Top 20 Alternatives for SolarMovie

Top 20 Alternatives for SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a popular streaming service that serves binge viewers with free, unrestricted content. But this free availability comes with legal issues due to potential copyright and licensing violations of the service. Often, users may find it blocked on their ISPs. But do not worry; You can still watch your favorite movie or show on alternative streaming platforms that host content similar to SolarMovie.

SolarMovie is a free video streaming platform serving the world’s movie and TV series marathoners. But foolish availability of material comes with legal complications due to the website’s potential violations of licenses and intellectual property protection laws. Frequently, users find that their Internet Service Provider has the site blocked. But there is not nothing to worry!. In any case, you can enjoy your favorite movie or television show on alternative video platforms that host material similar to that of SolarMovie.

SolarMovie is a multimedia website where you can watch movies, TV shows and other content for free. The videos are in good quality and high definitions. You can watch or download any movie from the site without paying anything. The catalog is immense and includes all genres.

If after reading our brief introduction to SolarMovie you think it’s too good to be true, you’re right. Unfortunately, legal problems aside, there are internet providers that have the SolarMovie site on their block list, so you may not be able to open it without the help of a VPN or you may have to resort to one of their clones. But despite such problems the website remains one of the most popular in the world to watch free movies. It’s like the global supply market for everything to do with online cinema, except you don’t have to pay.

If you already know SolarMovie and you love it and you can open it from your browser without any additional help then allow us to congratulate you. Unfortunately not all users are so lucky. As we have already mentioned, there are certain internet service providers that have the site banned and even some countries have done so as well. That’s why it’s useful to have a list of alternative websites that can offer you a similar experience to SolarMovie in case your Internet provider has it blocked or some other problem appears that prevents you from accessing it. Then this article will show you the best selling alternatives to SolarMovie.

Best Alternatives to SolarMovie: The Quick List

If you’re short on time and the finer details about our SolarMovie alternatives don’t seem all that interesting, then here’s a quick list of our five favorite options:

  1. Vumoo one of the best alternatives to SolarMovie.
  2. Putlockers2 It’s more of a website dedicated to maintaining an index of links to content, but it still allows you to get a lot of movies and TV shows.
  3. Hulu is a subscription-based service that offers video-on-demand focused on live sporting events in the United States.
  4. TubiTv is the perfect alternative to solar in terms of cost and content.
  5. Yify TV offers free content in high resolutions of 720p and 1080p.

Before continuing

We does not verify whether a service, extension, application or website has the legal license required to distribute content subject to copyright laws. We do not distribute any such content nor are we affiliated in any way with any website or company that does so. We also do not operate our own service, navigation extension, application, or website that broadcasts videos of any kind.

We do not promote, approve, or condone illegal activities related to the broadcast or downloading of copyrighted material. The sole responsibility lies with the end user to govern their own behavior on their devices as it relates to accessing media content. None of the applications, browser extensions, websites, services or platforms mentioned by us are a product of the development, hosting, administration or distribution of our website

We advise all users who like to use video streaming websites to use a VPN service to watch such videos including those from SolarMovie. A capable VPN service will hide your true identity, evade geo-blocking, and can also prevent your ISP from leveraging your account.

We consider VPN to be the best, safest, fastest, most reliable service on the market. It has a 30-day or money-back guarantee so you can try it for a whole month without risking it at all.

The 20 Best Alternatives to SolarMovie: The Detailed List

1. Vumoo

Vumoo official site
  • Website:

It is one of the most similar websites to .SolarMovie on the internet. It has an equally large catalog and access is free. So if you are very attached to solar this website will give you a similar experience that you can expect to get used to quickly.

2. Putlockers2

  • Website:

Putlocker It is one of the most famous websites for its free movies and TV shows content. It has been on the internet for a long time and has shown remarkable resilience. According to the site itself it is a global piracy website that allows everyone to download vast resources of pirated movies. It can hardly be spoken more clearly. There are also many alternatives to Putlocker available.

3. Hulu

  • Website:

This alternative is not so similar to SolarMovie because it requires a paid subscription. Rather, it is a platform that offers a variety of movies, television shows, live news and is very focused on live sporting events. So it also differs from SolarMovie in that it offers much more content than just movies.

It has various subscription plans for its prospective users and you can join the site for as little as $6 per month or more depending on the service you select.

4. TubiTV

Tubi official website
  • Website:

TubiTV is a different kind of alternative site to SolarMovie. It is owned by Fox, which is looking to compete with Netflix and Hulu for the video-on-demand market in the United States and the rest of the world.

Content includes movies, TV series, news and sports. It is one of the best free video streaming platforms in 2023 because it follows a legal business model. It does not offer pirated material and is supported by distributing advertising rather than selling subscriptions. In this case it is clean advertising that does not serve as a pretext for the distribution of malicious software.

