TuMejorTorrent closes What alternatives to download torrent files are open? List 2023

TuMejorTorrent closes What alternatives to download torrent files are open? List 2023

TuMejorTorrent was a website for downloading almost any torrent file available on the web. In fact, this was considered one of the best and with the most visitors.

Despite what many people believe, these websites and their use is completely illegal. That is why it is common that different of them have to close, are closed by legal entities or have to change domains constantly. In order to avoid sanctions or reduce them.

So, what can you do when TuMejorTorrent or another is closed or does not work? In this tutorial we are going to explain step by step, different alternatives that you can use to download almost any torrent file on the web without problems.

What happened to TuMejorTorrent? Is it not working or have they been closed?

What happened with TuMejorTorrent is a very recurring event for web pages that are dedicated to providing their users with illegal files. It must be clarified that they are illegal because they are files that are protected under copyright. This being the only legal way to obtain them, paying the price of the license or the rights to enjoy them.

In other words, downloading movies, music, games, programs and a long etc, is prohibited when the cost requested to acquire them is not paid. Due to this, these platforms have been created that are dedicated to providing their users with the files for free.

So, has Mejortorrent closed? Yes but no. The official website itself has been shut down . However, the creators of the same have opened other domains so that people can enter and download the content they want.

But, remember that not only the interface is punishable by law for providing content illegally. Those who use these platforms to download content can also be punished.

Other TuMejorTorrent domains

Despite the fact that its official website has been closed, TuMjeorTorrent has managed to open other platforms so that its users can have the content available whenever they want. What are these new? 

Here we point them out:

  • Mejortorrent.wtfis a new domain that works in a similar way to the old one. To handle it, you just have to look for what you want to buy, the download links and complete it. It should be noted that you do not need to be registered on the web to be able to obtain the Torrent links.
  • Mejortorrent1.netIt is currently one of the best alternatives, in fact it is among the top positions in the Google search engine when looking for websites to download these files. Using the interface is simple, you can go directly to the search engine and write what you like, or use the options tabs for a more precise search.

List of the best portals to download alternative P2P content to Tu Mejor Torrent

Although it has closed, on the Internet there are different alternatives that you can use to download content to your computer without problems. Obviously some of these platforms are better than others, but we will provide you with the best torrent download sites that you can use.

Keep in mind that these, like the one mentioned in this article, can suddenly lose service. So we recommend that you always keep other alternatives in mind. They are between them:


Thepiratebay, The pirate bay

It is one of the most recognized pages to download torrent files. In this you can search for any content, obviously it must be available. To do this, you just have to enter any of the free proxies, write the name of what interests you in the search engine, and navigate between the different portals until you find one that contains the one that is available to download.

The Pirate Bay is one of the favorite sites for those users who have been downloading torrent files for a long time. And it is that it contains a large list of documents that you can download without worry.



TomaDivx or as it can currently be found on its website tomadivx1.com, is an excellent torrent search engine to download a wide variety of files, from games, books, music, movies and much, much more.

Its main website had to close or was closed due to the legal inconveniences that these types of sites have. As we previously explained, distributing files that are protected by copyright without the authorization of this or the company that owns them is punishable by law.


kickass2, kickass torrent

This website is one of the best and most content torrents to download. It has a peculiarity and that is that for legal reasons, it is constantly changing its domain. Generating on some occasions that the page you use regularly to enter is deactivated.

To avoid this inconvenience, it is recommended that you enter from the main website, Thekickasstorrents.com, in this you will be able to see different URLs or addresses, to access in case the web is down or not working.

In the same way as in previous cases, you have a wide variety of files which you can download without problems or limitations.



It is quite useful, although its operation is different from the ones mentioned above. To explain in a simple way, it works the same as Google or other search engines . What does this mean? Basically, you must write the content or file you want to download and dirty Torrents will show you different results that the file may contain to download it.



It has updated content, since it is constantly in motion, which has an advantage in a wide variety of files. The best thing you can do with it is to search for the most recent posts, since they are the ones with the active links. It should be noted that in mid-2018 its main website was closed by the FBI.

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Currently, it works with alternate domains, however, it is expected that these will close or be closed over time, as has already happened. Even so, it continues to be a very useful option for downloading a wide variety of files.



You may not know this one, because it is not that popular. However, it is functional and has an extensive library of files that you can download for free. Its appearance may be inconspicuous, but it serves its purpose.



It has an interface with a classic (old) design, for what users are used to today. Reason why it can generate some doubts or mistrust when used. Unfortunately, it has a high amount of advertising that is annoying and invasive.

Despite this you can use an adblock to mostly avoid it. Another detail is that some links are not verified, so we recommend that you check the comments to see if they are active and free of viruses.


13377x torrent

A platform with an unconventional design and little similar to the previous ones. It is one of the most popular pages and the one that is most updated, it also has an extensive library of multimedia files to download.  It’s very easy to use, so you’ll be up to it within minutes of using it.



A relatively new page to download Torrents files compared to the other sites, and because it has been on the Internet for a short time, none of its domains have been closed.

It has a striking user interface, with a color allusive to lemons. It is very easy to use and easy on the eyes. Like other sites, it has an extensive library that will allow you to download almost anything you want.



Finally, we will talk about Torrentdownloads , a platform with a classic color and design that makes you feel like you are in something old. In it you have a wide variety of files, from anime, games, to movies and series. It certainly shows great versatility.

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What are the dangers of downloading torrent files?

It must be taken into account that the fact of acquiring this type of file contains various risks, and regardless of the website you use, it can happen.

Among them are:

  • Computer Viruses : The files you download may be infected with viruses or other malicious malware that can affect your computer.
  • Deceptive advertisements : For those users with little Internet experience, sites with a wide variety of advertisements are dangerous. Because you can fall for scams or dangerous downloads.
  • Jail or fines: as we have already mentioned, acquiring files illegally is a crime punishable in a large number of countries, and this can lead to different punishments.