionary features made its popularity skyrocket in its early days. However, some of the great possibilities that users found in the software led to Kodi being banned in multiple places around the world.

Since most users want to take advantage of Kodi to stream content, it is common to look for strategies to unblock it. In this sense, the safest method is to unblock Kodi using VPN services, the most robust VPN in the industry.

With ExpressVPN, users can connect to a server in a different location to bypass geo-restrictions. Plus, when streaming content, they enjoy ultra-fast connections of up to 475 Mbps. Additionally, VPN offers data encryption to protect users’ identity while browsing the web.

Other methods to access Kodi include using a proxy IP address, changing your Internet Service Provider’s default settings, or adopting Kodi repositories. However, none offer a 100% secure experience.

Proxy addresses lack encryption protocols to secure user data, while ISP settings only work in the presence of content filters. Finally, in the case of repositories, cybersecurity risks arise without the use of a VPN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your Internet Service Provider may prevent you from accessing websites, including Kodi. However, this depends on your location’s laws regarding the media player. Either way, you can bypass geo-restrictions and protect your privacy with a robust VPN service.

The main reason why Kodi is not working is blocking by the government. Your ISP blocks the website based on your location. To avoid this, you should use a high-quality VPN.

Although most private VPNs can easily unblock Kodi, if you are having problems with your VPN, try restarting your router and starting the process again. Please note that you need a subscription plan to use the features of a private VPN.

Yes, a VPN creates a virtual tunnel for users to browse the Internet without restrictions, including unblocking Kodi. Additionally, VPNs also protect users’ privacy by encrypting their personal information.

Kodi is a media player created by the XBMC Foundation. This open source software offers a hub for playing all types of content, including streaming. When using Kodi, you must ensure confidentiality to avoid copyright infringement. At the same time, you need ultra-fast connection speeds. A robust VPN can help you achieve all of this.

Using Kodi by default is not a safe activity. However, you can have a secure experience if you use it with a private VPN service. VPN offers one of the strongest encryption systems to keep you private when browsing the web. Plus, you get a wide network of servers with exceptional speed to enjoy your videos smoothly.

If you live in a country where the software has no restrictions, you can use Kodi even without a VPN. However, for security reasons, the best option is always to use Kodi with a high-quality VPN that offers privacy and speed.

With Kodi, you can play multimedia content. However, its most notable attribute relates to the powerful plugin integrations that allow users to do much more. For example, users can listen to the radio or watch movies and TV series with Kodi.