It is an extremely ambitious project that seeks to offer the best of all worlds in one place so it will be very interesting to follow its prospective success in the years to come.

5. Yify TV

  • Website:

Yify TV also known as  YifyMovies is one of the sites on our list that are more than just an alternative to SolarMovie. It has a great reputation and momentum of its own in the video streaming niche so it is more than a comparable option to SolarMovie. Additionally, it is a free site so you do not need to register or obtain an account to view the content. However, registration gives you certain additional advantages.

6. Lookmovie

  • Website:

Lookmovie has a free plan and a paid plan of $4.16 per month and offers an extensive catalog of movies in 720p and 1080p. Unfortunately, this is a relatively new site so it hasn’t had much time to develop a strong reputation or a loyal user base. However, it is still a good alternative for SolarMovie in 2023.

7. Afdah

Afdah official site
  • Website:

Afdah is the most popular movie watching website in the world, according to many users. It has more than half a million visitors every month. It does not require registration or an account and the best thing is that it does not have the usual annoying ads that appear through pop-up windows and that are the curse of video websites.

So, this is not just another solar substitute but one of the leaders in the free video streaming industry that has a earned place in its own right. In this sense, the most likely thing is that you will find here everything you had in SolarMovie and that you will use it with great pleasure and without missing the previous site.

8. CONtv

  • Website:

CONtv is a website that streams free video but sets itself apart from everyone else in the niche by focusing on panels, movies and TV shows centered around con-com culture.

The catalog includes exclusive movies and TV shows that you won’t find anywhere else.

The site is available free of charge. But if you settle for the free plan you will have to put up with ads and you will not have access to the full content. On the other hand, if you decide to pay the $7 monthly membership fee, you will be able to see all the content it offers without having to put up with advertising.

Other benefits of being a VIP include live broadcasts of 30 comic conventions each year, additional perks at those conventions, reserved seating on select channels, and excellent customer service.

So this website will not be the best alternative to solar for all users, but it is an ideal resource for everyone who is involved in comic con events.

9. Popcornflix

  • Website:

Popcornflix is ​​also a very famous site in itself. If you like horror movies and cult comedies you will find many interesting titles here. The documentary section is also very good. The content for children, although not very recent, is very extensive. Most of the family content is retro from the 80s and 90s.

One thing you might not like about PopCornFlix is ​​that the videos are low quality due to their resolution, somewhat blurry. But it’s free so it always has that advantage. Of course, you’ll have to eat an ad every 15 minutes, but at least they’re short, 30 seconds or less.

10. AZMovies

  • Website:

AZMovies is also a free website that offers movies and TV shows. It is probably the best site of its kind in the world, with the most extensive library of movies. Many titles are available in high resolution and you will find many blockbusters here. But it also contains many rare movies so that even the most fanatical movie buffs will be able to find something to watch on AZmovies.

11. MovieWatcher (now MovieStars)

Movie watcher official site
  • Website:

This is a free video streaming platform made with more care than most others. Each movie comes with a lot of information like the cast, a summary, critical comments and other things. The idea is that you are never forced to blindly choose a movie or consult another source. Unfortunately, it has intrusive and very persistent advertising.

12. 123Movies

  • Website:

123Movies It is an excellent resource for movie lovers who are looking for an exhaustive collection of movies and TV series. Its design is very friendly and it has a wide range of options for downloading and streaming all the videos. The fact that it is completely free makes it a great alternative to paid platforms.

But despite its many advantages this is a website that operates in a legal gray area and it is important to use a VPN when opening this site to protect your identity online and avoid potential legal problems.

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13. BMovies

  • Website:

BMovies is a website that allows its users to watch TV shows and movies online for free and in great quality. The site offers a variety of entertainment options including movies and TV shows organized by country genre and IMDb rating.

On that site you can also find famous movies and shows. You can easily start watching a movie by pressing the preview which will take you to the streaming page. It also has sections with selections of Chinese, Asian, European, Indian, French, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Thai content.

14. GoMovies


  • Website:

This site has a design very similar to SolarMovie with a prominent search bar on the home page where you can type in the name of the movie or show you are looking for. However, this website is not known for having the latest content, although it does have a large collection of acclaimed hits of all time.

That site has a list of trends and episodes. To watch a movie you simply press access to the streaming page, but you will have to endure some pop-up ads before you can start watching your movie. The site offers three different generators for streaming each movie.

15. 4KMovies

  • Website:

This is another SolarMovie alternative worth mentioning because it offers a vast collection of movies ranging from the latest to classic movies. All videos on this site are available in the highest quality.

