What are the best websites to download movie and series subtitles? List 2023

What are the best websites to download movie and series subtitles? List 2023

Although the advance of the internet allows us to watch our favorite movies and series through services such as Netflix, HBO, Sky, among others, for some reason we want to have the content available on our computer to take it everywhere. So, you finally managed to download that movie or the chapter of that series that you wanted to see so much, Exciting! But you realize that you have overlooked a very important detail: the subtitles.

Of course, unless you have at least basic knowledge of languages, you don’t want to see the content without being able to understand exactly what they are saying. So you will surely need to look for subtitles on the internet , but keep in mind that many pages may be full of annoying and abusive advertising, and some may even have malicious elements in their files that would infect your computer.

Seeking to make everything easier for you, we have prepared a list of options with which you can download the subtitles in English that you need to enjoy your favorite movie or series to the fullest.

How to download the subtitles of a movie or series?

When we download movies or series, they usually come with a language that we don’t understand, and in many cases they don’t even bring another way to modify it , so we have to resort to different platforms to make the change. If this is your case, you should know that there are several ways to download subtitles. Technology has made everything easier for us so let’s see how to do it easily with VLC and Caption .

Automatically with VLC


The easiest way to download subtitles for our movie is to do it automatically from VLC media player, the quintessential program for playing audio and video on our computer that also has this wonderful function that makes everything easier for us.

The first thing you should do is download the program if you don’t have it, from there follow the steps below:

Download VLC Player Windows

Download VLC Player MacOS

  • Open the file you need by right clicking on it and then selecting “Play with VLC”.
  • In the toolbar, select the “View” option , this will display a list, you must click on the “VLsub” option.
  • Select the language, in this case it would be “English”. Then enter the name of the movie and select “Search by name”.
  • Once you find a match you must select it and click on “Download selection”. A link will appear at the bottom of the window, click on it and it will automatically open in the browser to download the compressed file.
  • Unzip the file and place it in a folder. Go to the VLC toolbar and select the Subtitles option followed by “Add new subtitle”.
  • There you will look for the location where you have placed the file and select it. Ready! , subtitles will automatically be added to your movie.

Using Caption for Windows, Mac or Linux

Caption  is a really interesting tool that makes the tedious job of looking for subtitles for our movies or series all over the internet easier. Initially it was released for MacOS but later it reached the world of Linux and Windows, being a convenient option to avoid searching for subtitles on pages with intrusive advertising, false links and malicious files.

Using Caption is very simple, all you have to do is open the program and drag a video to the window so that it automatically searches for the corresponding subtitles. That easy!

Download Caption for Windows

Download Caption for MacOS

Download Caption for Linux

List of the best online websites to download subtitles

We have prepared for you a list with 11 pages that we consider good for what you want to do. It should be noted that these were previously tested to make sure that they are really functional. So if you are a lover of these audiovisuals, perhaps you would like to see them and take them into account for future cases.



If you are looking for subtitles for your favorite series, TVsubtitles is a great option to find them. A website with a fairly comfortable interface that has subtitles for more than two thousand series to its credit. On this page, what you will have to do is enter the name of the series in the search engine, then select the series, season and episode.

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Although, in TVsubtitles you will find the subtitles you are looking for for that series you want to watch, in Moviesubtitles you will be able to download movie subtitles. The interface is identical to its sister page, so it is extremely easy to find the subtitle you need on this website.



Subdivx has been offering the internet world content in English for series and movies for many years. Perhaps it does not have a friendly interface, and although it has become a kind of movie forum, it is still a reference for getting subtitles on the web. You only have to click on “ Subtitles ” in the main menu and then through the search engine make the query.



Opensubtitles is a very good web page to download subtitles for your series and movies and it is even there that VLC media player is in charge of searching for them for you. This will allow you to use different search filters to find the file you are looking for. Great, isn’t it?



Another great wonder of the internet, where you can find subtitles in English for your favorite series is Addic7ted . It has a fairly simple interface that will allow you to quickly locate what you need, even if the content was recently released.



This website does all the work for you. You will only have to drag the video to the main page of the web and it will take care of looking for the indicated subtitle. Of course, keep in mind that you should not change the name of the video file, since otherwise the page will not be able to find a corresponding one. Although Easy Subtitles is not the page that offers the largest number of subtitles, it is a great option and very easy to use.



It is a very useful website for downloading subtitles, where you will find a good number of them so that you can fully enjoy your favorite series and movies. A very complete and varied collection makes SubsWiki an ideal page to download subtitles with a fairly easy-to-navigate interface.



This is another great alternative for downloading series and movie subtitles. Although those in English do not predominate, it is a good search alternative and is very easy to use, since it has a search engine that will instantly return the results.


Well yes, surely it may seem strange that the search engine par excellence is included in this list, but that’s right, it works in an extraordinary way to undertake the search for subtitles on the web.

As simple as entering the name of the movie or series and adding “.srt” to the search, which is the most popular extension for subtitles. Although it would be convenient for you to also add “ English ” or “ hindi ” to this to avoid getting the ones in other language.



It has an interface quite similar to TVSubtitles , with little advertising and a lot of content. This website focuses on offering subtitles for series, so don’t expect to find any subtitles for a movie here.



Although it is focused more on series, it is a great alternative if we want to find our subtitle in English. Even on the main page it shows the files that have recently been uploaded to the web, so that you can know how new the content you find there is.