However, not all the content it offers is hosted on its own servers. Many videos are streamed from third party servers and each movie has several links from which it is streamed. Additionally, the site has a collection of television series available to watch that feature fewer commercials. Additionally, it also has an entertainment section for adults which we recommend using with great caution.

16. Movies4u

  • Website:

Movies4U is a most comprehensive type of website that stands out from the rest of the alternative options to SolarMovie. It offers shows and movies in high definition.

The site includes many content options such as top movies, latest releases, and suggested movies in high or standard quality. Users can also browse the site based on categories that include movies from A to z, top movies according to IMDb, genres, and actors.

17. Primewire

Primewire official site
  • Website:

It is an excellent website where you can find all your favorite movies and television series. It allows you to watch your videos online instantly and is a popular choice among the other alternatives to SolarMovie. The site offers the latest movies and keeps all users well informed with the most anticipated releases so it is a must-see destination for serious movie buffs. recalcitrant.

18. VexMovies

  • Website:

VexMovies offers free content in the highest resolution in a similar way to SolarMovie. The home page features the latest videos in HD and has a section for the newest movies. An advantage of Vexmovies is that it is ad-free.

19. YesMovies official site
  • Website:

This website allows users to browse movies by genre, IMDb rating, alphabetical listings, country, cast, and other metadata. It also has a section that features the highest-rated television series.

The genre section includes 25 categories including action, comedy, thriller, western, drama, adult, war, musical and much more. Users can also see the elements present in the header that show the most recent additions and upcoming movies.

20. FMovies

FMovies official site
  • Website:

Fmovies is a highly popular website that allows both movie streaming and downloading and is considered one of the best options to replace SolarMovie. It offers an extensive selection of movies that include the most recent releases and the most famous classics, as well as television series.

Although there are many similar websites, this one stands out because it allows you to download the movie to watch it later without an internet connection.

Advantages of SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a great option for watching movies and TV shows streamed online because it’s free. Since the cost of online entertainment can be high, paying for various video services can represent an accumulated expense. Solar offers a very wide range of movies and TV shows and a database that is updated regularly, so it is a convenient and reliable resource to keep you up to date with all the newest movies.

In addition to the extensive content it offers, it also gives you a high-resolution experience. Many other similar sites lack the resources to stream high-resolution videos to a large group of users, resulting in an unpleasant experience. Being one of the largest platforms in this solar niche, it offers a lot of content in high definition so you can enjoy all your favorite movies down to the last detail.

Disadvantages of SolarMovie

Not everything is hunky dory on this website, even though it is completely free. For example, it has too many ads and pop-ups which can be very annoying when you are trying to enjoy your favorite content. Additionally, using a service that offers restricted content carries the risk of being caught doing so, even if you have a VPN. Some of the links to the clones on the site may be fake and dedicated to distributing malicious code on your devices, if you try to open them.


If you are a loyal fan of SolarMovie and suddenly you can’t find the website, now you have 20 good alternatives that will allow you to watch that movie or television show that you have been wanting. At the moment. You can see it right now without having to wait.

There are some very obvious similarities between all the sites on our list, but each one has an individual character that sets it apart from all the others. For example, Tubitv is a corporate effort to break up the free video streaming segment of the Internet by offering legal content in exchange for the user’s willingness to watch some advertising. ConTV, on the other hand, is focused on all the entertainment franchises that are the delight of comics conventions. Hulu can add something to your experience with all the sporting events it streams in addition to movies and shows. In short: the possibilities are unlimited and it is up to you to decide which sites best suit you. And since almost all the options are free, there is no reason why you can’t try and investigate which ones are worth it to you as a frequent user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes how it is a free site. You don’t need to pay anything to see solar content.

If digital security is a priority for you then you should stay away from SolarMovie and any other website that streams videos for free. Every site is different but the general rule of thumb for this niche is that the vast majority of sites are illegal and unsafe.

Almost all of the alternatives to solar on our list are free. However, some have paid plans available that coexist with the free plan while others do not.

The answer depends entirely on your personal tastes and preferences. But you can start by testing PutLockers2, Hulu, and Vumoo.

Yes, most are safe. But whenever you are using free streaming videos over the internet you should also be using a VPN as a preventative measure.

No, the solar website is up and running. If you can’t open it, it’s because your country or your internet service provider has banned it. In either case you can restore your access to the site using a VPN.

Many internet service providers have the site banned. The ban will surely be extended to more suppliers and countries in the future.

There is no general answer to this question because it all depends on where you are. Each country has its own body of law regarding the protection of intellectual property and copyright, as well as distribution rights and individual rights. However, given that there is no evidence that SolarMovie is paying license fees to copyright owners for the material it is distributing, using it will be illegal in most countries around the world.